Can you imagine?

100_1772 100_1775


631 afghan squares collected in two days? Totally awesome and amazing! A few days ago I was contacted by a lady who lives nearby; she had seen the article about The Ghana Project that appeared July 4th and began knitting squares. Tuesday of this week she delived 268 squares to my house. The following day I met a friend who is in another knit group I used to belong to; her Mother, Aunt and friends had knit a total of 363 squares and I picked them up.  I realize that the Lord knows when I’m in need . . . I should KNOW that by now! Sunday I arranged 60 squares for another two afghans and realized that it was getting a bit ‘thin’ in the variagated squares department; usually I just get to knitting squares myself to ‘beef up’ the variagated squares, never knowing THIS time I would be blessed with all these beautiful squares! 631 squares equals 21 afghans with some left over! As you can imagine, I’m going to be mighty busy in the near future!

It’s a beautiful Fall day today: the sun’s shining, it’s in the low 60’s, leaves on the ground and still some on the trees. I’ve already been out spray painting a wicker basket which will hold the Baby Shower contents for the Friends Group fund raiser. Great day for a walk – I ‘should’ go do that…maybe I will, but still have a bunch of other projects to wrap up, first.



Clothes, Cooking & Cars!


While ‘out and about’ yesterday I happened upon the most glorious thing – a wondrous garage sale! Wondrous because the ladies running it were just having it to ‘get rid’ of ‘stuff’, which was very much to my benefit. They had a sign which read: “Fill a bag for $1.00″…this was on their clothing items and, Momma, did I make a haul! Let’s see if I can recall the total number of items: 2 very nice Spring/Fall jackets, a winter hat, 2 boxes of very nice stationary (something people don’t use much these days), 3 ‘every day’ tops, 2 sweaters, 5 embroidered sweatshirts, and 7 (all white) fancy church blouses with varied embelishments like lace, pearls and/or embroidery. I made my ‘pile’ then asked “How much for all this?”  They responded: “How about $3.00?” After trying to convince them it should be much more, I gave them $4.00 and went home a very happy woman! There was a story behind all the very nice white blouses: it seems their mother worked as a Supervisor at KMart and all supervisors were required to wear white tops; all I can say is, their  Mom had some very nice taste in tops! This garage saling adventure was also spurred on by a comment last Wednesday from a friend who, after observing my casual clothing, said: “Pam, you’re going to have to invest in some new clothes here…the ones you’re wearing are way too big!” (and she was right). I had been in a bit of a hurry and grabbed a top and matching cotton slacks and threw them on; I thought they went together well, albeit they WERE too large. Even my husband commented that I needed to find smaller clothes. Yes, I’ve lost another 5 lb. but am not ‘working at it’ like I was 3 years ago when diagnosed as Type 2 diabetic (at that time I lost 50 lb.). I’ve still got quite a ways to go, now weighing 180 and could probably get down another 25 lb. to a healthier weight and size, but it’s kinda nice to know that you need to wear smaller clothes. I’ve always been ‘large’…and at times, XLarge (size 22; am now between 16-18). As I used to joke: I was born at 175 lb.!  Anyway, I digress…me thinks I’ll be looking for more garage sales in the near future-hey, it’s almost the end of the ‘garage sale season’! It’s not often you find a place like the one above mentioned, though…or find nice clothes at really reasonable prices; it was definitely a blessing!

Just so you don’t think I’m just rambling on about anything that comes to mind, I thought of you and found another easy recipe which works nicely when you need something quick to ‘make and take’ to a breakfast/luncheon, etc.

Bubble Nut Ring

1 loaf frozen bread dough (or 36 count frozen dinner rolls)

1 small pkg. butterscotch pudding mix

1/2 C. brown sugar

1/2 C. chopped nuts

1 tsp. cinnamon (or more)

8 T. melted margarine


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place melted margarine in a small bowl or pie tin.  Pull off pieces of bread dough and roll into 2-inch balls, making approximately 32.  Mix all ingredients together (except melted margarine) and place in a separate bowl or pie tin.  Spray Bundt pan (or Angel food cake-type tube pan) with non-stick cooking spray.  Place melted margarine in a bowl or pie tin. Dip dough balls into melted margarine, then into dry mixture. Place balls into bundt pan, evenly layering as you go. Sprinkle any remaining dry mixture over top and pour extra melted margarine over top.  Let rise until doubled in size, then bake 20  minutes. Let cool before turning out onto a plate and serving.

