Now That It’s Summer…

Smiling Yarn Ball and needlesI’ve decided to take a little “me” time! Today is a lovely, sunny day – breezes blowing, sun shining, moderate temperatures and it’s also SATURDAY! What does this lovely day find me doing first thing? I decided that TODAY is the day that I re-teach myself how to knit CABLE stitches! I should insert here that I haven’t knit cable stitches since I first taught myself when I was around 12 yrs. old. Have you ever had a time like that where you just decided NOW is the time I’m going to try this thing, attempt this new (or old) project?  You might have attempted it many times before and failed, but RIGHT NOW you are going to give it another great effort and (perhaps) conquer it…that was this morning!  Now that I’ve convinced myself that, indeed, I CAN knit cable (if I want to); I can put that to rest. Yes, I did accomplish three various cable patterns; now that I fully remember that it’s a real pain in the rear, I’m going to let that remain in my “I CAN do that!” file and get on with life.

It’s a glorious summer and I’ve pretty much let it slip by, being extra busy with graduation, driving my son back & forth to work, babysitting, etc.  A few days ago I also decided that I WILL conquer the two bushes in front of our house which have grown to monumental capacity from lack of trimming. They used to be about 6 feet tall, nice rounded ‘ball-type’ of bushes (when I trimmed them). You could say I’ve really become lazy in my older age; or better put…I just didn’t trim them! There are several reasons, but the best one I can fall on at this time is: the clippers I used to use somehow got rusted (not naming any son’s names who might have left them outside…) and are virtually useless now. I decided, when asked what I wanted for my birthday this year, to go for new clippers and those long-handled branch trimmers. My loving family bought both, and nice leather gloves, also. Thursday found me eagerly clipping branch after branch of those bushes. Did I mention that they were severely overgrown? I guess, to put it more in clear terms, they were a good 12 feet tall! To further put this whole image in perspective, let’s just insert here that I’m 5 ft. 5 inches tall and no matter HOW much I tried to stretch on my tippy-toes, the tops of those bushes weren’t going to get any shorter! At the end of my energies what emerged (and remains, for now) are two big green orbs that look, with my best description, like basketballs with MOHAWKS! I mentioned to my husband that I was thinking of tackling them using a ladder when he calmly said: “Let ME handle the bushes!” (Does that mean he doesn’t TRUST me on a ladder???……..could be!)

Yesterday (Friday) found me in another of those “I need to DO something!” moods. Many little tasks were accomplished like sweeping the porch and outside walkway, trimming (actually ‘attacking’) another small bush that had gotten overgrown and was taking over the sidewalk approach to our porch door), laundry, and many other little chores like sewing on buttons, etc. Of the many “Hey! Pay attention to ME!” projects, one stood out: making covers for new pillows for our couch. Believe me, I’m no seamstress! Only the very rudimentary projects do I even attempt to tackle. I approach sewing with a engineer’s eye: “Let’s see…what angles does this have? How can I make what I envision in my head by using this tool called a sewing machine?” (Ever do that?) I can draw/paint/create on paper, thus my eye for sewing isn’t like, I’m sure, that of those who actually sew, I have to try to ‘make’ what I see in my head, by any means possible. That in mind, I managed to create four rather nice (I might say) pillow covers in a nice shade of dark, dusty blue. I suppose I should go back a bit, to about a month ago when oldest son said: “Hey, Mom-would you and Dad have any use for my old couch from my apartment? It’s still got lots of use in it and I’d hate to just trash it.” Our couch, at that time, had seen MUCH wear – three boys, many teens, many-MANY years of wear. It used to be this lovely cream-colored large sofa with two recliner ends. What was facing me when said son asked this question was a very raggedy (definitely NOT cream colored anymore) cat-scratched, broken down (one recliner no longer worked) mess of a couch. “Yes!” I said to son, and several evenings later he (and many of his friends) delivered his old couch and took away the tired excuse of a couch we had. Now we have a used ( but still in great condition) dusky blue large couch with wood trim. This couch, I should add, will swallow normal people! It’s one of those: “You sit in it, it totally engulfs you” couches! It’s great to sit or sleep on, but a real BEAR to get up off of! Anyway, now I have four new pillows to add a little flair to it. To add to that, middle son commented the other day: “Hey, Mom! Why don’t you add a little of your knitting to the pillows to make them more YOU?” Enough said – that got my creative juices flowing and now we have one, out of four, pillows with a medium blue knitted (in a lattice pattern) front. (I suppose I should add that when I mentioned the idea to my husband, his reply was: “TACKY!”) Think he was thinking those 60’s & 70’s crocheted pillows. These are just a square of knitting sewn onto the fronts of the pillows. Now that I’m ‘on-a-roll’, I’ve decided that the other three pillows are going to get ‘fronts’ too. On the back of our couch is a large “Americana” quilt in various colors. One of the prominent features on said quilt are several large stars; I’ve decided that one of the fronts is going to have a star. I’ve just learned how to knit raised patterns so one will have a heart (or, perhaps several hearts) and the last is another knit pattern in a blue-grey yarn (that’s the one I’m working on now in a pattern called “Twisted Textures”). So much for my couch/pillow project! (now you know more than you EVER wanted to know about my living room furniture and it’s accoutrements!)

