Hospitals, Hash Browns, Hats & Naps

Today is one of those ‘really odd’ days where things just don’t go the way your average days go. Let’s start with around 7:15 a.m. and me noticing youngest wasn’t up and off to school. Upon checking with him, he mentioned (again) he was having chest pains. This same thing has happened on & off over a period of 3 weeks; don’t get me wrong (it sounds like I never did anything) – this is the son who wants to solve EVERYTHING himself. The last time this happened I was in the middle of calling our family doctor when he said: “The pain is gone, never mind.” Great . . . I told him that if this happened again, no matter when – we’re going to the doctors OR the ER. Well, it’s been about a week since the last ‘episode’ so I told him – get up and get dressed, we’re going to the ER. If you’re in so much pain, the regular doctor will just tell us to go there, anyway, so let’s get this done. After about 1 1/2 hours in the ER, an EKG and a chest x-ray, it seems it has nothing to do with his heart (which was my big concern). He hasCostochondritis,which is an inflamation of the cartilidge in between the ribs and the breast bone. It’s in the same area as the heart, hence my guess on his problem. The solution is hot packs and extra strength Motrin, visit your regular doctor for a follow-up in 3-5 days. BIG SIGH of relief! SO glad to hear it’s nothing life-threatening! We’re not exactly sure just what caused this and why it comes and goes; he mostly has the pain in the early morning; I’m guessing he might have pulled or irritated that area when he was still in Color Guard, because they did so much upper body muscle usage flipping/ tossing, catching rifles, swords and flags (and the flags are NOT light weight!).

While we were there I put my nimble fingers to good use and started another chemo cap (that makes #53); that one is still on the needles but I’m now done with the three hats I want to send to my son’s friend’s sister in the military (as soon as they get me her address!). Here they are (nicely modeled by my friend Mary’s ‘head’):

That’s one white, lime green and varigated purples (on the left), a lavender & white (middle) and a light blue with brown & blue border (right). Still working on the scarf and am about half done; lots to still knit on that one. Started another dishcloth for the historical society today, too.

After the hospital and taking son back to school, I stoppeat Tim Horton’s for takeout coffee for my husband and I (I’m a regular customer at their drive-through). When I drove up to pay the young man at the window said: “We made too many doughnuts today, would you like a free dozen doughnuts?” (Yes, Sir!) That was a very nice treat to bring home to my husband: actually it turned out to be 16 frosted (some chocolate w/choc. frosting, some that looked like Boston Cream Pie filled and 2 that reminded me of Halloween as they were orange sprinkles!). Yum! Tuesday night as my knit group was ready to wind down for the night at Panera Bread, one of their counter people came to our table with trays of their (very TASTY!) cinnamon coffee cake. She apologised that there wasn’t enough to give us each a slice, so she also brought an entire coffee cake, extra! This one is one of their 3-flavor kinds: it’s divided up into apple, cherry and cream cheese sections. After everyone took some, there was still some leftover. Since I’m the one with kids at home, guess who got to bring home about 6 slices of the 3-flavor kind! Nice, tasty surprises twice in one week – who can complain about that!?

Still more updating: Last night was my special needs group and our regular teacher had a big complication: she only has one car and her daughter had a very important meeting to attend (that couldn’t be changed), so she gave up her car. Next on the ‘teaching’ list is our President – and that would work, except: she & her family are down South on vacation! That leaves ‘you know who’ – I’m NOT a teacher; I tell everyone I make a GREAT helper/assistant but NOT a teacher. Oh well, that said: we had a great time playing Bible Tic Tac Toe, boys v/s the girls. I ask Bible questions and each side gets a chance to answer. If your ‘side’ doesn’t get the answer right, it reverts to the other side for them to take a chance. We were down some in attendence but, for the first time that I remember, the BOYS won 2 to 1! They were thrilled. (I should say: we have mostly girls in the group). I just LOVE my group – they give such unique answers sometimes. I bet you didn’t know that when Mary & Joseph were going to Bethlehem, Joseph walked and Mary rode on a _______. Answers given: a camel, next answer: an elephant! Gotta love ’em! So cute!

Today is Thursday which means Babysit Grandson day. I had to pick him up from school at 3:45 and he was full of energy (they’d just finished last recess and he was ‘bursting at the seams’!). Got home, had a little snack and some apple juice, watched a little “Spongebob” and then . . .

One very tired little boy crashed on the couch

This has been a rather goofy so day, dinner was “Potatoes O’Brian”: Ore Ida Hash browns with green & red peppers & chopped onions in them, fresh sliced mushrooms, hamburger and then sharp Cheddar cheese melted over the top.

Since this is a rather long post already, I’m going to post recipes on the next blog entry. Hope you had a great day; for me, I’m going to sit down & put my feet up – I think I’ve earned it!




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