Rant Warning . . .


As of June I will be eligible to receive MEDICARE – I DON’T WANT IT! (remember, I did give you a warning title). You see, up until now I was VERY happy to be paying premiums to our retirement company for their Blue Cross/Blue Shield coverage. Almost EVERY doctor accepts BC/BS – NOT EVERY doctor accepts Medicare. When you’re a cancer patient this is ULTIMATE! After a lengthy conversation with someone from Social Security (which is the umbrella for Medicare) they told me that if I refuse to sign up for Parts A & B, in the future if I DO want to sign up, there will be a 10% FEE charged, plus I would have to wait for an open enrollment (I knew about that) which ‘could’ make you wait almost a year for coverage, depending on the time of sign-up. IN ADDITION to those two ‘lovely’ penalties, there’s also the fact that your current insurance company, when it finds out you refused Medicare, could cancel your coverage with THEM! GIVE ME A BREAK! CATCH 22 ALL OVER AGAIN! This might not sound very important BUT I’m not where I was a few years ago: just one family doctor – now I have quite a few specialty doctors: Oncologist, Radiologist, etc. Now I have to call each one and see IF they take Medicare – if they don’t I’m not sure WHAT will happen! I will still be having BC/BS as my medical provider BUT because of MEDICARE, they will be the SECONDARY provider – that means that MEDICARE is the one calling the shots as to who I see, what procedures they approve (or not), what medications I can receive, etc. For example, I’m Hypothyroid – I can ONLY use the MAIN thyroid drug – the generic doesn’t work on me! It’s a mess and, as you can tell, I”M NOT HAPPY! Yes, I CAN refuse Parts A & B, BUT if I do there are 3 primary penalties – all of which are pretty major. Here I thought I could just call them up, set up an appointment to see a person at Social Security, sign the paper that says I refuse Parts A & B coverage and I’m done. As it stands now – I guess I’ll HAVE to take it, like it or not.

Please forgive me if I sound ‘spoiled’ – I realize that there are lots of people out there who are MORE than grateful for Medicare. I’m glad it’s there for them, but I was happy with paying our retirement premiums to our insurance provider and being able to say which doctor I chose to see (within their scope of doctors). Life just changed under my nose. There was ONE GOOD thing that I heard from the lady at BC/BS – she said: “You don’t HAVE to use the Medicare card until you become eligible” – I haven’t got it in the mail yet AND I have two doctors appointments coming up next week. At least those visits will be covered by BC/BS – but I’ll have to ask them if they accept Medicare. We’ll see.

Sorry, but I’m in a bit of a funk today so will postpone posting recipes for next time.



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