Getting “down to the wire”…

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, it’s been rather hectic around here – you see, the Ghana Project ‘wrap-up’ is coming very soon. Next Tuesday I am scheduled to present all of the completed afghans to my friend, Bettye Wright (the Head Nurse/Board Member of FOCOS, the group going to Ghana). I just finished sewing afghan #25 together; still have the crocheted border to put on so that one will be done. I have been feeling like it’s Christmas for me this past week – several packages and hand-delivered squares have been received. Let’s see, just adding up the ones from the past five days: a box from “Ren” containing 24 squares, a box from “Barbara” containing 46 squares and a hand-delivered bag from “Sharon A.” containing 19 squares…grand total: 89 squares! I can’t begin to tell you how much ALL of the donations of squares (and some completed afghans) has touched my heart…words fail me. All of the wonderful people who have contributed will truly be blessed for their generosity to this project. It is amazing to me how many people have sent squares – people I don’t know and will probably never meet face-to-face, in my lifetime…BUT the LORD knows all of you and your hearts and HE will bless you; of that I am certain.

I had the privilege this past Tuesday to present The Ghana Project to Mercy Bellbrook Retirement Community. After giving my ‘talk’, several of the senior citizens stated that they would like to take part in making squares; that was another blessing! My friend, Janet, who is the Activities Director for the community said that, in the next few months, she wants to have me return to present it again to the seniors who live in the apartments, and…(if all goes well) receive the completed squares from those who have knit or crocheted them. Life’s blessings just keep going on and on…and I am continually overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the gifts.

The Ghana Team will be leaving Nov. 4-18th; volunteer surgeons from Norway, Spain, India, Canary Islands, Italy and the USA will be going on this trip, along with volunteers from Michigan, New York, Virginia, and Norway. It’s wonderful to know that all of our completed afghans will be going along to bless hurting children who need a little something ‘homemade’ to comfort them. Once again, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

Gotta run now-many more ‘squares’ to get sewn together between now and next Tuesday. (I’m hoping to present 26-27 afghans by then!)




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  1. good luck finishing up the afghans and i was very glad to be able to help with the project! : )

  2. Hi,
    I fell apon your blog when looking up Focos. That is so great about the Afghans. They look beautiful & so colorful!
    Dr. Boachie did my back surgery last year(summer 2006) and it is so amazing how great I now feel every day compared to before the operations.
    I’m hoping to help with Focos on fundraising/event planning when they give me an assignment…soon, I hope!

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