Being dragged kicking & screaming into the ‘new age’ – ugh

confused lady

I’ve never been one to WANT to learn new technical things – guess I’m just getting too old and set in my ways. Husband and I kept getting these confusing messages on our cell phones in two different languages; finally after receiving another one today husband called our cell provider (Metro PCS) and asked them just what’s going on? Turns out our cell phones are 3G and the entire system is going to 4G – if we don’t CHANGE to newer phones, ours will DIE very soon! UGH! We both traipsed over to cell phone and I got a new phone – oh, joy . . .(said with a very sarcastic voice). What kind do you want? What color? I DON’T KNOW – I DON’T CARE! UGH! Got a white 4G LG phone with a black case, just for protection. This thing does all sorts of stuff – (I WANT MY OLD FLIP PHONE BACK!) I ‘could’ have got a flip phone, but thought ‘Just give it up’ – you have to change – you HAVE to learn how to use these things!’ UGH! I can text, but only by doing the Click the 3 three times to get the letter you want, then go to number 5 (or whatever) and click it 2 times to get the next letter you want – VERY SLOW, but at least I was able to DO that! This thing, so far – the only thing I CAN do is turn it on! Tried changing a phone # of a friend and ended up CALLING him 3 times! (He just changed his cell #, so I wanted to update it – the cell phone store moved all my contact numbers FOR ME). Crazy stuff. I wanted my old cell phone ring tone (I originally paid $1.00 for the Handel’s Messiah “Hallelujah Chorus” as my ring tone). I was told at the phone store I wouldn’t have to PAY for a ring tone anymore – there’s 1,000’s of them out there for free! Good LUCK! Went on line, found a good 7 sites that offer it for free – one wanted to know what country I lived in (and they didn’t even HAVE the USA/America on their list of countries! Don’t chose THAT one!) Still don’t know what I’m doing – managed to download (for free) the ring tone TO MY COMPUTER – from there I have NO idea what to do to get it to my phone! DOUBLE UGH! Talk about feeling really dumb! I know our sons use their phones for all sorts of things: computer/GPS/listen to music/take & receive photos, etc. I only want mine to be able to text & send/get phone calls. I told the guys at the phone store: “I’m one of those people/ladies who have ONE purse, a few pairs of shoes – I don’t CARE about fashion! Not ‘into’ shoes/purses/phones, etc.” They just smiled and gently chuckled to themselves. Yep, I’m a dinosaur . . . technology is passing me by and I’M LETTING IT! My old flip phone is a good 6-7 years old and I was happy with it! Oh well . . . no going back now.

Today was also voting day for my area – on only one proposal – do we or don’t we let them pass a proposal that would put more monies into our road repairs; problem with that is: there are so many other ‘items’ tacked onto this that very little money would actually GO to the roads – and let me tell you: OUR ROADS ARE HORRIBLE! Oh, and this new proposal, when it all shakes out would actually cost voters about $400 a month in their taxes! WHO WANTS THAT? I was voter #136 – sure hope more people get out to vote today! Yes, we need road repairs, but not THAT way! IF they would make a proposal that ONLY dealth with “Fix the roads: YES OR NO” I’m pretty sure they’d get 100% FOR IT – don’t couch it with other issues or hid other issues in the wording!

Only GOOD THING today: Husband & I ‘fed’ our frustrations by stopping at Subway and getting foot long subs for dinner – YAY! Nothing like a roasted chicken sub with lots of veggies piled on to soothe your frustrations, right?

Anyway, that’s my ‘tale of woe’ for the day – eventually I’m sure I’ll learn how to use this new cell phone – just not today!

Hope you’re having a good day!



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  1. I’m with you. ‘Upgrades’ drive me mad. I was happy with Windows 95…

  2. Same to me – at 74 I dont have the urge for newfangled things. Took me long enough to get used to the old stuff. My cell phone is about 8 or 9 years old and gets switched on only if I’m away from home. How to text? I don’t know how to go about that. There are to many letters to one key and I don’t get them sorted out properly. If someone wants to tell me things, he/she may fone or write a letter, an e-mail at utmost.

  3. I’m with every body else on the cell phone business. I don’t text. Cell phone mean you can take it with you, You can say hello when it rings, and you can call a tow truck when you are in trouble –that is all nothing more!

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