Would have liked to be able to ‘crop’ this better, but am still working within the ramifications of the new camera and it’s little idiosyncrasies – sigh.


Anyway, you get the idea – finally completed two tatted earrings. The new tatting needles came in the mail today and I must say – they are MUCH easier to work with than the tiny, very sharp ‘sailor’s needle’ I’d attempted this with earlier. There are also more videos by the same lady – there’s a bracelet one I ‘might’ attempt, but for right now I’m just thrilled I was actually able to complete TWO that look similar! My husband looked at the first one and was commenting: “Well, the circles are not ALL EXACTLY the same sizes” (I could have slapped him!). I think, for my first try, they’re just what I wanted. IF I were to do them again, I might go with a smaller thread & needle, but not sure if I even want to try that again; we’ll see . . .




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  1. They look good to me for a first try. Keep it up my friend!!!!

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