Makin’ it through the week

Yay, it’s Saturday! It’s been a bit of a rough week but now it’s my day to REST (of course, ignoring the fact that I just got home from tons of running errands, but I digress . . . ). It’s a lovely 52 degrees here, sunny and a light breeze – that directly contrasts to the cold days earlier this week with snow flurries (fortunately it didn’t STICK!). I love late fall days like today; they make you truly appreciate what you ‘had’ with warmer weather during the summer and (not looking forward to) colder days coming very soon. Brought in my little grouping of tiny birdhouses that were on our outside windowsill; I figured it’s easier to just brush off any lose pine needles & leaf bits than wait another few days and bring them in all wet – knowing it’s going to be raining very soon (with snow quickly to follow). I believe I’ve mentioned here in years before of one particular Thanksgiving I remember: I was invited to a young man’s familys Thanksgiving dinner. We drove quite a way to his Grandmother’s house, had wonderful foods and several absolutely scrumptious homemade pies then it was time to leave. I had dressed in a skirt and ‘flats’ (low dress shoes) as it was the ’60’s and that was the dress code for that time. We got outside only to discover that a HUGE snowstorm had hit – had to walk to the car in about 2 1/2 feet of snow -Brrrrr! (hoping that won’t happen this year!).

Are you getting ready for the Thanksgiving FEAST time? I’ve been in several local grocery stores in the past 2-3 days and am amazed at some of the things being offered: in one, they were already playing Christmas music! (I’m a traditionalist – no Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving!),

lots of holiday-type foods – the pumpkin/sweet potato pies, various offerings of cranberry mixes/fresh cranberries, etc. but so far only ONE store had started selling turkey breasts – didn’t see any WHOLE TURKEYS yet! (guess that’s a ‘wait until next week’ thing). The turkey breasts were being offered for 99 cents a lb. but I wasn’t really interested (Yes, that’s probably a VERY good price, but we’re not talking a brand name, either). I’m going to do my ‘waiting’ for the best ‘per-pound’ price, then spring/pounce on it! I usually buy 2, saving one for Christmas time. (Learned my lesson many years ago as a new bride/cook – they don’t offer those phenomenal low turkey prices AFTER Thanksgiving – the prices go WAY UP!)  (doing a quick segue into ‘change of subject matter’  – I’m feeling pretty good, just a little fatigued at times. Now have 23 more radiation treatments to go and yesterday the Radiologist said I’m doing VERY GOOD and he predicts I’ll breeze through the treatments (sure hope so!).  I only mentioned that to say that I guess I’m doing well enough to proceed with the usual Thanksgiving dinner here at our house. Not sure yet of all the plans, but oldest son usually doesn’t come until around 6-7 p.m. so that will give me plenty of time to take small breaks in between getting the food ready.  Turned in another 4 knit chemo caps yesterday:

That makes 20 now I’ve knit; just got some nice pink/light blue/lavender yarn today for another batch of knitting!

Ok – on to RECIPES! YAY!


HERB CHICKEN W/HONEY BUTTER                                              
 1 egg, lightly beaten
3/4 C seasoned bread crumbs
2 T. dried parsley flakes
1 tsp Italian seasoning**
1/2 tsp garlic salt
1/2 tsp poultry seasoning**
4 boneless skinless chicken 
breast halves (6 oz each)
3 T. butter

Place egg in a shallow bowl. In another 
shallow bowl, combine bread crumbs &
seasonings. Dip chicken in egg, then 
coat with bread crumb mixture.In a large 
skillet over medium heat, cook chicken in 
butter 4-5 minutes on each side or until 
a meat thermometer reads 170°. 
Meanwhile, combine butter and honey. 

1/4 cup butter, softened   
1/4 cup honey

Serve with chicken. Yield: 4 

**You can substitute 1/2 tsp dried thyme, 
1/2 tsp dried rosemary leaves (crushed), 
1/2 tsp sage, for Italian and poultry 
(recipe: RDJ 11/11/11)
Baker's Mousse Bars

1 (8 squares) Bakers Semi-Sweet
   chocolate, divided
1/2 C. sugar
1/4 C. flour
1 (14 oz) can Eagle Brand
 Sweetened Condensed Milk, divided
4 eggs
1 (3.9 oz) chocolate instant pudding mix
1 1/2 C. thawed Cool Whip

Preheat oven 325 degrees F.
Melt 6 chocolate squares as directed
on pkg. Mix with sugar, flour, 
1/4 C. condensed milk & eggs until
well blended. Pour into 9 inch square
pan sprayed with cooking spray. Bake
25 minutes or until toothpick 
inserted in center comes out clean.
(Do not overbake) Cool completely.
Beat dry pudding mix & remaining 
condensed milk with whisk 2 minutes.
Stir in Cool Whip; spread over
dessert. Melt remaining chocolate
squares; drizzle over pudding
layer. Refrigerate until chocolate
is firm.
Sausage, Potato & Onion-Stuffed
Peppers (crockpot)

1 (14.5 oz) can crushed tomatoes
1 tsp. dried oregano
Kosher salt & pepper
4 large red bell peppers
1 small onion, chopped
1 small potato (about 6 oz), diced
1 C. fresh parsley, roughly chopped
1/4 tsp. crushed red pepper
1 lb. Italian sausage, casings removed

