Catch-22; The Follow-up

Sometimes in life it is necessary to say Thank You to someone and know that as those words leave your lips, the return comment will most certainly be: “I TOLD you so!” Thus was the conclusion of the (for want of a better word) “mess” of the State ID chase.  While sitting in the car discussing the total mess that this was turning out to be, my son (the one for whom we were attempting to get the State ID) said: “Mom, what about that school I’m supposed to be registered at?” I asked him if he meant the tech. school and he reminded me that back in September we were faced with the fact that, in Michigan, in order to get into a tech. school if you are homeschooled, you need to be registered with a public high school (even if you do not attend there). We had gone through this very thing many years ago with my oldest son who actually became the first of many homeschoolers to pass through the doors of said tech. school;I guess you could say we ‘blazed a trail’ for homeschoolers and the myriad of paperwork involved. My son asked if we could check with the ‘registered’ school to see if they might be able to help get him a school ID (one of the possible needed documents to complete the three needed pieces of identity). I called the school and was told that they didn’t do this but referred us to another high school in the area who does. To make this very long saga final, we got the high school ID, went to the Secretary of State and waited an hour (here, that’s about the regular amount of time from coming in the door to finally getting waited on). With much discussion and showing of all sorts of various proofs of residency, etc. we FINALLY are in possession of a State of Michigan ID card.

   To complete this story, the “I told you so” mentioned earlier came from said son after we completed the whole episode. Being 18 sometimes produces comments (in my opinion: without forethought) which are not always the kindest/nicest, etc. To his thinking he had already TOLD me that I should pursue the high school ID card MUCH earlier than in February…if he did, I don’t remember any of it. Here’s where I suppose pleading old age and lack of memory serve me well (who knows?). Because I was very grateful to finally have this current mess finished, I again apologised and thanked him for his suggestion. (Personally? I thanked the Lord whom, I believe, worked it all out after much prayer from several people including myself.)

   Ah, the fun of being the mother of a teen, myself approaching 60!



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Catch-22 in a New Age

I am currently experiencing a new form of Catch-22. My middle son just turned 18 and, by the standards set by the State of Michigan,  is now an adult. Our problem lies in the fact that he’s been homeschooled his entire life –  he is NOT in public school, therefore does not have a photo ID from a local public school. We are ‘attempting’ to get one for him however are now experiencing what I’m calling “Catch-22 in a New Age.” If you are familiar with said book: “Catch-22” you know that whatever goals are to be strived for are constantly changing, thereby not actually being attainable: herein lies my problem. So far in the past two days we have made two trips to the Secretary of State’s office TRYING to obtain a Photo ID. On the first trip (my fault) I didn’t not have the actual birth certificate (had a copy); understandably we retreated home and decided to try again tomorrow (that would be today). Today my husband returned with (what we thought) was all the necessary paperwork to obtain the ID; that was not to be. After a brief argument with the clerk at the desk, they left, carrying paperwork documenting the exact items required. For the past four hours I have been attempting to scrounge up enough paperwork to actually prove to the state that my son IS who we say he is! I’ve called his driver’s education teacher (hoping that perhaps she could re-issue his certificate of completion of his driver’s ed. class-one of the proofs the state will accept); fortunately she is a very understanding lady and she briefed me on the ‘whys’ of all this mess. Apparently 9/11 is the cause of our dilema-since 9/11 all State offices went to the Federal requirements for an ID. When before you only needed one piece of identifying information (like a birth certificate/bank statement/driver’s license/school photo ID, etc.) NOW if you are over 18 years of age you need THREE pieces of ID.) Even teenagers 16 and up need a State ID (which most obtain through their local public high schools.) All would be fine IF we weren’t homeschoolers! I guess my husband even got into a shouting match with the clerk because she insisted we have to have some sort of transcripts filed with the State in order to homeschool (that isn’t true). To say that this has been a nightmare is putting it mildly!

   After sitting in the car talking this over with my son, he asked: “What about that school I’m supposed to be registered with?” I had totally forgotten that this year, in order to get him into public tech. school, we had to (on paper) register him with the area high school. I called them up and tomorrow we are to report there to (hopefully) have one made. 

   I’ve never been through such an ordeal trying to prove that my son IS who I (and the rest of us) say he is! (You could ask: “Why doesn’t he have a driver’s license?” He does, but it’s a Level 1 permit, which is just a piece of paper-no photo! THAT was another thing the clerk argued on-she insisted we would have had to produce a photo ID in order for the State to have issued the Level 1 Permit to him, too! Answer-“No, we didn’t!”)

   It’s a crazy world we’re living in!  Praying that tomorrow all will be resolved!



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It’s Done!

(Subtitled: To All Those Other Procrastinators)

I don’t know about the rest of you but procrastination did not follow me from childhood – it grew on me through association. “How?”, you ask. Through going on 31 years of living with my dear husband whom, I suppose you could say, is “The King of Procrastinators”! Now on to the present:  “What” you might ask, is “Done?” (the title of this blog) Why the final putting away of the Christmas decorations and, specifically, the tree! (I can hear all your groans and “Oh, brother” comments, you know).

   As I explained in an earlier blog, my days are pretty full. Don’t know about you, but I usually have a ‘to do’ list which continues on & on. This list has carried the words: “Christmas Decorations” for over a month now, meaning “TAKE THEM DOWN!”  Today was that ‘awe-inspiring’ day and just a few minutes ago  the actual deed was accomplished. I feel like I’ve finally finished a huge task (maybe not to you, but for me lugging all those boxes down from upstairs, sorting out what goes to each box, finding another box because we’ve accumulated more ‘stuff’, etc. is a big job.)

   I have friends who are so ‘up to the minute’ that they have decorations for the seasons and holidays (you know who you are!!! hehehe) ; not me. I’m lucky if I can get the Christmas decorations up before Christmas EVE! (this year I thought I did good…they were up about a week ahead!). When I was younger, I used to want to decorate my house with all sorts of cute holiday items: valentine hearts for February, eggs, etc. for Easter – you can guess…but now I’m definately NOT that person. I do admire those people who CAN do that, but I’ve kind of realized that my time and energies are slowly wanning…(read that: I’m getting older) so I’m just glad to keep up with what month it is!

   Anyway, just thought I’d actually write a blog topic-sorry if I’m not waxing poetic…got a bit tired out just lugging boxes up & down stairs (I did have help from my youngest son who did alot).

    Now on to preparing dinner…



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Sorry I’m Late…

I don’t have a really good excuse for why I haven’t been adding to this blog site. Just read several other blogs and enjoyed them greatly; I admire those who have the ‘gift of gab’ when it comes to writing…sometimes mine seems ‘forced’.  I don’t have any cute stories to tell or inspirational thoughts to share-just thought I’d drop by and let you know I didn’t forget you!  It’s been the ‘usual’-homeschooling, babysitting 5 days a week, volunteering with my special needs group, driving to flute lessons/hometeam/tech. school for my middle son, etc.-enough to keep me busy and ‘out of trouble.’  The bad part of it is: I don’t always have the free time (or energy) to keep up writing to you, but I will TRY to do better soon.



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