Free Time

Have you ever been given the gift of “free time”? Free Time is one of those blessings that you never expect, that come suddenly, but you’re very happy to receive-those times when you’ve suddenly been granted a space of time that you hadn’t prepared for. Maybe I’d better clear this up a bit: free time is when you’d planned to do something in your day and suddenly your schedule’s been changed and now you have a block of time that’s “free”-to be used however you chose. Today is one of those days for me; I’d planned on spending the beginnings of it doing those things I do each day-driving my son to school and back and babysitting my infant grandson. Through a few changes, I’m now “free” for a block of almost three and a half hours…WHAT will I do with that time? All sorts of thoughts race through my brain: I could go out to breakfast! I could read some in my current book, or pay house bills (too boring!), do laundry (again-too boring)…what shall I do with this gift of time? It’s funny, usually I just go through the routines of the day, almost not thinking…performing those tasks that come almost as a habit: washing dishes, doing laundry, straightening up the house but now…NOW there’s suddenly this EXTRA period of time (or, time that’s been re-arranged)…what shall I do with it? It’s interesting to just let your thoughts roam and dream a bit (something I very rarely do…too much into reality, not enough into fantasy, I’ve been told): there’s the option of doing a bit of beading (just started a new hobby of making jewelry-there’s a thought: a new pair of earrings!); take a quick nap (no, don’t really need sleep at this moment); what shall I do? I do have a friend who’s ill-I could give her a quick ‘cheer-you-up’ phone call…that’s a good thought. I also have several tests to write for my middle son (we homeschool): there’s chapter tests for Sociology and Total Health (boring, but needed none-the-less), that’s another good thought. I could make a good breakfast for myself and youngest son (12)…another good thought. See all the kinds of things you can come up with! I could also spend about 10 minutes of it on the ‘walking’ machine and burn up a few calories (another needed thing); I could read some in my Bible (another needed item).

I guess, for starters, I could get off this blog and go start ‘enjoying’ my free time! Part of my free time was used just setting up this new blog site. (Long story, but this is the third blog site I’m trying out…hopefully THIS one will be ‘the one’!)

Now, on to my day and wisely using the time that’s been given to me…how will YOU use those free gifts that come to you, unexpected?



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  1. I visit with the friends that have come to share their day to day things with others. I try to have a project or two in the knit/crochet line waiting for attention.

    Speaking of the need for attention there are three doll house kits in my basement that are over 15 years old and flat in their boxes. The trellis that you made for my first house is still hanging on the side of it. a little dusty but still there.

    Well this site looks like a keeper dear friend. My day is about to begin because I hear Jay stirring. But as McArthur said, “I’ll be back!”

  2. Oh one more thing your clock reads 2:32 pm and it is 9:32 am not that it matters I guess!

  3. I think you’ll be quite happy with WordPress. It’s a solid blogging system and is quite expandable. Let me know if you need any help with running it. Not sure if the hosted service you’re using already filters out comment spam or not, but if not then I can help you set up the plugins to control it.

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