I don’t know about you, but in my world I view Summer as a vast pallet of many projects just waiting for me to finish. This summer looms with things like: “make room in one of the two bedrooms for a crib”; “clean the porch and drag out the Little Tykes toys (for my grandson)”; “figure out where to put all the ‘stuff/junk’ leftover from cleaning the bedroom/crib project”, etc.  Somehow, each day I begin with thoughts of: “Maybe I’ll start doing X-project today!”, then life happens and it’s back to the drudgery of cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. and said project just fades into the background for another day. I’m trying, THIS SUMMER, to not let that happen! (by summer’s end, we’ll see just how much I actually managed to accomplish!)

Guess it’s time for me to wrap this one up and actually GET DOING! I was feeling a little down about not actually writing here lately and felt like it was ‘time’ to get something on this blog. Hope you have a great day and stop for awhile to enjoy this gorgeous summer!



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I’ve got a Site for “The Ghana Project!”

afghan swatch # 3After chatting with you for some time about this idea, finally there’s an actual site to go to for the directions and information concerning these efforts. (Before I totally forget to mention it:)

In the very near future I plan to include various knitting stitch patterns for those who need a little nudge in the area of what to knit (thanks, Momma, for your help providing me with basic stitches!). I know when I first began all this, I really didn’t have a very big ‘repertoire’ of stitch patterns. After reading various knitting books, on-line surfing, etc., I’ve put together a collection of simple stitches which make up into squares nicely. I’m no professional knitter, by any means! I was looking for using basic techniques like knitting, purling, yarn-overs, and maybe a few knit 2 togethers, or knit in front and back of this stitch, so please don’t be intimidated by this project…I’m not looking for really fancy knitting (or crochet), just good old honest-to-goodness work from your hands and hearts!

I want to thank any and all of you in advance who are willing to help me in this area. Your work is a blessing to others and your help is a blessing to me, personally. Thank you and may you be blessed abundantly of the Lord.


Grammie Pammie

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Sooooooo Excited!

knitting-basket.jpgJust got an email from the head nurse on “The Ghana Project” saying that she’ll take all the knitted afghans I can get to her! That’s SO great! She even asked for my home address so that she can send me tickets to their fund raiser at the Detroit Yacht Club, for their photographer to take photos for their newsletter and website! (Believe me, I’m NOT one to want the spotlight on me…I’m much happier being the person working in the kitchen while others take the applause in the front!). I’m feeling like I’ve swallowed a bunch of feathers, my stomach is so fluffy feeling! (guess you’d call that butterflies, eh?)

I’ve asked a dear friend’s son if he would be willing to help me set up another blog on wordpress especially for this project, so that anyone interested could go there for instructions and an address for mailing completed squares. As soon as that site is up and running, I’ll post it here for anyone willing to help out. I’m just so grateful that the Lord can use my efforts to help others around the globe – who would have thought it possible!?

On another note, my middle son had his graduation party yesterday at church and it turned out very nice. He’s the one who said: “I’m not sure I want a party”; that would also be the person who said, when it was all over: “Thanks, Mom!” We still have his actual graduation coming up June 16th, but for now it’s a little reprieve on all the planning, buying, cooking, etc. He just purchased his first car, also, on Saturday. He’s now the proud owner of a 1994 Chevy Lumina minivan! It isn’t exactly what most people would think of for an 18 yr old. young man…(it’s turquoise!) but it’s in good shape and will (hopefully) get him around for quite awhile to come (it has 193,000 miles on it!!!). NOW we just have to get the last part of his Driver’s Ed. Level 1 license done so he can actually DRIVE IT by himself!!! That’s our next step! He only has something like 25 minutes daytime driving and less than 3 hours nighttime driving to finish before he goes for the Level 2 Drivers Test with the Secretary of State. (For those of you who don’t live in Michigan, we have pretty stringent driving rules for young drivers…I’m glad for that!).

Anyway, just had to share my excitement with you (and my fluffy-feather tummy…or butterflies, if that makes more sense!). Life continues to amaze and excite me! Thank you Lord, for this great project!



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