(This was another of the simple recipes I taught the homeschool cooking class a few years ago; they loved the ‘end result’ of this one.)


It’s Saturday, a ‘day of rest’ around here, so I’m going to ‘take it easy’ and probably finish a book I started yesterday, one in a series by Debbie McComber. This one is her latest “Knitting Group” book; the series catalogues the adventures and lives of members of a knitting group; to say that my knitting group loved the series is putting it mildly – we ALL love her books. Also planning on arranging more squares into future afghans; got a lovely email yesterday from a friend in my old knit group. She detailed that some of her friends are still knitting squares for me and ‘would I be so kind as to meet her at their church to pick up 3 paper bags and a garbage bag full of squares?” You bet! How neat! I wrote her that their ‘gift’ comes at just the right time, as my collection of squares is growing rather thin. (It usually does around the end of summer, as most people don’t knit in hot weather; the packages should pick up soon.) She made me feel like some sort of celebrity by saying that there is an 80 yr old lady in her church who knit most of the paper bag squares and she would like a picture of me with her squares; how nice, eh? Still working on #203; this one is taking a little longer as it is “a little longer”. This particular afghan (and one other I’ve already completed) consists of 7″ X 9” squares (my required size is 7 inches by 7 inches). Because these are rectangles instead of squares, I laid them on their long sides, 4 squares to a row and am sewing them together that way. The end product is a nice afghan, just not the same as the others but I’m sure the child receiving it will not complain that theirs is different; they all accomplish the same results . . . keeping someone warm and cosy.

It’s a grey, cloudy (and a bit chilly) beginning of the day – around 60 degrees; am hoping it warms up sufficiently later.

OH! Almost forgot to share our GOOD news! Middle son (he of the “multiple car troubles” episodes) has purchased a “new” (to him) vehicle: a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am…red with really ‘cool’ racing tire rims, black interior. Later today he’ll be selling his ‘free/gift’ Neon for $300, to a local dealership (it’s beginning to show signs of major problems – needs some sort of a seal, as it’s leaking oil big time). We’re thrilled for him (as a Mom, I’d have preferred a less ‘racy’ car, but he’s a guy and you know their attitudes on cars…Vrooom, Vroom!). It’s been an almost 2-week ordeal with him going to various dealerships; he’s checked out 2 foreign car places and the insurance was just too much for his age and budget, several (what I would call ‘shady’) older car dealerships and I thank heavens the one deal fell through…I really didn’t trust the place OR the car! We kept telling him: “Go to a respectable dealership and ask for a used car with a warrantee”; he FINALLY listened and is very happy. That dealership even was able to locate an insurance company with much lower rates (but still in his requirements for the car), so he’ll be able to afford the loan, the insurance and still be able to afford paying for college classes; now THAT’S a blessing! He is now the proud owner of the NEWEST car in our entire family, older son included!

That’s the latest news around here; hope you have a great weekend! Remember to take a little time for yourself!



One More Try?


(not my hands)

If you’ve been a reader of this blog for awhile, you know my trepidation at knitting SOCKS…well, last night at my group’s Knit Night one of our newer members was asked how she learned to knit socks (she’s on her third or fourth pair now). She replied that she’d only learned to knit less than a year ago and then attempted socks by watching a step-by-step web site; I was amazed! I thought she’d been knitting for years, like the rest of us! OK…call me gullible/naive/whatever, but this statement intrigued me. Would/Could it be possible that I might actually be able to do this thing that most, if not all of my knit group seems to really, truly enjoy? Sock knitting… as you know I’ve checked out all of our (and other) library’s books on the subject, bought some sock yarn & needles and tried . . . then gave up in frustration. Why am I so enamoured of learning this particular craft? I don’t know! I’m NOT a fancy-schmancy sock wearer…but…just the idea of conquering something that I think is far beyond my knitting capacity…now THAT intrigues me! You could say that it’s not from lack of encouragement on your parts, no…I received many accolades of : You can do it! Go, girl!, etc.  We’ll see…I do know that if I don’t do something on this subject, some of you just might quit reading me altogether out of purely being tired of hearing me whine! Heaven forbid!  For any of you who just might be intrigued by this idea also, I will submit here the website with all the very details instructions:

