Here We Go!

Yes, It’s March! That lovely wintry month that either blows in or creeps in. For those of us who live in the “Winter Wonderland” that is Michigan, today was March 1st…the kind that blew in with a vengeance! I’m not sure which was worse, the biting cold snow mixed with rain, or the tiny rock-hard pebbles that made up hail pelting the windshield as I drove. Just as I was settling into my favorite recliner with the thoughts of “Ah, now I can finally STAY HOME for the rest of the day/night” that other niggling thought hit: “Oh, No! Wait! I scheduled my middle son’s flute lessons for tonight because he’s had to work for three weeks now and missed them.” Oh, joy….another trip ‘outside’!

   Have you ever had your own words come back to haunt you? As I’m complaining and grumbling about this being a very gloomy, nasty day, my conversation of last evening with the drug store clerk (who was, by the way, doing exactly what I’m doing…complaining) came back to mind. My words of last night? “Hey, it’s Michigan…this is typical of our state’s weather!”  Oh well, while I’m eating humble pie, hope you’re home or somewhere comfortable, cozy and warm; perhaps even enjoying something nice and hot to drink (cocoa, tea, coffee, etc.). 

   Rejoice in the thought that: “Spring is Coming!” (albeit not as soon as most of us would want!)



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  1. Yes only 17 days until Spring. Then we are all sunshine and flowers! Yeah Right! We will see!

  2. 17 days until Spring. Then it’s rain, mud and gloomy days. Meanwhile,I’m sitting here keeping warm.

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