Funny how QUICKLY a day can change!

moving-boxes-other-moving-stuff-22460371I no sooner than finished hitting “Publish” on the last post than middle son comes in announcing that he’s moving back home TODAY! Now I’m pretty sure I heard (the other day) that he’d be moving in ‘some time early January, or the next week or so’ – am absolutely POSITIVE I didn’t hear THIS WEEK! (he says I was busy on my computer and probably didn’t pay attention- go figure!) It’s not that big of a deal, but at the ‘arrival time’ earlier I was still in my jammies, no breakfast – and definitely not ready to jump up and start moving things around in this room in order to accommodate his things! Oh well – life happens, things change – right? I’m now fully dressed, the exercise machine that was in here has been moved back to the basement, empty Christmas storage boxes are now in the living room along with bags of Purple Heart donation stuff, our big dresser has been moved to the corner, so now the floor is open for his bed and chest of drawers. Sigh . . . it’s funny how ‘kids’ see things differently than we do: I see lots of little ‘projects’ to get done before his stuff comes back, he sees it as: “I just need your van – I can handle taking apart the bed, moving it all in your van, etc.” First: you are NOT driving/using MY VAN – second, it took 2 people to do the above mentioned things – you’d better be on Dad’s good side when you ASK for his help! When he moved out it took all THREE of us: son, me & Dad and THREE vehicles full of stuff! We’ll see how this all goes down – right now he’s getting ready to start training (at oldest son’s restaurant) as a server. He’s never done that before, but oldest son offered the part-time job, so we’ll see how that goes. Middle son works as a special needs caregiver but the company he works for will not let their employees work 40 hours (40 hours + and the company would have to pay benefits); this arrangement is not working well with son, who needs more $$$ so his older brother offered the part-time serving job – his choice of days/hours – this might just be the ‘boost up’ he needs!

Right now I’m rushing to complete the 62 copies of my special needs group’s newsletter for January/February. Since my computer is in the room our son will be moving back into, it behooves me to get this work done and out of the way (several reasons why: so that I KNOW what I’m doing and don’t mess it up AND so that I’m not underfoot while they are moving in wooden bed frame parts, mattress, etc. I’m normally a person who loves to keep up on all my ‘things to do’ but I find myself becoming a PROCRASTINATOR when it comes to finishing up the newsletter. It’s not like someone else is going to write it – I’m the Editor – it’s my ‘baby’, I just tend to put it off because I’m not ‘moved’ to pick out clip art, arrange fonts/draw in all the boxes, double-check dates, etc. Oh well – to quote the TV comedian: “Git ‘er Done!”

Back to work for me;



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