She does a photo-by-photo explanation of each detail; I was amazed at her tenacity in just the first few photos of how to do a “Figure 8 Cast on” (never tried that one before). She shows you how to navigate three different styles/kinds of sock knitting:

(1) One Sock on
four Double Pointed Needles

*Easy – If you’ve never knit socks before, try this one first!

(2) Two Toe-Up Socks
on one Circular Needle

*Moderate – For experienced sock knitters,
or adventurous newbies!

(3) One Toe-Up Sock
on two Circular Needles

*Moderate – For experienced sock knitters,
or adventurous newbies!

There you have it – if you’re interested! Not much else new the past few days which can be a nice thing sometimes!  Am still waiting for the finalization of the actual date of my special needs group’s Baked Potato Dinner thingie, then I can jump in with both feet and start printing tickets, posters and fliers. I found a cute clipart that we’re going to use for the theme:

potato man 3(I call him “Potato Man”)

It’s a bright, sunny and somewhat windy day here and from our outside thermometer, it appears to be in the mid 70’s  . . . a FINE day, to be sure!

Enjoy your day!



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“Apple Time”


Now that we’re cruising into Fall I thought I’d post a few apple recipes you might like to try:

Apple Cake

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

In large bowl add:

2 C. sugar

1  1/2  C. cooking oil

2 eggs

Beat these well then add:

3 C. flour

1/2 tsp. baking soda

1/2 tsp. salt

Mix together (this will be stiff) then add:

2-3 C. chopped apples

1 tsp. grated lemon rind (or lemon extract)

1/2 – 1  C. chopped nuts

Mix all ingredients well and pour into a 9 X 13 pan. Bake 50 minutes at 350 degrees F. After baking, let cake cool before frosting with:

Cream Cheese Frosting

1 (3 oz.) pkg. cream cheese (softened)

1 T. milk

1 tsp. vanilla

2  1/2 C. confectioner’s sugar

Blend together cream cheese, milk and vanilla and gradually add the confectioner’s sugar.


Sour Cream Apple Pie

(my all-time favorite!)

3/4 C. sugar

2 T. flour

1/2 tsp. vanilla

2 C.  peeled and sliced apples

1 C. sour cream

1 egg

dash salt

(1 9 inch unbaked pie shell-or make your own crust)

Preheat oven 450 degrees F.

Combine all ingredients well and pour into a unbaked pie shell. Bake 10 minutes then turn down heat to 325 degrees F. and continue baking for an additional 25 minutes. (leave oven “on” to finish baking)



2 1/2 T. flour

2 1/2 T. brown sugar

1 T. butter

1/2 tsp. cinnamon

Sprinkle this mixture over the pie and bake another 25 minutes at 325 degrees F.  Let cool completely before serving; makes 1 9″ pie.


I’m not sure if I’ve posted the Sour Cream recipe before (seems like I might have); we first had this tasty dessert in Frankenmuth, MI. at one of two very famous restaurants there (can’t remember which one-they’re both directly across the street from each other; the area is highly German and is famous for their chicken dinners).  I love this recipe because it’s both flavorful AND very creamy, due to the sour cream. It’s not a very sweet pie, either, which I really like; you get the apple flavor mixed with ‘creamy’… very tasty, I think!

Hope you’re having a great day; it’s Saturday, a ‘day of rest’…for the most part I’m going to try to do just that (amid doing a little laundry, emptying the dishwasher, knitting a bit, sewing more squares together on #201…perhaps reading one of two books I checked out at the library – more mysteries.)  Last night’s Gym Night went very well, however we didn’t have as many people attend as we’d planned for, hence there’s lots of cooked hot dogs, chopped onion and shredded cheese in my fridge today! (I had one for breakfast…don’t laugh! It’s protein!).

