The Logic? of my children


Yes, they are all, by now, of legal age BUT sometimes I question their judgement. Thought I was all done with snow for the day, middle son announced he absolutely HAD to go out AND he’s the one with the smallest, most light-weight car . . . sigh. With visions of last winter pounding through my brain, I watched (from inside) while he deftly backed into a snowbank! I love my son BUT his abilities in snow are questionable. Youngest son went out to help and managed to push/shove said car onto flatter surfaces (car was on a downward hill, facing backwards DOWN!). Finally they asked me if I could come ‘drive’ while they pushed – all three of us managed to get the car onto the flat part of the driveway and, other than standing almost 10 minutes in -20 degree windchill waiting for the traffic to clear – he got out! (I’ve said before: I live on a MAIN Michigan road – attempting to get out of my driveway going FORWARD is quite a feat at 5 p.m. – rush-hour traffic in front of my house goes from around 4:30 – almost 6:30 p.m. with very little clearings, so to attempt this at FIVE P.M. is crazy!) He starts back to college at 9 a.m. tomorrow and his books are at his friend’s house; I told him if it’s really bad, stay over night there and drive straight to school DO NOT attempt to come back home!

Youngest son has already announced that he’s ‘going out’ tonight, too; he has a pick up truck with lots of bags of salt in the bed to weight it down; I’m really hoping he has a better time of it than his brother. Another good thing: he had the sense to back into his parking space, so he only has to drive forward to get out! Ah, Michigan in the winter!

While I was ‘out with the boys’ they both announced that I really wasn’t doing much help (no offense) and they both wanted me to just go back in the house; believe me – it’s hard to do that when you really want to help and are worried about them both – for their safety as well as their health in this bitter cold weather.

So ends THIS part of the snow saga (or, as I’ve seen on Facebook: “Snowmaggeddon” or “Snowpocalypse”.



PS: Right now it’s 3 degrees with -20 degree wind chill



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  1. I can imagine your worry because I have concerns about leaving your driveway in good weather.

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