New Beginnings

Hello again, Dear Friends!

Today was my visit to the surgeon and so far, the news is all good. My surgery will be either Tuesday or Thursday of next week (beginning of September). In the building where my doctors are is a library for patients and their families. I decided to stop by there just to see what they had available. While there, the librarian came in and I felt the need to ask her if she knew of any cancer groups that might be able to use knit & crocheted afghan squares – she said YES! She works with several schools and said they are always looking for good projects to help cancer patients – they would love the opportunity to sew squares together to make lap robes! She said she could also use some of them to keep in the library for patients and their families who drop in and are looking for something to do while waiting. I’m thrilled! Now I can pass on the extra completed squares to those who will continue the blessings to others who need comforting! I wrote a letter to the nurse who first gave me the idea for The Ghana Project and told her that I’m closing that ministry. I’m still working on the idea of knitting chemo caps and will ask her if they could use donated caps for patients as well. I love to knit and this will give me a ‘project’ to work on.

That’s the news from here, today. Hope you’re having a great day!




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  1. Well there you have it. Your squares will continue to provided people with creative tasks and others with comfort. It seems if you ask someone will pickup the banner and carry on!!! Love yah!

  2. This is Fine News! a gift that keeps on giving 🙂
    Being a bit lazy to search your Archives, I would like to know how many actual blankets you sewed together?

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