Anyway, I’ll close for now…enjoy your day!



ps:  It’s a glorious sunny day today with a nice breeze blowing…just the kind of day to go to a football game! (youngest son is going in about an hour…guess who’s driving?).  Thermometer outside reads:  68 degrees F.

You Know You’re Getting Old When…

old lady

you don’t see the things around you in the same way/manner others do. Let me explain: I am NOT a person who likes to go shopping at large malls but yesterday my youngest asked if I would take him to our local gigantic mall and we went.  I don’t know about you, but I was inundated with the continual feeling of being ‘just plain OLD’! Mind you, I haven’t been to this mall in probably 4-5 years (I hate malls, remember? It’s the agoraphobia-‘fear of large places/crowds’ thing-I end up having a panic attack … not pleasant, for sure!).  We walked around and through several of the areas and stopped in several clothing stores to purchase youngest’s clothing (earnings from his job). I was totally amazed; no, guess that’s not the right word…shocked would fit better here, at just how much the ‘world of merchandising’ appeals to the younger (teens to 30’s) group. My last impression of this mall was ‘spot on’ with yesterday’s: shoe stores, clothing stores, shoe stores, more clothing stores, etc. I’m not a ‘clothes horse’ at all; give me a good garage sale find and I’m happy, so you can imagine my feelings at having all this ‘junk’ stare me in the face. My family says I’m ‘sheltered’…I guess in this instance, they’re right! For example:  we were at American Eagle clothing store and youngest picked up a pair of jeans . . . these were the ‘distressed’ look: very faded blue jeans with what I would describe as ‘wear marks’, holes all down the front of both legs and some on the back. This pair of ‘new’ jeans sell for $49.99!!! (he didn’t buy them…thank Heavens!). Next store: Hot Topics; a very ‘trendy’ teens store full of more (JUNK!) items to appeal to the younger set. In this store he picked up a pair of turquoise high-top tennis shoes which sold for, you guessed it, another $49.99! (we went to PayLess shoes and found a black pair of high tops for $29.99…with my $5 off coupon, they were just his price!). I know I’m getting older, but just looking at ‘what’s fashion in the teen world today’ made me sick to my stomach! Walking around the mall I had feelings of being WAY out of date (I kind of knew that, but maybe not as much as now); I was wearing a knit top, blue jeans and sandals. All around the mall were various ages of women with several things in common:  all were wearing tight fashion jeans with a leather belt, most were showing some skin at the waistline, and various kinds of shoe wear, all very ‘in fashion’ and, I’m certain, very expensive.  I’m not criticizing them, just making an observation. Do I feel less ‘chic/hip/in fashion’ after this experience? NO! A little ‘old’ because I’m certain I didn’t ‘fit in’, but really if you get down to it,  my body was covered, I was comfortable and the clothing I was wearing was totally affordable for me, therefore I declare:  I’m JUST FINE in my own skin! It’s sad to know that others feel the necessity to spend such exsorbitant (definition: “exceeding the customary or appropriate limits in intensity, quality, amount, or size”) amounts on ‘skin coverings’; I’ll get off my soap box now…

Went to the office supply store today and saw an item I didn’t know existed: print them yourself bumper stickers! They come in a package of 6 for $9.99; you put them in your printer –  interesting idea! (yes, I do see that they ‘could’ pose a problem for those who decide that the world needs to know their inner secrets or where they think YOU should go or where they think you should stick things, but I’ll leave that to your imagination … grin)

Lately I’ve been immersed into the world of organizing a fund raiser for our special needs group. It’s been decided that we’re going to have a baked potato dinner with silent auction.

