It All Started Out…

as a normal day. We were expecting a man from our furnace repair company to fix the blower motor on our furnace. My husband called to ask me to move things around in the furnace room to give the man some extra room to work. “Oh, and would you please move my fishing tackle box away from the furnace area?” Sure! No problem! As I was coaxing a few boxes away from the furnace area I picked up said tackle box and moved it…once. A little later I decided that I could probably put it in a better, ‘less-apt-to-be-bumped’ area. I picked it up and noticed that it was not securely closed…no problem. There was a ‘stringer’ (that’s a long, large chain that fishermen hook their caught fish onto) hanging out of the box so I sort of draped that around the box also. As I went to set the box in another area I felt a light feeling much akin to pulling on one hair on your arm; I didn’t think anything of it UNTIL I tried to set the box down and that area was instantly filled with hot, searing pain! This box is not small and it took a bit of maneuvering on my part to see over the box in my arms and to the very painful area. Yes…I had done the unthinkable…somehow there was a “Rapala tri-pronged” lure attached to the stringer which was now firmly imbedded into the muscle of my left lower arm..deep enough to be up to the part where the three prongs joined. I came upstairs and called for one of my sons to take the weight of the heavy box out of my arms so that I could try to get this ‘thing’ out of my skin. THAT was a mistake! My poor son tried, but every time I moved in the least, more hot, burning pain raced down my arm. To endeavor to make this a bit shorter-we tried finding something that would cut metal…anything! This lovely tri-pronged lure was also attached to several others and all was a big, tangled mess which was perhaps an 18th of an inch from my skin…no room to try to get any instrument close enough to cut the thick shank of the lure! Also at this time it occurred to me that I was supposed to be babysitting my 8 month old grandson in about 1 1/2 hours and that would probably not be possible as I could envision myself at the Emergency Room very soon…the fishing lure was also very RUSTY! While on the phone with my oldest son (Dad of my grandson) I was pouring out my tale of woe and before I was totally done one of my other sons said: “Mom, turn around.” My oldest son was behind me, still on his cell phone…the Lord had worked it out so that he just happened to be driving by our house at just the same time I called…he was on his way to breakfast with his friend. He put his son in the playpen and raced downstairs, grabbed just the right wire cutter and freed my arm! Yes, the lure was still stuck in me, but now I could drive myself to the ER! As the Lord worked it out, my son was able to get someone to watch the baby so I could get help.

  It was a long ordeal, but the people in the ER were very gracious (they didn’t laugh…said they get things like this alot in the SUMMER!) Several people wandered over just to hear my story…I guess it’s OK to be the brunt of a ‘good tale’! After a tetanus shot, the doctors (two of them) were able to cut off the barbs from the other two hooks, then work on the one that was embedded. Thank heavens for Novacain! After the numbing shot to the area, they did alot of wriggling that nasty lure around (nasty looking to see it being wrangled under my skin) but I’m none-the-less-for-wear, now. There are 5 small holes in my arm and I’m sure it will bruise quite nicely by evening.

   Now do I get to call myself: “The One Who DIDN’T Get Away?”



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  1. My goodness Pammie I just sat here gritting my teeth as I read of your predicament. We do get into some serious situations just living our lives don’t we. I hope that your arm doesn’t hurt too bad and that you feel better soon.

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