Just thought you might like to know…

According to one of the knit shops in Lansing (MI) it was officially 6 months (yesterday) until Christmas! (Oh joy!) Just thought you might like to know!

Merry Christmas (a little early!) Hugs; Pammie

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Scenes from a Summer’s Day

WordPress, my blog site, has changed some of their ‘ways of posting photos’ and I’ve yet to figure it all out…however…a very nice gentleman named Nick in “Support” helped me to arrange the post below so that it’s in a better order than I had after attempting to learn the ‘new way’ to post photos! THANKS, NICK!!!


What do you do on a fine summer’s day when you find lovely flowers blooming in your yard, like these?

You could admire the flowers-OR-you could read a good book to your Uncle while using your Uncle as a chair!

Hoping you’re having a lovely ‘week before the holiday 4th of July’-
Enjoy the gorgeous summer weather and all the flowers in bloom!


“Technical Difficulties”

This is a short post to inform you that my host site, WordPress, seems to be having some problems with allowing us to upload photos and then writing, as well. I will attempt, soon, to submit another post WITH PHOTOS AND writing, but we’ll see. I went to WordPress, only to discover that this change occurred yesterday and that 85 people were ahead of me in line, all complaining about the same thing (so I’m not alone!). We’re all hoping WordPress will work out the bugs and give us back our ‘photo icon’ so that we can all go back to our merry little ways of doing things ‘the old way’ (although I really am not that naive to think that they will…sigh.)

Just didn’t want any of you to think I’d forgotten about you…just having “Technical Difficulties”!



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What I Did on My 60th Birthday

June 18th, 2008

Today started out with a phone call from my cousin, Doug, who’s vacationing in Nova Scotia with his wife; they’re going out ‘Whale Watching’ today! Doug and I have been close all our lives, although he lives several states away. You see, our parents decided that they would go on my parents honeymoon together and Doug & I are the results! Doug is officially 2 weeks older than I am, so every year when the time arrives we tease each other by asking “How’s it feel to be XXX age?” (first I tease him, they he gets me back 2 weeks later).

I thought I’d share another photo of my dear grandson, since I’m babysitting him today. He’s going to be two in less than a week; it’s hard to believe the time has gone by so quickly.

My youngest told me that I had to bake a cake today, as ‘it’s tradition!’ Not sure if I’ll do that today or not-we’ll see.

I had lunch with a certain entertaining ‘almost two’ year old; we dined on ‘hot dog, mac-cheez’!

After my dear grandson went home for the day (around 4:45 p.m.), it was time to get a quick dinner ready, drive my youngest to his friend’s house to go to their evening church, then go to my special needs adults Bible Study, called “Friends Group”. Below is a photo of most of our group, taken last fall. We are now totaling something like 54 ‘students’; we meet from 7-8:30 on Wednesday evenings and I truly love every minute with them. (I’m way over to the right)

After Friends Group, I quickly stopped at a local drug store and bought a quart of Stroh’s ‘Chocolate Marshmallow’ ice cream and a 3 pack of Spunkmeyer’s chocolate chip muffins and we had a small feast of ice cream and chocolate muffins (cut in half to feed everyone). My oldest son stopped over to bring me his present of a new Mary Higgins Clark novel (which I hadn’t read). All in all, it was a busy but fun filled birthday!

Hope you enjoy YOUR day!



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Not Much Lately, How ‘Bout You?

It’s now a balmy 90-something degrees out here in Michigan and very HUMID! Like most of the Mid-West states, we had a huge, very nasty storm blow through here last night. Right now (3:20 p.m.), we’re under another Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 8 p.m.After reading the morning paper, some say it was a tornado, some say ‘tornado-like’ winds…either way, lots of trees down, a lot of damage, and in other parts of the state people died. What were WE doing during that? My family ‘rode it out’, lost power for about 2 hours and, to quote my youngest son: “It was the biggest winds I’d ever seen-the weeds were lying FLAT!” Where was I, you ask? Why, doing my usual Sunday evening choir duty, but this time we ended up holding part of choir practice in the hallway, after they dragged the piano out to us-we were under a tornado watch, also but the area where our church is didn’t suffer much damage (thank Heavens!) My oldest son’s area is without power, even today, so he brought the entire contents of his fridge & freezer to our house and gave my grandson a bath here last night. I drove through his area today and, being that it is in one of the older sections of the city, there was a very large amount of downed tree branches, and even some uprooted trees. That’s what’s been ‘shakin’ around here.

Also, just thought I might share a few of the ‘what I’ve been working on’ photos: These are three of the next shipment of afghans with the ‘teeny beanie baby’ toys in the pockets. Click on the photos to enlarge.

(check out the ‘love’ square, top right)

That’s what’s been happening around here for the last week or so, lots of nasty thunderstorms & lots of afghan assembly! Hope you’re staying dry and enjoying some NICE summer weather!



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Pammie goes “High Tech”…sort of

Most/much of the world has already “arrived”…and then there are the people like me. What people, you ask? Those stalwart beings who steadfastly hold to the ‘old ways’…like writing paper checks instead of having those cute little plastic cards! I’m learning that the older I get, the more entrenched in my ways I becoming…but I’m trying to change, little by little. For years my sons have told me: “Mom! You need to get a debit card! They’re SO MUCH easier than writing checks!” (and, being Scots and stubborn, for many years I resisted)………until now. What, you might ask, caused this change? The sky-high prices of gas! For many, many years I’ve been a strong supporter of our local Meijer gas station mainly because they take checks (and also are in a safe location, have clean facilities, etc…those little things women notice). Last week, with my tank on ‘almost breathing fumes’, I pulled in to my favorite haunt only to be stopped in my tracks by $4.19 per gallon for the CHEAPEST gas! Believe me, this took great determination and consideration on my part…”Do I REALLY need gas THAT bad?” (yes)…but Do I REALLY want to pay THAT price? (NO!)…so I dug to the bottom of my purse for the paultry amount of ’emergency money’ I keep there and drove to a $4.06 location to get as much of said petroleum product as my little tank would hold for the meager amount of monies. World, my name is FRUGALITY!!! After this jaunt, it set my mind to thinking about those dreaded words: Debit Card. Two of my sons own them and think they’re just the best. My problem, for all these years, was keeping track of the monies spent using that card. Call it crazy (or eccentric) but if I were to use one of those cards and only had the paper receipt (which I’d misplace), I could very easily withdraw more money that was in the account; this worried me greatly. Saturday I had a discussion about this very thing with a friend who made a great suggestion: “When you use your debit card, write it down in your check register…date/Debit Card and the place you used it, and the amount…then you’ll have it on paper like you wanted!” Went to the bank today to arrange this feat and gave the lady behind the counter great reason to chuckle and smile a little at my ‘senility’.  When I told her I wanted to apply for a debit card on my checking account, she looked up the account and stated: “You already HAVE a debit card on that account!” I looked at her askance and checked in my purse for the little plastic card I use to withdraw cash when I absolutely need it (I don’t like carrying cash)…what to my wondering eyes doth appear but those two little words: DEBIT CARD at the bottom! Both she and my eldest son had huge grins on their faces (and, I’m sure a few guffaws behind my back)…yep, gettin’ old can be amazing at times! Look out, gas stations…here I come!!! I saw a station on the way to church yesterday that was offering gas for $3.99 for cash purchases! Wow…around here, that’s great! (Yes, I do know that using plastic isn’t a cash purchase).

I will now close with those eternal words from one of the major credit card companies (keeping in mind my above experience): “What’s in YOUR wallet?”



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