Just got back from my 6 month cancer check up. My cancer doctor asked how I was feeling on my anti-cancer drug and I told him I’m still having constant pain in the joints from it; he said: “Let me ‘crunch the numbers’ and get back with you – so I awaited his call. It was suggested that we might switch meds to one that has a little less of the joint pain side effects.  Just took the call and I DON’T HAVE TO TAKE THE ANTI-CANCER DRUG ANY MORE!!! There are a lot of factors in this decision, but (and this might sound a little weird) I have an 85% chance of NOT getting that same cancer again in the NEXT 10 YEARS!  I’m SO excited! Can’t wait to see how it feels to go up or down steps and not groan, or get up from a sitting position and have my legs actually WORK the way they’re supposed to (instead of feeling like they’re made out of cement and won’t work or  move! That’s embarassing! There have been a few times where I almost fell face-first because my upper body was ‘on the move’ and the lower parts (my feet & legs) just stayed put like they were glued to the ground!)

   Believe me – I will GLADLY go for my every-6 month check up for the next 3 1/2 years – no problem! Doing the HAPPY DANCE BIG TIME!!!



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  1. Take big steps in that Happy Dance Lady Jane because you deserve it. You can’t see it but there is a big smile on this old girls face for you!

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