Swimmin’ Up Stream…

Today is another of “those” days – you know, the days when you try and try and nothing seems to turn out right? For instance, woke up to the sounds of running water so went to search it out. Seems our toilet (very old, came with the house when we moved in 1979)  had a problem with the back tank not filling – water just continuing to run. Stuck my hand in the tank and felt to see if the flapper was seated in the bottom of the tank . . . YUCK! What’s that slimy feeling on my fingers? Pull them out and they’re blue with gucky stuff on them; seems the flapper is disintegrating! (means it isn’t totally filling the hole in bottom of the tank so the water continually flows straight into toilet bowl and back tank never fills!) Lovely! Made a trip to the local hardware store and purchased a new one – am going to wait to have husband install it as it seems the screw holding it in place is really STUCK! Meanwhile, bent a coat hanger to hold the float up so that the water stops running. (Gonna have to ‘make do’ for using the facilities until husband gets home). Oh – while getting ready for hardware store went to get a note off fridge only to have the cute little plastic “people-shaped” magnet break in my hands . .  . another ‘look for it in the hardware store’ thing. Stopped at the vet’s for the ‘special’ cat food, then on to my son’s employer (Gordon Foods) to get more of that great broccoli salad mix (too lazy to chop all that stuff), chips and spotted a frozen commercial apple pie marked down to $2.99, so got that, too(nothing wrong with it, they sometimes mark down the last of a batch just to get rid of them). Upon leaving that store I went maybe a block before seeing a local police car in the turn lane with his lights flashing. Didn’t see any other cars stopped but, as I drove by, there in the turn lane was a female deer that had been hit by a car. That was a bit of a shock, as I’ve told you I live in a urban area. I know there are some deer ‘around’ but to see one that close to home is a surprise.

Got home, put away the groceries (also got a great buy on frozen pierogies- 72 in the pkg. so I divided them into 2 bags and stuck in freezer) and sat down to balance the checkbook (all good there – WHEW!). Stuck the pie in the oven and went to the basement to put the pierogies in basement freezer only to find that during the lovely torrential rains of the past few days it seems we had a bit of a leak in the laundry area. Good thing I had decided to start a load because the darks which were in a pile on the floor were sopping wet – sigh.

Should have mentioned that I decided to check my car oil and coolant when I got home. Topped off the oil & coolant – that’s all good. ‘Nother ‘car problem’ has surfaced within the past week or so since we’ve had all the RAINS – it seems that somehow I have a leak into the drivers and passengers compartments at the floor level – the rain is pooling (somewhere under the hood) and when you turn a corner the driver and/or the passenger suddenly gets a HUGE downpour of water onto their feet. Of course, this soaks the carpeting and floor mats (more fun) so while I was ‘doing the oil/coolant’ thing I also used old towels to sop up some of the accumulated water . . .double sigh.  (Remember my saying it’s one of “THOSE” days?) Also heard while in the grocery store that we’re supposed to get more rain tonight and through the rest of the week…oh JOY!!! CAN’T WAIT!   NOT!

Laundry’s in the washer, pie’s in the oven – next on the agenda is putting together half of the huge container of broccoli salad so we can have some for dinner along with broiled chicken (got a good deal on legs & thighs – they were small so they put 8 in a package for something like $2.80).  Was contemplating making potato salad but with my luck so far today, think I’ll pass.

Tonight is my bigger Knit Night (there’s the off night when we just get together for fun – that usually averages about 8 people; the bigger ‘official’ as in I post it on my website for that group, averages close to 20); we’re supposed to be getting 3 new people coming tonight – that ought to be fun. Oh! Got another blessing Sunday night; a friend of mine is helping her mother move and said she had 4 big bags of yarn – would I like it? (You know my answer!) Turns out there’s 3 big bags, a box and a bag of baby yarn and one bag of the really fine crochet cotton (the kind you make doilies out of ). I chose some of the yarn for my Ghana project, saved some out for two ladies who do knitting for my project and the rest I’m taking to Knit Night. I can just hear the ladies: “Oh! LOOK!” (It’s like Christmas for knitters & crocheters!) Not so sure on the crochet cotton but we’ll see.  (THANKS again, CHAR!!!!)

So there you have it – weird day so far but I’m trying my best to make it better. Sometimes ya just gotta pray and keep on going!

Right now it’s sunny and getting into the 70’s; it was warm out yesterday but I was just freezing! Went outside and sat in the sun (with a sweater on, no less!). I think it’s because we had all that rain that it’s just cooled off; the yards are really soaked with water.

(also finished another afghan; that makes #247) My friend Mary (“Momma” on her blog) was mentioning how close to #250 it is now – guess I never really thought about it. Who would have thought three years ago that we’d be to that high a number! My friend who originally had the idea and now lives in Ghana emailed she’s coming to MI in a few weeks so she’ll be letting me know how many of the current 30 I have here she wants to take back, the rest will go to my other friend who’s the missionary to Durban, South Africa. I know he’s got a fund-raising golf outing coming up soon here, so we’ll get together to deliver his portion of them then it’s ‘back to work’ on the next batch! I love doing it, I’m so grateful the Lord gave me this task and equally grateful that these afghans can bless so many needy people.

Well, that’s it for now – time to go check on the pie! (and the laundry- wink)



“Everything will be OK in the end; if it’s not Ok – it’s not the end!”


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