Just call me: “Domestic Goddess!”

     Ever have one of those days where you just seem to accomplish a whole bunch of things? Today’s turning out that way. Started out by fixing a hole in the ceiling where water damage had caused the plaster to fail (not a small hole); then started and finished 5-6 loads of laundry. This is one of those times where we’re a little short on $$$ AND we’re out of cookies. In a household of 3 guys who view cookie-eating as an art form, this isn’t a good situation to be in! I decided that I would ‘make use of what you have’! In the oven now is a 9 x 13 (from scratch) double chocolate cake. When it cools, it will be frosted with cream cheese frosting (from scratch). Also took down the Christmas tree (finally!!! drove me nuts!), did several searches on line for Computer Design scholarships for middle son, assessed materials to help youngest son with his school Science project(more on that, below), knit several afghan squares…let’s see…did I leave anything out? Not sure-and the day’s not over yet! It just seemed that everything I viewed needed some sort of fixing, adjusting, making, ‘help’, etc. (know what I mean?) Dinner is spaghetti & garlic bread and some sort of veggies. My next efforts are going back to work on the Federal Scholarship information for middle son (not a FUN thing, believe me! This will be attempt #3 or 4, not sure at this time. I’m not one for tons of detailed information and this form asks it all: “list your total worth, not including your dwelling”…try figuring THAT one out! Let’s see.. our cars (1994 & 1997 vans)…how much would THEY be worth? How much are all of our belongings? (That’s the info. middle son got from the tech. school counselor who was ‘helping’…some help!) Son was ‘oh, so helpful’…”Well, Mom-she just said add up how much all our stuff is worth!” (like that’s Oh, so EASY! RIGHT!) Boy, it wasn’t like this when I went to college and applied for grants and scholarships! (sigh).
Oh…about that Science project for youngest son: this one’s a doozie! They are, in one week’s time, to build a ‘house’ that contains 4 rooms, each room is to contain 2 lights (of some sort) which are all to be powered by one 9 volt battery. They are also to ‘furnish’ this house (how ever they can/want). They will be graded on things like: “Does it have a roof?” “Does the ‘bedroom’ have a bed in it?” (strange stuff for 8th graders). I’m looking over this project and saying to myself: “WHAT does furniture have to do with SCIENCE? They’re studying ELECTRICITY!” The wiring is to be hidden, if possible (that says to me ‘wallpaper’). Now there’s one hidden advantage to having a “Domestic Goddess” for a Mom: I used to build DOLLHOUSES! Here’s where the “you can have help from home’ really comes into play! I still have left-over materials like doll house wallpaper, miniature print cloth that’s used as wallpaper or carpeting, some paper that looks like wooden floor, among other things. My husband is going to be the one doing the wiring (and taking son to the hardware store for LED lights and the other needed materials.) My only trepidation is that it’s only a ‘one-week’ project! That doesn’t leave much time to get it all done.  I don’t have a clue, at this point, just what the ‘furniture’ is going to be constructed from (in the 2 houses I built, I used ‘kit’ furniture); this project is really going to stretch my imagination and craft capabilities (not counting my son’s!).
Well, friends, that’s what’s happening around here this day. I’m sure by day’s end my “Domestic Goddess” crown will begin to wear heavy on my head and I’ll be forced to retreat to just being: “Good Old Mom”!
PS: Oh! Almost forgot! Got back on my old ‘diet’…I’m a type 2 diabetic (controlled by diet & exercise); to say that I sort of ‘stepped out of the loop’ on all of it would be putting it mildly. I had kind of given myself too many liberties on the food end of it, causing a weight gain which JUMPED up at me (some things creep…this bugger JUMPED!). Today I also spent 10 minutes on our walking machine and plan on doing another 10 min. fast walking later on; gotta get back to my former svelte (hehehe) self…domestic goddesses don’t just occur overnight, you know!
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Bundle UP!


