Project Done!


This is the new dining room tablecloth. When discussing tablecloths we used years ago, I suddenly remembered we ‘used’ to use a lace runner over the cloth – just to make it a bit more ‘fancy’ – found the runner – here it is:


Couldn’t decide which I like better: ‘with’ or ‘without’ runner; think I’ll leave the runner on for awhile and see just how it gets treated by ‘the guys’. If I remember correctly, I finally removed it years ago due to it getting caught in all things they tossed on the table: keys, notebooks, pens, work name tags, etc. (you get the idea). Just thought you’d like to see the Finished Project!  (Photo #1 shows the color closest to the ‘actual’ color – you know how cameras tend to mess up color – unless, of course, you have a really fancy, expensive one – which I do not!)



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  1. I just finished reading The Winner that you’d mentioned a few months ago and loved it. Not a slow moment so exciting. Thank you so much for sharing your reading list. Our local library has e books so I was able read it free from their site on my tablet. I
    Also. I volunteer at our library sorting and boxing all the donated books and withdrawals for a yearly sale. So many books come through that we can buy for a dollar but I never know which might be a good read. Will check more of David Baldaci books, and see if they are that well written and exciting. I enjoy your newsletters thanks for sharing.

    • Thank YOU for leaving a comment! I love hearing from readers! I would imagine being a volunteer and seeing all those books would be VERY tempting! Our local library has a used book sale about every other month and sometimes I get to stop by and peruse. I’m like you – so many books – who’s good/who’s not? Some ‘sound’ good then turn out to be really boring! I got caught up in the latest on public TV: Downton Abbey and am now looking for books from that time period; someone suggested Jane Austen – checked out Pride & Prejudice but it’s just too darned BORING! Oh well . . .thanks for reading!
      PS: Just looked over YOUR blog – VERY nice art work!

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