Happy Saturday!

It’s a gorgeous FALL day out today – (typical Fall temperatures: 54 degrees mid-day), sunny and very windy; you can see all the pretty yellow and gold leaves blowing everywhere.

Last night I got a very pleasant surprise; yesterday was the last home football game for my youngest son’s high school and they did something they call the “Senior Walk”. I’ve never witnessed this but supposedly before the game starts they announce the names of each of the students who are Seniors this year, then they walk across the field with one or more of their parents. (small side line here: the plans for this were changed at the very last minute – before the change I couldn’t do it, after then change I ‘could have’ but son said ‘never mind’, he walked with two of his ‘girl-friends’ from Color Guard). When he arrived home later on in the evening, he knocked at our back door very loudly. I’m thinking: “Where is your house key?” and answered the door. When I opened it he was down on one knee with a bouquet of 3 pink & red roses, tied with a very pretty navy bow. He said: “These are for you from the Band Boosters – when they heard you have Breast Cancer they wanted to send you a gift in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.” Talk about surprised! What a nice gift.

Today the house is amazingly quiet; youngest is at a Band Competition in Livonia all day (12 p.m.-around 9 p.m.) and middle son is out with friends watching another friend compete for a belt in a karate-like competition. It’s just my husband and I – a very nice, refreshing change! While we two were eating dinner last night we got to talking about that very thing: the fact that sometime in the future it will be just ‘us’ – no kids! Strange thought – cooking much smaller meals, less ‘stuff’ to pick up on the floor (empty paper plates, dirty socks, empty cereal bowls with just a little bit of milk left in them, etc.). Youngest is graduating in June (hopefully!) and plans to move out then and go ‘find his place’ (my words). Middle son is now 22 and is still not financially stable enough to move out; right now he’s looking at purchasing another very much-needed car (since his last one was totaled in the accident about 4 weeks ago). This time he’s decided to look at low mileage cars, not so much the look or all the fancy ‘extras’ – so he’s looking at foreign cars. Now, to some people that might not mean a lot, but here in Michigan (Motor City Car Capital of the nation), buying foreign is very much frowned upon. (in his case, however, I fully understand his reasoning – as his job consists of driving special needs students, so a car that gets good mileage is a BIG requirement). We’ll see how this all turns out.

Working on Chemo Cap #14 today; finally have the pattern down – it’s very easy and should fit most women’s heads nicely. Perhaps I’ll go for knitting one for men soon; right now I’m enjoying using baby-weight yarns to get hats that are not only practical, but are also light weight and very soft. (Not exactly sure what yarns to use for men – perhaps a sock yarn might work? We’ll see – I see experimentation in my future!).

I had some really nice recipes all ready to post for you but my (fill in the blank) server is really acting STUPID! First it kept taking the first line of the recipe and putting it directly next to the recipe title; when I almost had that one solved, it decided that all of the 8 or so recipes needed to be totally UNDERLINED – every single stinking line! Made it totally impossible to read the recipe! UGH! Talk about frustrating!

For right now I’m going to just publish this entry and attempt to re-type the recipes on another format, then perhaps post them some time in the future.

Sorry – I had recipes for ya – Oh well – all things in due time, I always say!

Hope you’re having a great, relaxing Fall day.

Hugs; Pammie

(now it’s totally double spacing each line! UGH!!!@)


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  1. A mind of it’s own is the phrase that comes to mind when reading about your computer. As an empty nester for quite a while now I have to say it was great at first but when the dust settles you begin to miss those messy little guys badly. So relish the confusion because all too soon it is gone.

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