Yep, I’m Nuts!

As you (who have followed my blog OR know me personally) know – at times I tend to ‘follow my fancies’ and decide to attempt/try something ‘new’. This time my brain has got me searching out ideas for going ‘vintage’ for next year’s Log Cabin Days. Around the grounds you will see various ladies strolling, in various ‘period piece’ clothing – the two Spinner – ladies who joined us both had on period wear: one wore a white blouse, dark skirt and a knit shawl, the other had on a cotton dress with a (pinned on top) full apron.


The two “Spinner Ladies” are on the left: one with blue skirt, and behind her, the other lady in a blue dress with white pinned apron

That got me to thinking: IF I were to do this, what ‘era’ would I chose? The “Village” where the event takes place in is set in the 1800’s. I’ve decided (after MUCH looking on line) that I will go with a dark blue cotton skirt, white cotton with some lace blouse, a knit medium-blue shawl and (attempt to knit) a (blue) snood to hold my hair. I’ve had a Snood pattern for years – just thought it was a neat idea but never really had a good use for one . . . UNTIL NOW! In case you wondered just WHAT is a snood? I’ll see if I can find a picture of one for you:

il_570xN.168020213  The “snood” is the one upper left – I’m not exactly sure if I will do mine exactly like this, maybe a little shorter to just keep my ponytail wrapped in it – we’ll see when I get there. I already have a knit shawl pattern (if you remember, I knit a variagated purple one last year for my friend, as a wedding present):

101_0032I’m thinking of knitting this in a light blue; it’s an easy pattern – (like anything else) it just takes time. Since I have a YEAR to plan – we’ll see where this goes! The only thing I’m sort of stumped on right now is: shoes. I noticed the one spinner lady had on a sort of ‘flats’ – we’ll see; my BASIC idea is – whatever I chose HAS TO BE COOL; it gets pretty HOT sitting there knitting for 7+ hours (given a little time for breaks/food/etc.)


Dinner tonight is an experiment: when I defrosted the basement freezer last week I noticed I had a package of Tater Tots – mind you, I don’t normally use those, so then that got me to wondering just WHAT to do with them? I remembered (in all the various recipes I send you) something about a Tater Tot Casserole, so I did some searching. Our dinner is a variation on a theme; tater tots, cooked hamburger, chopped onion, chopped fresh mushrooms, chopped red & green peppers (get them frozen in a bag), cream of mushroom soup mixed with about 3/4 C. sour cream. Placed a layer of Tater tots on bottom of a (little bit smaller than) 9 X 13 greased pan. Cooked hamburger, onions, mushrooms, peppers (drained) then mixed soup & sour cream together & stirred into the meat/veggie mix. (I also added some ground pepper, few dashes of Worcestershire sauce & garlic powder). Poured meat/veggie/sour cream mixture over bottom layer of tater tots -smoothed it out then added the last layer of tater tots. Baked it 350 degrees 45 minutes, removed from oven & covered in a layer of shredded sharp Cheddar cheese & some shredded mozzarella – returned to oven for 10 minutes, then under broiler until cheese began to brown. Not so sure just how ‘spectacular’ this will taste, but at least it got the tater tots used up! (AND it filled our tummies!)

Yep, guess I’m in an EXPERIMENTAL mood today – we’ll see where this all pans out!

Enjoy your evening;




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  1. Wow I’ll say it is an experiment but basically it sounds kinda good. Don’t you love it when you can do something like that and it works?

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