44 and More Coming!

Here’s a photo of the 44 knit & crocheted dishcloths I delivered last night and there are more coming as the ladies are still working on them. I’m planning on taking enough ‘cotton yarn’ to work on more while I’m at the Log Cabin Days which is rapidly coming up tomorrow and Sunday.

Our weather has been more like September than June lately, with grey, cloudy & sporadically rainy days. Today it’s 67 and I’m wearing long sleeves. Just checked the weather forecast for Sat./Sun and it’s high 80’s Sat. and 79 Sunday with a little clouds – sure hope it stays that way! (Last year we had to close the event about 1 1/2 hours early due to really nasty storms coming in).  Since this is a mostly outdoors event, we really count on good weather to make it a great happening. There’s all sorts of local  entertainment: a local concert orchestra (REALLY good! I LOVE hearing them play “Stars & Stripes Forever” and several John Phillip Sousa marches); a men’s barbershop quartet; several varied individual singers; a seniors clogging group (they’re OK – just not my idea of a great thing to watch but THEY have fun doing it and it’s good exercise, right?). There’s a man who runs an alpaca farm and he brings 2 alpaca; they’re in a small fenced in area but he takes them out for ‘walks’ several times a day to stretch their legs. It’s neat seeing them walking by on leashes. Lots to do and see and it’s free admission (only costs are for food and if you want to buy any of the many little items like hand carved wooden things (bowls, book ends, etc.) or hand made jewelry, used books, some antiques (dishes mostly) or some of the younger children’s fun things like face painting or fancy cord braiding. It’s a great event – I know I’m going to be tired out from all the ‘fresh air’ (certainly not from sitting in a chair knitting all day!).

I’ll try to remember to bring my camera. Oh! We picked up the new van this morning (I haven’t driven it yet – my husband drove it home as I had another appointment coming up, in a not-the-best area of town to take in some paperwork to Social Security office). When I get done here I’m planning on going out to ‘add’ my own special ‘bling’ to MY van – my umbrella, the small hanging crystal beads that go under the rearview mirror, that kind of thing. In the sunlight today the color looks more medium grey than dark grey with flecks (and I didn’t SEE the flecks today! Musta been ‘star-struck’ the first time I saw it, eh?) Well, it WAS raining the other day . . . just sayin’ . . .

I’m off to go have fun with my new van – have a great day!



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  1. I certainly hope all goes well with the homestead doings. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of the doings!

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