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Just enjoying looking at various knit/crochet sites on Pinterest.com – they have some of the cutest or most interesting things to look at! (I love the middle smiling owls – so cute!) Haven’t progressed much on the crocheted baby blanket (3 more squares created) – thankfully I have until the beginning of September!

The weather is really nice: 70’s, sunny with a slight breeze. So far, I don’t have anything planned for the day (but, of course, that could CHANGE!) Today is the day we ‘sort of’ talked about moving middle son back in – haven’t heard from him yet. It’s not that he has a LOT of things to move, it’s just the arranging, stuffing my van, the ‘back & forth’ of it; good thing our oldest lives about 6 minutes away! Knowing some of his things, it will be at least a 3-load trip. There’s his big, flat screen TV, a single bed mattress, bags of clothes, a small dresser – makes me tired just THINKING about it! (But then – this is the FOURTH time we’ve moved him, so I guess I kind of know what’s coming – right?)

No idea, yet, what’s for dinner. Lots of great recipes to share with you – now that it’s summer there are a LOT of great salad recipes!


Summer Salad

1/2 C. olive oil
2 T. minced garlic (6 cloves)
4 pints cherry or grape tomatoes
18 large basil leaves, julienned
2 T. chopped fresh parsley
2 tsp. chopped fresh thyme leaves
1 tsp. ground black pepper
1/2 tsp. crushed red pepper
3/4 lb. angel hair pasta
1 1/2 C. grated Parmesan cheese
extra chopped basil & Parmesan
cheese for serving

Cook pasta accordg. to pkg. directions;
drain, reserving some of the pasta
water. Heat 1/2 C. olive oil in large
saute pan; add garlic & cook over
medium heat 30 seconds. Add tomateos,
basil, parsley, thyme, 2 tsp. salt, pepper
& red pepper flakes. Reduce heat to
medium-low; cook 5-7 minutes, tossing
occasionally until tomatoes begin to
soften but don’t break up. Place cooked
pasta in a large serving bowl; add tomatoes
& Parmesan; toss well. Add some of pasta
water if pasta seems too dry. Serve with
extra basil sprinkled on top & extra
Parmesan on the side. Serves 6

(recipe: foodnetwork.com)

Creamy Mushroom-Potato Casserole

2 T. unsalted butter
1 T. olive oil

1 lb. Yukon Gold potatoes, peeled/
sliced thinly
1 lb. assorted fresh mushrooms,
scrubbed clean & roughly chopped
1 (10.75 oz) can cream of mushroom
1 C. Gruyere cheese, grated
1/2 C. Parmesan cheese, grated
1/2 C. chicken stock
1/3 C. dry white wine
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 shallots, minced
1/2 tsp. fresh thyme leaves, chopped
1/2 tsp. fresh sage leaves, chopped
kosher salt/fresh cracked black pepper,
to taste

Preheat oven 375 degrees F.
Lightly spray a 9 X 13″ baking pan with
nonstick spray. Heat butter & oil in large
skillet; saute mushrooms & shallots until
softened & tender, 3-5 minutes. Add
garlic, thyme & sage; season with salt/
pepper & cook another 1 minute until
fragrant. Pour in white wine; cook another
3 minutes until liquid has mostly evaporated.
Remove from heat, set aside. In small bowl
whisk chicken stock into cream of mushroom
soup. Arrange 1 layer of sliced potatoes on
bottom of prepared baking dish then add a
layer of sauteed mushrooms. Repeat with
remaining vegetable layers. Pour chicken
stock mixture over mushrooms & potatoes,
tapping the baking dish against the counter
to make sure the liquid gets in between the
vegetables. Sprinkle cheeses over top; cover
with foil & bake 40 minutes. Uncover & bake
another 20 minutes. Remove from oven, let
cool 5 minutes before serving. Serves 6-8

(recipe: 12tomatoes.com)

White Velvet Cake

1 (6 oz) pkg white chocolate baking
bars, broken up
2 T. milk
2 c. flour
3/4 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. baking powder
1/2 C. (1 stick) butter, softened
3/4 C. sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
4 eggs
1 C. sour cream

Preheat oven 350 degrees F.
Spray two 8″ round baking pans
with nonstick spray, then line
bottoms with waxed paper. In
medium saucepan combine baking
bars & milk over Low heat, stirring
constantly until bars are melted &
mixture is smooth; set aside. In
medium bowl combine flour, baking
soda, salt & baking powder; set aside.
In large bowl beat butter & sugar until
light & fluffy; blend in melted bars &
vanilla. Add eggs, one-at-a-time, beating
well after each addition. Add flour
mixture alternately with sour cream;
pour into prepared pans. Bake 30-35
minutes until a toothpick inserted into
center comes out clean. Cool 10-15
minutes then remove from pans &
remove waxed paper. Cool completely.
Serves 10

Frost with a butter cream frosting


Roasted Country Vegetables

1/3 C. olive oil
1 tsp. garlic powder
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. black pepper
1 head cauliflower, cut into florets
1 red bell pepper, cut into 1″ chunks
1 onion, peeled & cut into 1″ chunks
3 carrots, peeled & cut into 1″ chunks

