“The Day of the Keys”


You know, sometimes, how you will have a really GOOFY day? Well, I’m dubbing this the really stupid, goofy day. Earlier in the afternoon youngest son called home to ask if we would drive his extra set of car keys up to his work, as he’d locked his keys in his car. Sure – why not . . .

A little later on middle son went to go on a job fair at Krogers, then called home to say (you guessed it) he locked HIS keys in HIS car! Great – I’ll drive over & give you your extra set. No problem – I thought, until he reminded me – his extra set of keys was in his APARTMENT a good 20/25 minutes away. Great . . .sigh. Dad drove to Krogers, picked him up & drove him to the apartment – then called me. It seems his roommate was NOT HOME! I tried calling the roommate, only got his answering machine. They eventually drove home; middle son is spending the night and he & my husband will drive BACK over to the apartment after church (husband was going to skip church and do it in the morning – I said: Since son inconvenienced YOU, HE can wait until after church! So that’s what they’re doing).

See what I meant about it being “The Day of the Keys”???

Goofy, huh!


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  1. It was a day or so for keys. Daughter locke her purse , the garage door opener, and her keys in the garage with both vehicles inside. Her oldest brother went over and figured how to get inside the garage and recuse every thing. The keys wizard must have been playing tricks on everyone!!!!

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