Whirlwind Days – Catching Up!

Let’s just say the past few days have really BLOWN by. Last night was our Knit/Crochet Night and it started off a bit goofy. To explain: I arrive about 30 minutes before start in order to arrange the tables for us. Panera has these nice groupings of 3 tables together, 6 chairs each; then after that there are about 10 tables, 2 chairs each. In order to accomodate our group I need to re-arrange them into a sort of stylized Capital T. It varies per meeting as to just how many of those tables are already occupied by other patrons; for the most part, it’s not a big deal BUT last night the first three ‘set of 3 tables’ were full of people, leaving me with about 4 tables & 8 chairs. That ‘sounds’ good BUT as quickly as I got them arranged, they were filled with our people – thus began “The Wait”. (I actually feel a bit sorry for any patron who is occupying a table(s) that we’re waiting for, as they sort of get stared at – BIG TIME! Finally, or should I say JUST IN TIME, they picked up their dishes & trash and moved towards the front. As quick as a flash, two of my ladies jumped up and started moving tables – it was quite comical (to me, anyway) – not exactly sure how the people who had just left those tables felt – they hadn’t even got out the door! As I stood laughing in amazement at my ladies, they replied: “Hey, this ain’t our first Table Rodeo – we know ‘The Drill’! Too funny! It was a very hectic/crazy/fun night – we had FOUR new people come with a total of 22 people attending! That’s a BIG change – we usually average about 10-12. The lady manager came over (haven’t seen her in a good 3-4 months) and gave me a big hug. She then said one of her new guys was asking her if she knew there was a big knitting group over there; she replied: “Knitting Group? Sure – they’re here every other Tuesday and have been coming FOR YEARS!” (I thought that was cute!) Right after we chatted she returned to our tables with two huge platters of their (SUPER YUMMY) Cinnamon Bundt cake! As she was walking off she said to me: “I know the boys don’t treat you as good as I do” (meaning the other ‘guy’ managers) – I told her she’s right – it’s been a good 2-3 months since we’ve gotten any freebie samples! It pays to know the people running the place, eh? I sent out a Thank You card to the store today telling them how much we appreciate their friendly, kind, warm, welcoming spirit towards us.

Baby Afghans? Yep – they’re coming in! I did a ‘rough’ count last night of how many either brought in or said they were working on afghans – we have an approximate total (that I know of) of TWENTY! That’s pretty amazing! Some of my ladies never mention they are participating in a project, they just bring in their finished item(s) the day of the turn in, so that number ‘might’ grow – we’ll see; Sept. 11th is the turn in date.  I decided to take some photos – here’s what we have:

2 crocheted: multi-pinks & a camo mix; 1 knit white, blue pink

3 crocheted (all by one person)

2 by one lady – one knit, 1 crocheted

one of my 5 – this is the knit-in- panels with Cathedral knit border

another crocheted one of mine (one of three using this pattern)

I just finished crocheting the last of the white squares for my last (#6) baby afghan; hopefully I’ll be able to sew it together in the next few days and then post the photo.

Today is also ‘work on the poster’ project for our special needs group. Our leader, Lois, found a 5 part Bible study for our kids and we’ve been working through it. It’s a study in Jesus’s character using his body features to describe them. Example: His eyes – how He used them to see needy people, His mouth – how He used His words for good – the entire study deals with: His eyes, mouth, feet, knees, and hands. While Lois is teaching the lesson, I am working on a poster of Christ, drawing in each of the given features. Originally it was only going to be a pencil drawing, but lately Lois decided she wants it to be painted, so that’s what I was working on today. Tonight is His knees; let’s just say for me to find a picture of Christ with ALL of the required features was VERY difficult. I ended up chosing a very small picture (about 4″ x 4″); this picture was of Christ sitting with a young girl on his knee and speaking to a group of people surrounding Him. For our purposes, I omitted the child & crowd.

 Sorry if it’s not a very good photo – it’s lying on our dining room table, drying, at the moment. As I mentioned, tonight’s feature is His knees (hence they are not drawn in yet), next week will be the last of the series, His hands. At that time I’ll draw in the hands and then finish highlighting the entire portrait. (from this angle, His eyes look almost crossed, they’re not – and He has a slight smile which doesn’t show in the photo).

Well, since it’s a rather busy day, I’m going to omit the recipes this time – sorry, but I’ll get back to them very soon. I still have to type up an updated list of the knit group and add the new peoples addresses, etc. to my files.

How is your weather? It’s finally drying out a bit here AND cooling off. Some people are happy for the cooler temperatures, others are missing the last of the Summer hot temps. (Me – I’m glad for the return of the sun, but not so happy it’s cooler – only means Fall is soon to come.) Let’s see – right now it’s 77 degrees and cloudy (the afghan photos were taken this morning under a cloudy sky).

Enjoy your day and remember to RELAX a bit!

It’s YOUR day – ENJOY IT!!!

Big hugs;



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  1. All of the afghans are lovely. It is a project your group should be proud of. I love seeing the photos of them. By the way red hows the hair coming? hee hee!

  2. Your Knit/Crochet night sounds great! And I really like the theme of the kids’ Bible study … lovely creative work from everyone too … =D

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