In 5-6 qt. crockpot, combine crushed
tomatoes, oregano and 1/4 tsp. each
salt & pepper. If peppers do not sit 
upright, slice a very thin piece off
bottom.Finely chop that piece & place
in large bowl. Add onion, potato,
parsley & crushed red pepper to 
bowl; toss to combine. Add sausage &
mix to incorporate. Cut tops off
peppers; discard seeds. Spoon
sausage mixture (about 1 C. each)
into peppers. Arrange peppers
upright in slowcooker & place
tops over filling. Cover, cook
until sausage is cooked
through and peppers are tender,
5-6 hours on LOW or 3-4 hours
on HIGH. Using two large spoons,
transfer peppers to plates, letting
any excess liquid drain into sauce.
Stir sauce and serve with peppers.
Serves 4
(recipe: Slowcooker Digest 4156)
Gingersnap Pumpkin Pie

1 3/4 C. gingersnap crumbs (43 cookies,
finely crushed)
2 1/2 T. stick margarine, melted
2 T. granulated sugar
cooking spray
1 1/2 C. fresh or canned pumpkin puree
3/4 C. packed brown sugar
1 T. cornstarch
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
1 tsp. vanilla
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. ground nutmeg
2 large egg whites
1 large egg
1 (12 oz) can evaporated skim milk

Preheat oven 325 degrees F.
Combine first 3 ingredients in a
bowl; toss with fork until moist.
Press into bottom and up sides
 of 9 inch pie plate coated with
cooking spray. Bake 5 minutes;
cool on rack. Combine pumpkin
and remaining ingredients in a
bowl. Pour into prepared
crust. Bake 1 hour or until knife
inserted into center comes out
clean. Cool on rack. Serves 10.
(recipe: DDJ-10/31/11)
Autumn Vegetable Cobbler

1 small onion, sliced
2 tsp. olive oil
4 small red potatoes, cubed
2 carrots, chopped
1/4 C. water
2 medium leeks, halved length-
wise and cut into slices
2 C. chopped fresh spinach or
other greens
1 C. vegetable broth
2 tsp. flour
3 T. minced fresh parsley
1 T. soy sauce
1/2 tsp. salt
Cornbread Topping (recipe below)

Preheat oven 400 degrees F.
Saute sliced onion in hot oil in
large saucepan over medium-high
heat until tender. Add potato, carrot
and 1/4 C. water; cook, stirring
constantly, 2 minutes. Add leeks
and spinach, cook 3 minutes or
until spinach wilts. Whisk
together vegetable broth & flour
until smooth. Stir broth mixture,
minced parsley, soy sauce & salt
into spinach mixture. Bring to boil,
cook, stirring constantly, 1 minute.
Reduce heat to low; cook, stirring
often, 5 minutes or until thickened.
Spoon vegetable mixture into lightly
greased 8 inch baking dish. Drop
Cornbread Topping by heaping
tablespoonfuls onto hot
vegetable mixture. Bake
30 minutes or until golden
brown. Serves 4.

Cornbread Topping

1 C. flour
1/2 C. cornbread mix
1 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. baking soda
2 T. butter or margarine, softened
3/4 C. buttermilk*
2 tsp. honey

Combine first 5 ingredients; cut
in butter with fork or pastry
blender until crumbly. Stir
together buttermilk & honey;
stir into flour mixture & spoon
over vegetable mixture.

(*HINT: You can make buttermilk:)
Place 1 T. white vinegar or lemon
juice in measuring cup; add milk.
Let stand for 5 minutes then use.

(recipe: RDJ 10/27/11)
Slow Cooker Potatoes 

1/2 cup margarine
1 (8-oz) container sour cream
2 (10 3/4-oz) cans cheddar cheese soup
Minced onion flakes
8 potatoes, boiled

In pan, melt margarine. Add sour cream 
and soup. Add onion flakes to taste. 
Combine with potatoes in slow cooker. 
Cook on low for at least 1 
hour, or until done. Serves 8
(recipe: Sue - RDJ -09/30/11)
Zesty Chicken Corn Chowder

2 T. olive oil
1 lb. boneless,skinless chicken breasts
cut into small pieces
1 C. chopped onion
1 tsp. ground cumin
1 (10 3/4 oz) cream of chicken
1 (10 oz) can RoTel diced tomatoes &
green chilis, undrained
1 C. frozen whole kernel corn
1/2 C. water

Pour oil in large saucepan over
medium-high heat. Add chicken &
onion; cook 4-5 minutes or until
chicken is no longer pink and onion
is tender; stirring frequently. Add
cumin; cook & stir 1 minute. Add
remaining ingredients. Increase
heat to high, cover & bring to
boil. Reduce heat to medium-
low; simmer 10 minutes.
Serves 4
(recipe: ReadySetEat)
Green Beans & Bacon Casserole

8 C. frozen green beans
2 cans cream of mushroom soup
1 can sliced mushrooms, drained
1 C. milk
1/2 C. bacon, fried & crumbled
1 can Frenches fried onions

Preheat oven 350 degrees F.
Combine soup, mushrooms, milk &
pepper; stir in bacon & 1/2 can of
onions. Place in 3 qt. casserole dish;
bake 40 minutes or until hot. Top
with remaining onions and bake 5 minutes
(recipe: Sandy-Marys Recipe Exchange)
As Thanksgiving approaches there will be more recipes
coming - I love the holidays for all the great food
ideas! (I'm no great cook, but I can enjoy looking at
all the recipes others create!) Remember to look for
the 'little blessings' in each day, sometimes they're
hard to find, but I believe every day has something
good in it (and it's my job to look hard to find it!)


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  1. The caps are very colorful–they have to make the wearer feel a little better. Let us know how that Thanksgiving dinner goes. The Axsoms are off to my daughter-in-law Debra’s house for dinner.

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