Happy Thanksgiving – and other ‘stuffing’

Sorry, I couldn’t resist on the title. Right now it’s 4:15 p.m. and I’m writing to you while awaiting my turkey’s cooking; just set the timer for hour #3 (it’s a 23 lb. turkey, so we’re talking 3 1/2 – 4 hours total). Yes, I’m well aware that when it’s done it will be a late time for dinner but that’s just what we do here. Oldest son, his girlfriend & his son go to his girlfriend’s Uncle’s house for their dinner, earlier (eating around 3), then they show up here around 6:30/7 p.m. For me it’s a good deal because I can take my time with all the preparations. This year I’m trying not to complain – this stupid cancer-preventative drug really saps all my strength and makes me ache – sure not something that makes me want to jump up and cook a huge meal! I’ve been using my sons & husband’s strengths for doing things so that I can attempt to conserve some of my strength for ‘the long haul’. (The thoughts of 4 1/2 more YEARS of this fun are a little depressing, but the alternative is much worse, so what can ya do?). Anyway, turkey’s in the oven, pumpkin pie is baked, all the various casserole dishes are lugged out from  the cupboards, fancy table cloth ironed & on the table (even IRONED the diningroom curtains! Amazing!) Fancy serving ware out and on the table (you know, those shiny implements of service you rarely use but at holidays? The big slotted spoon, the fancy almost-sculptured meat fork, etc.) Still have to get out the  crudites (cut up celery, put the black olives in the little serving dish, get out the baby carrots & tiny tomatoes – that kind of stuff). Around 5 o’clock I’ll start assembling the corn casserole, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole and get them in the oven. Husband asked me around 11 a.m. when I was going to start the potatoes – “Not for QUITE a while!” He loves peeling & cutting up the 5-7 lb. of potatoes for the mashed potatoes. I find it funny because when oldest son comes in the door, that’s the first thing HE wants to do! I just let them both ‘duke it out’!!!

Drove youngest to work around 3:35 – he works 4-11 p.m. today and is still bemoaning his favorite holiday – I told him there will be plenty of leftovers for when he gets home (that didn’t help any). He was surprised that Meijers parking lot was pretty empty – I’d guess that most of the people would have already stopped in there earlier – you know, if you suddenly realized you forgot to buy butter – or milk/olives/bread/whipping cream, etc.  I’m also guessing that the really crazy time (PRE-Black Friday sales) will start around 8/9 or later – not sure; he wasn’t either.) I’m SOOOOOOoooo glad I’m not planning on joining in that craziness – there’s no amount of really great sales that would entice me to go shopping on that day.

Delivered 50 baby hats to the hospital yesterday: 25 regular-sized & 25 premie. This morning I was doing a bit of knitting and thought: I wonder if the premie hats are small enough? (I left a phone message for the lady who took the hats, telling her to ask the nurses in both baby departments as to how the hats ‘fit’ – are the big ones big enough and are the premie hats small enough). That got me to try another knitting technique I haven’t tried before (don’t ask me why, I’m not sure, myself!). It’s called by various names: Strand Knitting/Fair Isle or just plain knitting with various colors, all in the same row. You are using 2 (or more) strands of yarn at the same time, moving them forward or backward to either feature or hide a color. I decided to try a really small premie hat using this technique. There are 2 strands here: a solid white and a multi-colored yarn. By moving the yarns forward & backwards you get a different look:

This one is modeled on an orange – I figured that’s about the size (or even smaller) of a premie baby’s head. The photo isn’t very clear on showing the technique but you get the idea. Below are the 50 hats from yesterday:

Regular-sized on the left, Premie hats on the right


Recipes, anyone? I still have more holiday recipes but I think, for today, I’ll forego posting them just to give you a break (and me, too).

Went out to get the paper on our lawn today and about had a stroke – the newspaper, filled with all sorts of Black Friday ads must have weighed a good 5 pounds! Oh, by the way – our weather is really nice! 54 degrees, clear and a tiny breeze; however . . . our news report says we could be getting snow Friday night. I guess I’m REALLY out of it lately because I thought – “Oh, Friday, OK” not realizing that’s TOMORROW!!! UGH! Not ready for that! The report said it’s supposed to get colder and rain for about 4-5 days, snow possible. It also said that we’ll probably have the wettest and COLDEST winter – not a good thing. Oh well, since my complaining doesn’t effect the temperatures/rain/ or snow ANY, I guess I’ll just be quiet, right?

On this Thanksgiving afternoon, I’m grateful for another year with my family & friends. My youngest said he just thinks: “Hey, I made it another year!” Yep – that’s my sentiments, exactly! Hoping you and yours are blessed this holiday. Remember to stop and soak in the blessings of family, provisions, a place to rest (be it home, apartment, or whatever), and the ability to breathe one more day. I might be cranky, achy and complain – but I’m VERY grateful I’m still here to wish you a blessed holiday!




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