One from Column A, Two from Column B

Last night was our Chinese dinner and it was really great! This is a new restaurant (opened a week ago) which (I believe) is part of a chain. There used to be one very similar in our area, but it moved to another city leaving us wanting something like it here again. When they opened they sent fliers to the locals advertising the openings (2 of the same thing very close). My whole family was very pleased with the variety and freshness of all the foods and we all ‘did our parts’ to make sure we tasted just about everything offered. There was one dish which I tried and really wasn’t expecting to like much – it was some sort of a spinach casserole (cooked spinach with some sort of cheese melted on top) it was really REALLY tasty! Cheesy and with a rather sweet flavor – didn’t taste at all like spinach! (I had seconds!) Mind you, this is an ‘all you can eat’ buffet and there was plenty to choose from. They even had some new offerings, like baby clams, scallops on the half shell (it was more like a scallop casserole-type thing; I didn’t like it…too sweet and a bit greasy), fried frog legs (that was a surprise! didn’t eat them – have had them before and not excited), plus the ‘childrens foods’ – like pepperoni pizza, fried chicken and even cheese tostadas! Their prices are reasonable:  $10.99 per adult and $5.99 for children (6-10)/kids 3-5 are $4.99 for dinner. Their lunch prices are: $6.99 adults/kids 3-5 $2.99, (ages 6-10) $3.99.  We all agreed that we will return soon.

The boys decided that they wanted to rent the new movie: “Alice in Wonderland” with Johnnie Depp, so that became our late night adventure. I’m not certain, but it sure seemed to be in the style of Tim Burton, the director. (I’m guessing it was, because Helena Bonham Carter was also the Red Queen- she’s Tim Burton’s girlfriend). It was a very DARK movie that I certainly wouldn’t suggest for children (too much violence). Did I enjoy watching it? Not exactly; definitely prefer the old Disney classic; yes, that was much more ‘sugar content’ and for children, but this one required us putting on the subtitles to actually be able to understand much of what was being said (they seemed to think it was ‘cute’ to use made-up words a lot). I really don’t think the made up words were actual original writing from the story, although they did seem to quote almost the whole of the poem “The Jabberwok” which, if you’ve read it, is a WHOLE lot of made-up words combined. To quote Alice: “Curiouser and curiouser”.

Upon arriving home from our dinner there were several messages on my answering machine telling me that my dear friend Mary (Momma on her blog) is now in the hospital and coming out of surgery for a broken femur and possible dislocated hip – she’s 74  (I think) and certainly doesn’t need all that! *Correction: after talking to her on the phone, she had just finished filling the composter and tripped. Broke the femur; they put a rod in the bone and several screws to keep the bone together but NO other injuries. She’s refused the rehab; her granddaughter is coming to stay with her until she recovers. Last I heard she should be home in a few days. She was using a shredder behind her shed, stepped back, turned her ankle then promptly fell on the leg, thus breaking it. It was a very good thing her oldest son and his wife were there trimming branches and found her! From all I’ve learned, she will spend several days in the hospital, followed by about a week (guessing time here) at a rehab facility before going home.  As long as I’ve known her, she’s never been one to relax much, always on the go, so this will not be in her plans for the future but hoping all heals well and she’s eventually able to return to her life of caring for her family (her husband, dog, cat and birds).

Today is Saturday and I actually slept in! Was up late last night watching that goofy movie (wouldn’t recommend it) so guess I needed the extra sleep. It’s now NOON and I’m still in my jammies! It’s looking like a sunny day, clear and in the high 70’s (and muggy – as usual). Haven’t turned on the air conditioning just yet (too expensive) but I know the time is quickly coming where we’ll really have to use it!

Hope you’re keeping cool, remembering to relax a little and enjoy life;

Big hugs;


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