My job, so far, is to research the costs involved food-wise and design tickets (my fun project!). We’re shooting for the third week in October and 100 guests. Our silent auction will consist of donated ‘baskets’. Years ago we did a bowl-a-thon and had baskets; they were a hit so we’re hoping to do this again. I’m making two: a “Baby Shower” basket which will have a hand-knit baby blanket, three coordinating baby hats, a pair of crocheted ‘Mary Jane’ baby shoes for a girl and a crocheted pair of ‘high topped tennis shoes’ for a boy (my very talented friend Kim did the shoes for me). Also in the basket is a large, very soft stuffed cat. I haven’t decided yet whether to add a few small infant toys (like teething rings) to it. We’re hoping each basket will have a value of around $25-50. The other basket I’m putting together is a “Pie Time” arrangement consisting of a Pampered Chef pie dish, pie roller and flour/sugar sprinkler and then I’m still working on the rest of the items. Thinking maybe a set of measuring spoons, measuring cups, perhaps an apron or linen dish towel…who knows. We’ve composed a list of basket ideas and are in the process of asking people for donationed baskets. (Don’t worry…I’m not hitting you up! These will be to the ladies of the church where we meet). Our ultimate goal is to raise $300-400, which will cover our expenses for about a year. In years past we held garage sales (my favorite) but the other two ladies on the board felt we were not getting the profits and expending far too much effort for our work, so hence the potato dinner idea. We’ll see how this goes; if it works well we might do it again next year.  There are only three of us doing all the organizing/work, so you can see why we’re trying to conserve energies and get the most for our efforts.

That’s about ‘it’ for me lately; just got back from the chiropractor and he said that my back is now ‘better than when I first came in’; I’m feeling ‘well’ and it’s down to 2 visits a week for the next week then he’ll see if it will become once a month (YAY!). It’s not as painful to go through the manipulations, which I’m very glad of!

Next up is getting my organizing skills working towards tonight’s “Gym Night” for my special needs group. Once a month in the fall/winter months we hold a Gym Night for our kids. From 6:30-8:30 we have a meal (hot dogs, chips, pop and cookies tonight…I’m the hot dog cooking queen), a short Bible devotion, then the students are free to play basketball, bowl (using sets of childrens plastic bowling pins), color, do jigsaw puzzles, or just chat with their friends. We also host another church’s special needs group, so we’re expecting a total of 35-50 people tonight; ought to be fun!

I was listening to a gentleman at the chiropractor’s office talk about  now that he’s retired all he does is golf and rest and he only golfs twice a week; the rest of the time he just rests. My thought on that was: I’ve been retired now 26 years and I’ve NEVER been as busy in my life as I am now; guess it’s all in how ‘old’ you feel, eh?

On that note, I’ll close. It’s a wee bit chilly here today: in the 60’s, overcast with brief bits of sunshine (it’s supposed to rain today).  I’m not letting the cold air bring me down…still looking for the sunshine!

Enjoy your day!



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It’s finally here…

Afghan #200

Afghan #200

It is with great thanks that I unveil #200 for without all of you helping me, this project would never have reached this number. Beginning work on #201 in the next few days…onward and upward I always say!

A Little ‘This & That’…


It’s Friday and the end to another long weekend filled with many activities: Knit Group on Tuesday evening, “Friends Group” (my special needs group) on Wednesday and several visits to the chiropracter for more adjustments. I asked him today if I’m the only patient who makes noise when getting these treatments and he said they average one ‘noisy’ person every 2-3 months. He jokingly said that they encourage their patients to ‘express themselves’…I guess that’s a polite way of saying: “Feel free to yell if the pain gets too bad!” I know that I do as the treatments are helping greatly and the pain is diminishing HOWEVER it’s still not pain-free treatments. On Tuesday I thought I had finally jumped a huge hurdle and had an evaluation…I’m about 95% better…except for this one small spot. And, wouldn’t you know it…he found that one small spot and proceeded to ‘work it over’ greatly, and me all the while sort of yelping “Ouch! OOoooo Ouch!” then it progressed to me just biting my bottom lip and yipping! I KNOW this is what that knotted up muscle group needs but MAN, IT HURTS! I finally stopped making any sort of sound, then said: “Just because I’m not yelling doesn’t mean it doesn’t still hurt!” He chuckled and continued working that little bugger more. Believe me, I’ve thought of just not going back but the alternative would be that the back would seize up again sometime soon and I’d be right back where I started, so it’s a no-win solution and I continue. As I told the doctor: “I endure“…sigh.

