After Many Tries . . .

I actually made it through Videos #1, 2 and ALMOST through Video #3 of Learning to Tat! Was SO proud UNTIL I realized that the ‘save some tail/thread’ when you begin meant MORE thread than I had . . . not going to be able to actually COMPLETE the earring – not with the little, tiny tail I have!


Oh well, below is a photo of what it’s supposed to look like (sort of – the pattern is from a library book)


Obviously, this project will be ‘for another day’, as I’ve expended all the brain-power I have just creating that little tiny thing you see in Photo #1! I enjoy attempting to copy/create what the lady on the video is demonstrating, in fact so much so that I just ordered the REAL tatting needles (instead of still using the canvas sail needle I’ve been using – yes, it works but it has one heck of a point on the end and I’ve stabbed myself MANY times!) The tatting needles are blunt on the end; entire kit comes with 3 needles and a case. I figured it isn’t that expensive to get the actual needles ($9.00), so why not?

Also ended up having to order the ‘connecting cable’ for my new camera – I somehow lost it! I remember the day I got the camera (about 3 weeks ago) and husband said: “You shouldn’t have to use the cord, you can just directly plug the SB card into your computer!” “Great”, I thought – “Now I don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving the camera ON when downloading photos from camera to computer and then wiping out the battery!” You would NOT believe what it took to get those above two photos on this website. I’ve been doing the ‘insert SB card into computer’ thing for all the photos taken with new camera UP TIL NOW – BUT, for some reason, it decided to NOT allow the new photos to be downloaded to the computer! Took husband about an hour of fiddling, looking up Kodak Easy Share program, downloading a possible option, etc. (I knew, but he didn’t) that Kodak decided to DISCONTINUE the Easy Share program about a year ago – you can take all the photos you want, they just don’t have the ‘edit, etc.’ program to use with them! (hence, why my above photos are not close up or cropped smaller, or clearer/brighter) . . . sigh. We’ll see what happens when NEW camera-to- computer cord arrives; sure hope it clears this up some!



PS: Totally forgot! I was going to add the information (for anyone of you who ‘might’ want to see the Tatting videos)

Not having luck doing that. If you’re interested, you would go on and type in:

Tat Tat Tatting  by onevirtuouswoman

She has lots of videos on learning to NEEDLE Tat.

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  1. Oh Pammie, I know how you feel. I was so frustrated with teaching myself how to crochet that I had to leave it alone for a couple of days. Wish we could fast forward the hard part and make it past the “ah-ha moment” That’s when it will be fun! Hang in there :). ~maria

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