The Joy of It All

When do we actually see the passing of the baton? When do we specifically notice the changing from child to adult? Recently I pondered these very questions while watching the child-like wonder in the eyes of my oldest son (age 23) who, for the first time, is experiencing the joy and wonder of decorating his first house for their first Christmas. His phone call was filled with expectation and excitement: “Come on over, Mom -I want you to see our house!” As I stood in his front yard watching he and his friend handing strings of lights to each other while precariously perched on his roof, I couldn’t help but smile with motherly delight at the shear joy radiating from my son’s face. “The only one on the whole block!” he crowed as a neighbor’s car slowly cruised by, opened a car window and yelled out: “Nice job!” I had noticed the brightly colored lights adorning their house when I first pulled onto their street.  “Come on in, Mom, and see our tree!” A more beautiful ‘first tree’ was never to be seen, anywhere. There were tiny decorations hanging from the branches and a string of popcorn that wound half-way down the tree. Making a memory – creating a tradition: “We’ve started lighting a fire, lighting the candles (on the mantle), popping popcorn and then stringing it, together.” He mentioned that they hadn’t finished the popcorn string yet: “We eat about half of it before we get it strung!” he sheepishly confided. It didn’t matter what decorations were there or how abundant they were; what really, truly mattered to me was seeing the happiness that radiated from my son’s face. That, my friend, is joy to me. He is truly happy and thrilled to be a new Daddy (with his 5 month old son) and girlfriend, in their new house, creating memories to last a lifetime.

   When did the baton pass? I’m not sure, but I’m grateful to be the one on the sidelines cheering them on and ever so happy that they want me to be there to see their accomplishments. Your house and tree are gorgeous, especially when lit by the radiant glow of your loving faces.



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  1. It is so hard to think of Chris as an adult when I remember him over the years. How wonderful for you that life for him is working out so wonderfully and you are near to share in the happiness.

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