knitting goose

Have been working more on knitting squares and sewing afghans: am at afghan #198 today (about 1/2 done right now). My knit group ladies are (I’m sure) anxiously awaiting tomorrow’s trip to “Stitches Midwest” which is a HUGE event in Schaumburg, Ill. where thousands of people will join at  convention center to walk through  tons of (I don’t remember the exact count but it’s over 80, I think) vendor booths selling yarns, needles, hooks, patterns and all things “Yarny”. I remember our ladies went last year and came back talking about observing women handing over hundreds of dollars to buy items…hundreds! Now THAT’S a serious hobby! Our group was meeting up at 5:30 a.m. to car pool to Ann Arbor, MI (that’s an hour away from here) then boarding touring buses for the ride there. I guess there will be snacks and gift bags on the bus; that’s a nice touch. Why, you ask, didn’t I go? Number one, the tickets are $70, #2 it’s a LOT of walking on cement floors (my back’s still not totally up to snuff) #3:  I don’t do well in large crowds (a bit of agoraphobia when it’s huge crowds and lots of crowding) #4:  Quite honestly, it would be an ‘experience’ for me…just that; I can’t see me buying any yarn (I have waaaaay more than I’ll ever need for the afghans) or other items.  It would be fun to experience, but I’ll happily sacrifice my ‘opportunity’ and stay home, knowing that next Tuesday evening I’ll be inundated with all the little details of what my ladies bought, experienced, saw, were awed over, etc.  That’s where I’ll be … in my own little space, happy to observe from the ‘outside’ and also happy to share in my friends joy over the whole event.

Today is also 9/11/2009 … hoping that you’ll each spend a few moments to remember, pray for, or just honor those who’s lives were taken in 2001.



Happy Sunday


(not actual recipe photo, but very close)

Today is a gorgeous 76 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze – who could ask for a better late-Summer day? I’m finally feeling a bit more ‘rested’ after all the hassles of the past few weeks.  I wore my crocheted trellis ribbon necklace to church today over a plain black dress and it drew several compliments. I’m still amazed that there are more blog ‘hits’ per day on this blog specifically looking for that pattern than almost any other topic!  Working on the edging on another afghan (#197) and will probably start another one later one today.

What drew me to writing an entry today was a reader of this blog and friend of mine mentioned that I hadn’t featured any recipes in awhile. That got me to looking and what ‘popped up’ was my husband’s all-time favorite meal: Campbell’s “Souper Meat & Potato Pie”. This recipe was featured on the outside of a can of cream of mushroom soup many…MANY years ago and it’s still a great, easy recipe. If ever there was a ‘comfort food’ meal, this one’s it! It’s a giant meatloaf ‘frosted’ with mashed potatoes and shredded Cheddar cheese…Yum! (I will advise, when I make this I double it and put it in a 9 X 13 baking pan. We never have any leftovers).

“Souper Mean ‘N Potato Pie”

1 can (Campbell’s) cream of mushroom soup

1 lb. ground beef

1/4 C. finely chopped onion

1 egg, slightly beaten

1/4 C. fine dry bread crumbs

2 T. chopped parsley (I omit this)

1/4 tsp. salt

dash pepper

2 C. cooked mashed potatoes

1/4 C. shredded Cheddar cheese


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Mix 1/2 can mushroom soup, ground beef, onion, egg, bread crumbs, parsley and seasonings. Press firmly into a 9 inch pie pan. Bake 25 minutes, then spoon off any fat. Frost top of meatloaf with the mashed potatoes, spread remaining soup on top then sprinkle cheese over top. Bake 10 minutes more, or until cheese is melted. Let stand 5 minutes before cutting, to avoid crumbling.

(NOTE: Campbell’s also suggests garnishing this with cooked sliced bacon, if desired. I’ve never tried that.)


I love this recipe because it’s easy, rather quick and very fulfilling. I usually add garlic powder, a few dashes Worchestershire sauce, and use Italian bread crumbs (just because I like them). The cheese is usually Sharp Cheddar (shredded). I’ve made this so many times that I don’t need the recipe; usually there’s more than the alloted cheese, perhaps a bit more mashed potatoes, but there’s no complaints when this is ‘the dinner meal’.  Enjoy!



