I May Be Crazy BUT . . .



In my last post (today) I mentioned a particular yarn I really like using for baby hats: Bernat Baby Jacquards – after writing my post I thought: “Perhaps I should order some more” – that lead me on a 45 minute search through tons of sites until I wrote the Bernat Company and discovered THEY ARE NOT MAKING THAT YARN ANY MORE AND ARE NOT GOING TO IN THE FUTURE, EITHER! Oh NO! (If you know me, I tend to be a ‘bit’ tenacious/undaunted/fearless/headstrong, etc. when told the word NO (only at times, mind you) – Out of a good 20+ sites that ‘said’ they carried this particular color, NONE of them had it! That sent me to my other two trusty sites: Amazon & EBay. Amazon had a few skeins, but not that color. Ebay – THANK YOU, EBAY! First listing I saw was for EXACTLY what I wanted (see above) – mind you, it was not cheap – but I WON THE BID!!!  Ended up paying about what it used to cost per skein if I bought it at JoAnn’s or Michael’s WITHOUT a 40% off coupon – about $6.00 a skein – above is equal to 4 skeins. Each skein makes about 2 1/2 baby hats, so I’m good for a while – until it runs out. To my knowledge there are no other companies making any yarns that do the ‘self patterning’ like the one above. I’ve seen a sock yarn that makes really neat black & white squares, but that wouldn’t work well for baby hats (in my opinion).

See? Tenacity pays off! I’m super happy – there were a few sites that had a few skeins of their lavender colored jacquard yarn – not sure if I’m going for that or not, at this time.




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  1. Good for you! The amazing Pamela Jane strikes again.

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