The Biggest Compliment

Recently I received what I consider to be one of the biggest compliments of my life.  It was Christmas night and I had our 6 month old grandson on my chest doing what grandmas do -rocking and patting him to sleep when his Mommy came into the room and said: “Do you know that you’re the only one he’ll let do that? Not me, not my mom (his other grandmother), not my grandmother (the baby’s great-grandmother)…no one.” She proceeded to say that he kicks and fusses so they just put him in his crib to sleep. For me, when I see him starting to get sleepy I give him his pacifier and a soft cloth diaper to hold, then he and I go sit in my rocking recliner and do ‘the usual’-rock and pat until he falls asleep. I consider it one of life’s blessings to actually be able to hold a warm, sleeping infant close to my heart and feel his little soft sighs and kiss the top of his baby-soft hair while he sleeps on my chest.  While doing that very thing today it brought to mind a poem that my dear friend Mary (Momma, on her blog: mommascorner) cross-stitched onto a pillow for me many, many years ago when my grandson’s DAD was a baby. It goes like this:

  “Cleaning and scrubbing can wait ’til tomorrow,

  “For babies grow up, we’ve learned to our sorrow

  “So quiet down cobwebs; dust go to sleep-

  “I’m rocking my baby, and babies don’t keep.”

 Thanks again, Mary for blessing my day.



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Observations of a Grandmother

While shopping for Christmas presents for our infant grandson, age 6 months, I was struck by the changes in childrens toys these days. When my sons were babies (and before that) toys for infants were simple objects: blocks, balls, small animals or rattles. Todays toys far surpass those; they either light up, play music, flash brightly colored lights, move, or do all of the above! This brings me to my concern-with all of this ‘sensory stimulation’ occurring, is this safe for young babies or will this produce more of what we’re seeing today in children and teens: the need to constantly be stimulated, ie: video games?

   That said, I had a difficult time this year finding toys for our young grandson that DIDN’T flash, move, play music, etc. The other day I was changing his diaper on the changing table and, as is my practice, I gave him a toy to keep him occupied while I went about my job. The toy I picked up was an older doughnut-shaped plastic rattle-very simple, a few plastic beads inside that roll around; the rattle is clear so the child can see them moving. I was truly amazed at his reaction-the thrill of discovering that by a simple movement of his hand this object made noise and the cessation of said movement caused the noise to stop. He was totally enthralled! I was totally pleased and that is how I began to think about the differences between simple toys of the past and the flash and glitz of today. I’m voting for the older, simple toys that only do one thing at a time; sometimes older is better.

Just some thoughts on this ‘day after Christmas’;



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A Reason to Celebrate!

What Christmas is All About

“And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them…And the angel said unto them, Fear not; for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.”  Luke 2:9-11

        It’s Jesus’ birthday…

  What a wonderful reason to celebrate!

MERRY CHRISTMAS, one and all!



Christmas, 2006

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Rocking and Patting

  Rocking and Patting I had totally forgotten just how pleasant it is to spend time with a young baby in your arms, rocking and patting. Having our 5 month old grandson here has brought back the wonder ot being a caretaker of young life. Sitting in my recliner today with Kaden in my arms, listening to his little baby murmers and soft breaths, taking in his little baby smell and truly enjoying the moment-can anything be better? For a few minutes in the middle of a busy day he and I sat rocking and patting-something I learned a very long time ago-Rock/pat, Rock/pat – get that rhythm going then slow it down gradually-works every time at achieving sleeping baby symdrome. Kissing the top of that oh-so-soft head covered with finer-than-gossamer blonde baby hair; I was truly at peace, if only for those few moments, it was more than worth it!



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And the Love Continues…

This past week has been very difficult to ‘get through’; a very close friend passed away last Saturday after a very valiant 7-year struggle with cancer. To meet her, you’d never know-that she had cancer, that she had only one leg, that she was hurting…she was that kind of a person, always thinking of others above herself. I’ve known her for almost 20 years; she was all three of my son’s Sunday School teacher and she cared for every single person she met-I can’t remember a time when there was an exception to that fact-she just loved everyone.

   There were five of us, altogether-friends who bonded through many years of teaching Vacation Bible School at the same church. We’ve all grown through raising our children (and some, grandchildren), three continued at another church, two now found a new place to call ‘home’. We would get together for huge garage sales (for the special needs group I work at-some of us worked there, others prayed for the group), birthday parties and when one or more of us was in need of prayer. These are strong Christian women, each of them taking on more than their share of any work given them and doing it with a sweet spirit.