I forgot…

to add to the previous post that there is now a pattern for the crocheted afghan square I featured a few posts ago! Just got it through a newsletter from Lion Brand yarn company; it’s in the form of a free baby blanket pattern. If you’re interested, go to:

Cheerful Squares Baby Throw





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Of Cabbages and Kings…



Hello, all! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted – not that I haven’t thought about ya, just been too busy/pooped/stressed (fill in the blank here) to compose my thoughts enough to make up a blog post. What’s been happening, you ask? Where to start . . . I guess, for starters my BACK is doing MUCH better (I’m still dreading going for the adjustments but it’s worth it). I actually went from Monday to Friday before having a return visit/adjustment . . . that’s a three-day reprieve! YAY! Next visit is an evaluation and adjustment, but I’m actually much more agile which makes me happy.

Second: Middle son’s “CCC” (Constant Car Curse): without going into tons of details, we got the title for the ‘gift’ car, got all the paperwork transferred, had it towed to Midas to find out why it wouldn’t run; turns out it was the alternator. They replaced it, called us and we went to pick it up (5-10 min. after phone call). Got there and were met by the mechanic who was just shaking his head – it seems that when they were pulling it out of the bay, the ‘Service Engine Soon’ light came on! When they checked it, the alternator was charging TOO MUCH (which would cause the battery to blow if let continue). They assured us that they would order another alternator/no charge to us. That took another 2 days.  Yesterday we FINALLY were able to pick up the car, take it to the local tire place, get a new tire for the front ($60) so he’s not driving on a donut anymore, and now he’s ‘on his way’….for how long, we don’t know.  Amidst all the other car ‘stuff’, the first time they thought they had the car fixed for us it stopped running while the mechanic was taking it for a test drive and had to have it towed back to the shop! Oh! Forgot to mention the ‘fun’ adventures of Wednesday! I spent most of that day either sitting and knitting in my car or listening to car dealers talk. Middle son had decided that since his ‘luck’ (or lack of) with cars was so dismal, he would look into buying a NEW CAR! He’d decided to go with (don’t shoot me here, it wasn’t MY idea!) either a KIA or a Honda. (the rest of the family are dyed-in-the-wool Chrysler people). He test drove a Kia something (not sure what model) that would run him something like $14,000, then we went to the Honda dealer and they were all ready to give him a car for something like $17,000 out the door (with his dad’s co-signing). He put $200 down and we were all ready for him to (finally) have a reliable vehicle until… his older brother called yesterday and we chatted about the ‘new car’ idea. He mentioned to me: “Mom, are you aware that he’ll have to have FULL coverage for insurance? That would run him AT LEAST $250!  Add that to the monthly payments of $335-350 and he won’t have any money left per month to even buy gas OR go to college classes!” (Well, folks I’ve never in my life had a new car, so I had NO idea on all this.) Back we went to the Honda dealer to get his $200 down payment back. He was very disappointed, to say the least.  AT LEAST he now has a ‘car’, even though it’s this beater Neon that leaks oil big time. Our neighbor said he would look at it to see if he can figure out why it’s leaking oil so bad. (a quart a week).   That’s my big CAR WOES story for this week (let’s hope this doesn’t continue to other weeks…at least not any time soon!).

The holiday weekend is upon us; my husband’s on vacation for a week which takes some of the stresses off me (YAY!) I’ve still been knitting/crocheting squares and am hopeful that today I’ll be able to lay out another 4-5 afghans to begin putting more together. No particular plans for the weekend – no outside barbecues, no picnics…nothing special other than relaxing (I HOPE!!!).  The laundry is almost caught up, the dishwasher needs running soon, but other than that…Pammie’s taking a break from life  and it’s stresses (I HOPE!).

Hope you have a great holiday weekend and that it’s filled with nice, relaxing things that you enjoy.



ps:   Our weather is supposed to be just gorgeous all weekend – in the 70’s and sunny…who could ask for a nicer ‘end of summer’?

pss:  Perhaps you’re wondering why I chose that title for this post – the line came to me, while listing all the ‘car troubles’ stuff and searching for a suitable title.  The quote is from Lewis Carroll:

“”The time has come,” the walrus said, “to talk of many things: Of shoes and ships – and sealing wax – of cabbages and kings”

this is a quote: (from Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, 1872); the poem is called: “The Walrus and the Carpenter”.