Preheat oven 425 degrees F.
Spray a rimmed baking sheet with
nonstick spray. In large bowl combine
oil, garlic powder, salt & black pepper;
mix well. Add vegetables to mixture,
toss to evenly coat then place on
prepared pan. Bake 30-35 minutes until
tender. Serves 6

(recipe: mrfood.com)

Fruit & Feta Salad

1 (10 oz) pkg. torn mixed salad greens
1 (11 oz) can mandarin oranges, drained
1/2 C. thinly sliced red onion
1 C. coarsely chopped walnuts (toasted)
1 (4 oz) pkg. crumbled Feta cheese
3/4 C. (Kraft) Raspberry Vinaigrette
salad dressing

Toss greens with next 4 ingredients in
large bowl. Add dressing & mix lightly.
Serves 6

(recipe: Kraftrecipes.com)

Santa Fe Chicken

2 C. instant white rice, uncooked
1 (15 oz) can black beans,rinsed & drained
1 yellow pepper, chopped
1 (10.5 oz) can cream of chicken soup
2 C. water
1/4 C. finely chopped cilantro
1/4 C. boneless, skinless chicken breast
1/2 C. thick & chunky salsa
1 C. Mexican style finely shredded
Four cheese (Kraft)

Preheat oven 400 degrees F.
Combine rice, beans & peppers in 9 X 13
baking dish. Mix soup, water & cilantro;
pour over rice mixture. Top with chicken &
salsa; bake 45 minutes or until chicken
is done (165 degrees F.). Top with cheese
during last 10 minutes of baking.

Serves 4

(recipe: Kraft foods)

Crockpot Meatloaf

2 eggs, beaten
3/4 C. milk
3 slices bread, torn into small pieces
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. pepper
1 C. ketchup, divided
2 lb. ground beef
1/2 C. onion, chopped
1 oz. pkg. Ranch salad dressing mix

Combine eggs, milk, bread crumbs,
salt/pepper in a large bowl; add 1/2 C.
ketchup and rest of ingredients; mix
gently. Place mixture in crockpot, shape
into a mound; top with rest of ketchup.
Cover & cook on Low 6-8 hours. Serves

(recipe: recipesthatcrock.com)

Crab Rangoon Dip

2 (8 oz, ea) pkgs cream cheese
2 (8 oz ea) pkgs imitation crab or
6 oz cans crabmeat, drained
1 can cream of shrimp soup
1 green onion, chopped
1 tsp. lemon juice
2 tsp. soy sauce
1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
(optional: 2 T. sugar)

Place all ingredients in 3-4 qt. crockpot.
Cook on Low 2-3 hours. Serve with rice
crackers or your favorite crackers.
Makes 12 servings

(recipe: goodenessgracious.com)

Lemonade Pie

8 oz. cream cheese, softened
1 (14 oz) can sweetened condensed
3/4 C. thawed lemonade concentrate
1 (8 oz) tub Cool Whip, thawed
yellow food coloring (optional)
2 graham cracker pie crusts

In large bowl beat cream cheese &
cond. milk until smooth. Beat in
lemonade concentrate (if you are
going to add food coloring, do it
now). Fold in Cool Whip & divide
mixture into 2 crusts. Cover &
refrigerate until set.
Makes 16 servings (8 per pie)

(recipe: Courtney Luper- facebook)

Gas prices are staying the same: $2.79/9 for
unleaded regular.  Went to doctor for yearly
OB/GYN checkup yesterday – all’s well but he
did suggest that I try to lose 7 lbs to bring my
BMI  (Body Mass Index) down to within the
suggested numbers. Seven pounds isn’t a
bad goal – I remember him telling me last
year that sometime in the future the
government will be checking those numbers
with insurance companies and (maybe)
those people who’s BMI is higher than
normal MIGHT have their insurance
cancelled just because they’re
OVER-WEIGHT! (Yes, I hear you – it’s NOT
RIGHT – but . . . I know my doctor was
gently trying to tell me something
important so perhaps I WILL strive to
lost that extra poundage.) Not that I
don’t, already, try (a little) to keep my
weight in range – knowing FULL WELL that
I’m overweight for my height. I’ve been
really bad about NOT making an appointment
with my main doctor simply because
I’m pretty sure he’s going to tell me that he
wants me to start on diabetic medicines –
I’ve been fighting it for years, but now my
A1C is higher than it’s been – not good.
(A1C is a complete blood check to determine
blood sugars in your system)
What’s a lady to do? Simple answer: start
doing some walking & cut back on the foods
I KNOW I shouldn’t eat. I did that about
eight years ago when first diagnosed as a
being Type 2 diabetic – lost 50 lbs. – wasn’t
easy but then, over time, I sort of ‘allowed’
myself to start eating more/not the best
foods for me and put some of that back
on. We’ll see where this goes. I felt that
it was important to share the BMI
information with you JUST IN CASE it DOES
come to pass.

Well, that’s what’s going on around here
today – hope your day goes well & you’re
happily enjoying the summer!




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  1. Well I know I would be a candidate for cancellation But at my age maybe I’ll kick the proverbial bucket before that time comes.

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