Having a Blast! (expression: shades of the ’60’s)

For those of you who know me well (and anyone new to the site) – I’ve been having a BLAST comparing grocery store sale ads ON LINE! Don’t know why I never did this before, but (if you read the previous blog you’ll understand) THIS YEAR I’ve waited for the proverbial FROZEN TURKEY SALE for the past two weeks! Usually our mailbox is inundated with various local (and national) grocery store ads all vying for my attention with various sale items for the Thanksgiving holiday. Yes, it’s great to get a name brand boxed stuffing mix on sale, but your biggest expense for this particular holiday is THE BIRD! Last week I was checking around and didn’t’ find any sale turkeys  for less than $1.49 (not exactly sure, but it was over $1.00 a lb.) a pound. In years past I’ve paid something like $.59 a pound, maybe even less but I’m CERTAINLY NOT paying over a dollar a pound – not when I expect to buy a turkey in the vicinity of 18-25 lbs! (We’re a small family – counting my son, his girlfriend & my grandson, we come to 7 people BUT we LOVE OUR LEFTOVERS!). Turkey is one of those meats that not only tastes good the day it’s cooked, but it’s a very versatile  meat – you can use it by itself, as an ingredient in many different casseroles AND it can be frozen!  To sum up my little ‘rabbit trail’ subject, I’ve been comparing four local grocery stores and finally came up with THE WINNER! A local store which sells Spartan brand products (and we have two of them very close) is offering their brand turkeys for $.49 a lb. if you buy $25 of other products. I thought that was the be all/end all (their only restriction is it’s LIMIT ONE). OK – I forsee myself buying their required amounts and coming out with a nice turkey but I always buy TWO turkeys- one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas! Aha! After checking our local Kroger ad for this coming week, Kroger is offering their ‘house brand’ Riverside USDA Grade A frozen turkeys 18 lb. and up for 39 cents a pound, limit 1 with extra $10 dollar purchase! YES! SCORE! I’ll get the bigger turkey at Kroger, and a smaller one at the other store! YES! (I love hunting out a good bargain!). By looking at the various local grocery store ads I was able to deduce that the store with the .49 cents a lb. offer has a TON of various items I would normally buy for this holiday, which makes the ‘spend $25 extra’ a breeze! I should add that I’ve never shopped this store before but heard glowing reviews from friends. Why, you ask, haven’t I shopped there before? Because it’s about 15 minutes from my house; the only reason I happened to notice their special sale is because I was stopped at a traffic light earlier today on the way home from my radiation treatment. I’m anxious to see just what that store is like: is it clean inside? Are their normal ‘sales’ worth the extra drive? Is it easy to get in and out of their parking lot? What about availability of shopping carts? Ease of traversing their aisles (or are they crowded with those ‘sale’ item displays that seem to be put RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AISLE!? They seem to be waiting to be knocked over! A few weeks ago I got into a discussion with the grocery person in the fruits & veggies aisle at another store; I chose to ask him about a particular product that was on sale that I couldn’t seem to find. There was a GOOD reason I couldn’t find it – they had stuck it UNDERNEATH the backside of one of the produce racks! You would only see this if you were (a) looking down or (b) BENDING DOWN or (c) just happened to walk around the backside! I was polite but pointed out that this was NOT a good spot for that item! Next time I was in that store I noticed that they’d moved things from under the rack – now it was a storage area for extra products – much better use of an area – Who’s going to buy that product on sale if they can’t SEE IT!??? How many people actually ASK for something they can’t find? Not if it’s a crowded ‘holiday shopper packed’ store, that’s for sure!

Anyway, that’s my ‘rant’ for the day – looks like I’ll be stopping at a total of 4 stores for holiday goods: our local Gordon Food Service store (a mostly Michigan based large item store) for another 5 lb. container of sour cream (we go through a ton of it) and one of their many wonderful/very tasty/dessert offerings. (for the last two years we got a variety cheesecake box: something like 16 large slices of cheesecake in 4-5 different flavors). This store is also known for desserts that nicer restaurants purchase from; good stuff! (a little expensive but worth it). Next comes good old Krogers for their 39 cent turkey & $10 extras purchase; following that is a tiny local grocery that has a few things worth the extra trip, like Stove Top stuffing for 88 cents, Campbell’s canned gravy 2/$1.00 and the large case of Aquafina bottled water for $3.99 (usually it’s around $5-6 at any other store). Last but not least is the ‘new to me’ store for the ‘rest of the goodies’. Knowing my energy levels these days, I think I’m going to break these shopping trips down to 2-3 days, we’ll see.

Newest radiation discovery – I’m starting to get tiny little red spots that ITCH something fierce! Having talked with other ladies who are further ahead in their treatments than I am, I know that very soon I’m going to be experiencing the radiation ‘sun burn’ – red, itchy skin which (later on) flakes off like a bad sunburn. There are creams & lotions for this; right now I’m using Benadryl cream – if it gets worse (the itching) I’m going to resort to the Benadryl tablets, as I know they work wonders. Ah, the fun, eh? (Hey! It could be MUCH worse! I could be deathly ill from Chemo – PRAISE THE LORD I DON’T HAVE TO HAVE CHEMO!)

Enjoy your day/night – try exploring the on line grocery ads for something different!




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  1. When I am in a grocery store (any grocery store ) I always walk up to one of the help and say (for example salsa) “If I were salsa where would I be?” They can always tell me what aisle it is in and either how far down or even take me there. Now I’ll admit I get funny looks but I find my product!

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