I guess, sometimes, it’s just better to agree with the weatherman and get on with life; today it’s a balmy 10 degrees and sunny out. Going to church this morning, it was 4 degrees F. and I was trying ‘something different’: knitting with gloves on! Did it work? Well, a little…the problem lie in the fact that the ends of the needles kept catching in the sleeves of my coat! It was very slow-going, awkward, etc. but I persevered…for a short while, until the car heater got up to temperature and I could take off the gloves and knit normally again. It is my practice to knit in the car when going back & forth to church while my husband drives; that way, I don’t make comments about his driving and I’m content at the same time. Don’t get me wrong – he’s a great driver, it’s just that he’s used to driving expressway/freeway driving on a daily basis, therefore his ‘normal’ speed and closeness to other cars is definitely NOT what I would drive in a similar situation. It’s just better to knit and be silent…keeps a lot of problems from starting.


(a chilly) Pammie

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“Normal” is a setting on my dryer…


It’s been a few days since last I wrote; I wish there were more exciting adventures to put on ‘site’ (as in ‘put on paper’) but, alas, it’s been rather ‘normal’ around here…normal, that is, for me! It’s been busy, with babysitting my very-active grandson, driving my youngest son back and forth to school, volunteering with my special needs group, coordinating my knitting group (which is growing, by the way- there are about 4 new people who will be attending next Tues.-that’s exciting!). In between all of the above, there’s been 3 completed and 1 more almost completed Ghana afghans worked on for the next trip in April or May, several new squares knit in new patterns, and a trip, this afternoon, to the pediatrician. It seems my middle son now has a viral infection and a fever of 102.7…which, they tell me, is unusual in a child of his age. “Lots of liquids, lots of rest and NO GOING TO WORK!”-those were the words of the doctor today. His employer was OK with that, but their general policy is not one of being happy about time off work for illness, so I could tell my son was thinking: “Gotta get well FAST!” He’s resting by watching a movie he got for his birthday (for those Japanese Anime fans, it’s “Pom Poko” by Studio Ghibli…interesting movie.) I’ve noticed that, although sewing squares together is amusing, I truly enjoy looking into new patterns for knitting squares and have found several that were a little challenging but produced very nice patterns (I’m considering putting them on the Ghana site, but at times I hesitate because they are a little more advanced). I thrilled that my little knitting group is growing; we even have a lady who’s coming who is also a spinner…that’s a first! Although I enjoy knitting, I don’t believe I would have the dedication to either card, dye or spin fibers into yarns. I’ve learned a thing or two in the past few days-did you know that yarns can be produced from CORN or MILK? I’d heard of hemp yarns and all of the variations of ‘furs’ like alpaca and mohair, but did you know that they are now creating yarns from bison hair? Makes you wonder what the softness would be on that one. I’m one of those knitters who enjoy collecting little known facts, but in actuality, wouldn’t venture that far out (praises to those who do, tho’!).

Let’s see…what else is new here? It’s been cold again, although not as cold as they were predicting. It was supposed to get really cold today and was a clear (though gloomy) 31 degrees; very little snow on the ground, as most of it melted the other day (Yay!) I also have today and tomorrow ‘off’ from babysitting as the Great Grandmother is watching him-that makes 4 days off altogether; I should plan something special, but alas, with middle son sick, that’s probably not going to happen. Oh well…life goes on. The Christmas tree is still in it’s place on top of the piano, lights still in place but no ornaments. I’m really hoping to convince my husband that it would be advantageous to take it down Saturday, at the latest. He doesn’t look at it, so to him, it doesn’t exist! (It’s beginning to bug ME, tho’). I could always do something crazy with it, like drape a jacket over it, put a scarf and hat on and see if he notices…but, naw…I’ll just bide my time.

Guess I’d better wrap this up; was feeling a bit sheepish about not writing in awhile and thought I’d just drop a few lines; maybe next time it will be more interesting….hope so!



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It’s Raining…

rain AND knitted squares!


Just finished photographing 93 knitted squares from 3 donors! That’s a big blessing – now I have to get sewing them all together into the next shipment of afghans. Been taking a small ‘time out’ to just knit a few squares and get the yarn ‘stash’ organized. ACO hardware had a great sale on (Christmas) storage bins so I took full advantage and bought three ’66 quart’ hard plastic tubs; that took care of most of the yarn stash. Since I’m Scots by birth and that, of course, means that I carry the “FRUGAL” gene, I couldn’t really justify buying the regular (same size) clear tubs for $15 apiece when the Christmas red w/dark green top tubs were only $3.99 each! Hey, I can always put a sticker on the side telling me what colors are in the tub and save the extra $33.03 for other things, right? (Should I admit here that my ‘frugal’ gene sometimes drives my husband nuts? Naw…)

Like most people at this time of year, I’m doing the “Put Christmas stuff away” and “generally clean/de-clutter” the house. Purple Heart is due for a pick up today and that helped some. Finally got all the laundry caught up and most of the dishes; it’s been a rather busy week around here with a birthday for my middle son (who’s now 19) thrown in the middle of it, so the general housekeeping chores have kind of gone by the wayside.

