Football Charity Project

Above is a photo of the Football Charity Project I just got home from. There were about 15 ladies helping, almost equally divided between patients/survivors and those who work at the center. This Saturday Clarkston High School football team will be playing a charity game – the guys will be wearing the bright pink jerseys you see above. On the back of each jersey is the name of either a person going through/surviving or in memory of someone who had cancer. Our job was to match the jersey numbers to the names, then sew them onto the backs of the jerseys. (I’m no seamstress, so I just helped coordinate the Number/Name list with each jersey – that’s when my Michigan Bell Operator training came in handy – I found two spelling errors in two of the name tags. Those will have to be returned to the printer in time for the game Saturday.) With lots of willing helpers we were done one hour earlier than expected!  It was a fun evening event and I’ll probably come again next year to help. (Two of the ladies were Moms of football team members who just wanted to help!).



PS: Sorry my photo isn’t clearer, but I had to make sure that I didn’t photograph any specific names – for privacy.

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  1. What a great thing to do for all concerned.

  2. I love this idea, and wish I could get people around our schools to do the same.

    • You ‘could’ see if there is a cancer center in your area, then approach a local high school with the idea. This one (I just learned yesterday) was titled “Football for a Cure”. The jerseys were purchased and the name tags were also a purchase: the buyer could either buy a name tag, or a jersey, or both – the funds going to the cancer center. This could also be done (I’m guessing here) through the American Cancer Society – I know they’re more than willing to help out with suggestions. In my case, it’s a small town getting together and helping others PLUS getting the news out for cancer awareness to young people. I was honored to just help out working on the jerseys.

      • I participate as a survivor in our local Relay for Life event. This would be something even more local. I live in a small town also.

      • Congratulations on being a SURVIVOR! I hope that you will be able to inspire the people in your town and motivate them to participate in something like the Football for a Cause. Thanks for writing!

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