Project # 3 – FINISHED!

This one was, by far, the most challenging/difficult/ down-right pain in the neck of the one’s he’s been assigned thus far. The assignment was to pretend you were a design company who was asked to create two designs for the surf & waveboard company: “Slickers”. You were to come up with two designs of your choosing then make 5 ‘example’ boards, using five out of eight color combinations – one of the example boards was also to be made into a surf/waveboard showing off your design. Son chose the designs and most of the colors; one of the stipulations was that one was to be done in ‘cool’ colors and the other in ‘warm’ colors. That might sound REALLY easy, at first . . . but when you begin to use the mandatory ‘color combinations’ you come up with some pretty UGLY colors! (in my humble opinion, that is . . .). I painted the (really ugly) yellow-orange/blue-violet wings pattern and, YES – you can say it: “IT’S UGLY!’ You would have been laughing if you heard me (as my husband calls it) ‘quacking’ (complaining) the entire time I did it – there’s no way around it – it’s just plain UGLY! The color choices DO NOT go together, no matter HOW you try: yellow-orange and blue-violet are just NOT colors I would MIX – anywhere! (much less – be colors that are ‘cool’ looking!) Yes, I DID say I wouldn’t PAINT, but as my son said: “Mom, I just have to face it: I’m NOT FAST when it comes to painting!” (I really felt bad for him; what would take me about 25 minutes to paint took him 1 1/2 – 2 HOURS! And even then, he was really struggling! Since it HAD to be done by tomorrow 9 a.m.,I did help, a little (most the behinds the scenes thing like gluing and typing the various labels). Here are the finished project boards:



Another project done- son told me: “I’ll be glad if I just get a C on this one” – I agree; we did it but it sure wasn’t easy!

I’ll let ya know, later, what the final grade was.



PS: I changed up dinner totally: Pierogies & Polish Sausages! YUM!


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