 Ben’s 19th Birthday

Ben, now 19!

Since I’ll have my sweet 1 1/2 yr old grandson tomorrow, that precludes that I won’t have much time to do any cleaning (except when he naps), so looks like today’s the day! (oh joy…)

I started out this post saying it’s raining; our weather has gone from last week’s tons o’ snow & 33 degrees to today’s 50+ and slight drizzle/rain. They’re predicting thunderstorms by mid-afternoon; the higher temperatures have done wonders to melt most of the huge mounds of snow here. I was actually able to pull out of my driveway without the car going ‘Thump!’ after driving over the mounds caused by the County snowplows…that’s progress! Every time it snows here, the snowplows clear the roads (which is a good thing, but…); we live on a main road/highway which immediately plows us in and we have a big job of shoveling the bottom of the drive so that we can get in or out again. If there’s lots of snow…you can see the pattern here. Yes, it’s good for exercise, but not a lot of fun if it’s wet/heavy snow and lots of it!

Enough of my griping…it’s a good day, I’ve got my afghan-work cut out for me, and a few hours before I have to go pick up youngest son from school…think I’ll go get comfy in my recliner and get sewing!



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Having quickly visited several of my favorite blogs, it appears the standard blog subject THIS day is ‘first of the new year wishes.’ We, here in (now) snowy Michigan, spent the ‘eve’ awaiting the coming tons of snow that were predicted – and they didn’t lie! (just checked on-line with our local paper which reported that our area got between 10-12 inches of the white stuff last night, in record time).

Scene from my back yard this morning:

(click on photo to enlarge)

Our youngest son decided that he really wanted/needed to attend the Teens outing from our church which entailed them going, via church bus, to a church camp about an hour away (for those of you who read “Momma’s” blog-they were in her neighborhood…read that waaaay out in the boonies!). I fretted over the whole trip because the snow storm was predicted for the time when they would be coming home from said trip-1 a.m.! The Lord was good and kept them all safe; driving was slow so they were about a half-hour late arriving, but made it home safely (my husband drove to pick him up at church…brave man!). I spent the ‘eve’ watching a little TV and knitting or sewing squares together for afghans. It was NOT a wild, uproarious night like some might have enjoyed, but then…I’m getting older and appreciate a quiet evening at home (even if it meant fretting/praying over the coming snow).

Today being New Year’s Day, January 1st, 2008, we are all spending this last ‘off’ day from school/work by being very relaxed (you can read that as lazy if you wish); the ‘guys’ are playing video games or computer games, our (male) cat is sleeping (as usual) and I’m frittering away my day by checking my emails and (as usual) sewing squares together. Speaking of squares…just got an email today from the ‘head nurse’ on the Ghana Project (she left for Ghana today and I wasn’t able to get in contact with her in enough time to deliver the next 14 afghans…big sigh). It appears one of the doctors in her old office will be leaving this Friday for Ghana and I can deliver them to the office (before Friday) and he will transport them to her in Ghana. YAY!!! THAT makes me very happy! I was beginning to be a bit worried when I learned that she has retired from that office as of last Wednesday and will be mostly living in Ghana now. Who will transport/deliver the afghans after this??? Her email said it all:

“Do not worry, we will work it out because this is too valuable to the patients.”

The project continues…thank you, Lord!!!

It will be a quiet day and evening here (I hope); I’m planning a large meatloaf (my husband’s favorite food), mashed potatoes, cauliflower and cheese sauce for dinner…comfort food for these cold, snowy days. Am planning on including a few photos of our backyard this morning, as soon as I can get them downloaded.

Stay warm, relax a little, and enjoy your holiday!

Happy NEW year, friends!



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