And there’s also CROCHET!


Not the best of photos, but here’s the crocheted (boring) baby blanket I’ve been working on (what seems like forever!). It’s a VERY easy pattern, but takes a LONG time to finish. This will be added to the baby blankets for NEXT year’s Detroit Veteran’s Hospital Baby Shower

Spent some time yesterday perusing one of my all-time favorite knit/crochet sites:  (it’s a free site, you just have to sign up). I ended up looking through quite a few knit patterns for baby/afghans and printed up 5. One was especially intriguing and I ‘might’ (in the near future) purchase yarn to make said afghan (who knows?).

I’ve discovered one thing about myself over the years (you probably already figured this one out): I love looking at recipes and knit/crochet/craft patterns AND being able to share them with you!

While attempting to feel better the other evening, I ended up running into (and watching) a updated movie: “The A Team”. Now, normally I wouldn’t be interested in this type of action movie, but I must say: this one was well done and full of adventure/action – it caught my attention immediately. It was made in 2010 and starred Liam Neeson (great actor), Bradley Cooper (new to me), Jessica Biel, Gerald McRaney (good older actor), Dirk Benedict (one of the original TV version actors of A Team), Dwight Schultz (another origial TV version actor of A Team), and (I’m told) several cameo appearances by famous actors. This one was on a TV channel that has (in between the movie & commercials) two people who ‘fill in’ behind the scenes bits and/or explain just how a certain thing was done – interesting. (I like that sort of thing, husband was grousing the entire time – “GET ON WITH THE MOVIE AND QUIT TALKING!”) Oh well . . .

Since this is my second blog post today, am going to close (no recipes this time). I had just hit ‘publish’ on today’s blog post when I looked over at my side screen and saw the photo of the baby afghan, so decided rather than wait, I’d just write a quick post.




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  1. Blanket done –good job. Now for the old recipes I’d find it difficult to make most of them .

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