   I’ve been given the rare opportunity, just lately, to see just how much each of them cares for me. During the past week I came down with the latest ‘bug’ and totally lost my voice. I can’t tell you how many phone calls I’ve received, from these women and others, who just ‘wanted to see how you’re doing.”  That kind of caring really means alot to me; it was THAT kind of caring that spoke volumes of my now deceased friend and the love continues.  A person can count themselves blessed if they have one close friend in a lifetime; I truly feel that the Lord has blessed me abundantly to be able to call these women (and others) my close, dear friends.

Thank you, all, for your friendship for it truly IS a blessing.



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Baby, It’s Cold INSIDE!

Today started out as “one of THOSE” days. I had just awakened and was about to take my medicines for the day (6:32 a.m., to be exact…) when I heard a very loud BOOM! and the lights went out. (to save you, my reader, a very long story…) it appears that during our lovely rainy, very windy ice storm, a large tree branch from our neighbor’s tree had blown down, taking out the electric and cable. The boys (ages 12 & 17) quickly dressed and readied for the long drive to  middle son’s tech. school. We jumped in the car (after scraping off lots of ice on the windows) and proceeded, maybe, 4 city blocks when my car went “ding!”  Now, “Ding” sounds in my car scare me…they usually signal something BAD is wrong. In this case, it was my battery light! Oh, GREAT! Not only are we without power, but now the car’s going out, too!  I quickly thought of all my options and decided that my best bet would be to return home. Tech. school is 10 miles and 25 minutes from our house; I just didn’t want to envision us stranded somewhere in between, during an ice storm. Middle son (tech. student) was frantic about getting to school; they have a huge project due Monday and this was his last chance to finish the Power Point presentation part of the assignment. Sometimes you just have to “roll with the punches or the punches will roll over you” (me, quoting ME). This was one of THOSE days. (car explanation further down) I failed to mention that during all the craziness with the downed electric line, my husband was also frantically trying to call the electric company. After a recording said something about the wait period for getting an actual person would be something like 300 minutes, he hung up and said he’d call from work.

   Have you ever had to stay home with two VERY bored boys who are used to being amused by video or computer games? Not the most pleasant adventure, I can guarantee you! First they chose to sleep a little (great idea!); I read my current book (rather slow developing mystery). We all remained bundled up like Eskimos, with a variety of blankets, quilts, and comforters plus extra socks. Finally the ‘sleeping innocents’ awoke, which triggered another “NOW what can we do?” One good thing, in our house, is that we have a gas hot water heater. That translates into HOT WATER! I set them to helping me wash dishes! That little job both warmed us and gave us something to do. Youngest son (12) was content playing his hand-held video game (at least as long as the batteries held out); middle son was NOT. I should interject here that we homeschool, so the ‘teacher’ in me finally emerged and we set to doing some homeschooling. Middle son, not to be put off by lack of electricity, finally called a friend and convinced me to drive him to the friend’s house for the afternoon. Great idea! That freed up myself and youngest son; both of whom are content to just ‘ride out the storm and not complain (much)’. We ended up stopping at the grocery store to do a quick “what kinds of foods can we buy to eat that don’t require heating or cooking?”, since our cupboards were pretty bare. OH! Forgot to explain the CAR! Once at work, my husband called to ask me if I had driven through any big puddles just before the battery light dinged; answer: yes, 3 BIG ones just before I avoided the rest. (It was pitch black out, raining extremely fast/wipers on super-fast speed, so I didn’t see the puddles until we hit them, one right after another…SPLOOSH, SPLOOSH, SPLOOSH! The kind that totally cover your car). It seems his theory of perhaps my washing the engine with too much water, was the culprit.  He suggested that I go back outside and start the car to see if the battery light came on, or if the car would start at all! The car started just fine, no light, so that’s when I took middle son to visit his friend and get him out of my hair!

    It is now a pleasant 72 degrees in my house; the heat has been on for an hour now and I feel the need to shed the extra pair of socks and t-shirt under my sweatshirt. A little later on I’ll go around and put back all the other ‘signs of cold’: the many extra blankets, the flashlights, matches, kerosene lamps, etc.  Before the power came on I just happened to glance at the thermostat…a ‘brisk’ 66 degrees and dropping. It’s amazing what a little heat will do to boost the spirits! (and-I only had 55 emails awaiting me when I booted my computer back up!)  There’s much to be said for living the simple life and ‘returning to olden days’, but not when you’ve got two teen-aged boys who live in the here and now: the AGE OF VIDEO GAMES & TECHNOLOGY! Thank heavens for electricity!   I’m warm, they’re content…life is good.



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