My middle son works part time, making very little money. The company he works for is NOT one to give health insurance hence, last year, we managed to get him enrolled in MEDICAID. He recently mentioned he might want to see our doctor about an ailment and wanted to make sure he still had insurance…”therein lies the tale” to use a very old expression. To try to put this into some sort of perspective, let’s just say I spent a good 1 1/2 HOURS calling all sorts of various government phone numbers ATTEMPTING to get either a caseworker name or phone number. By the end of that time I had (a) gotten REALLY mad and told a guy to “Bite me!” – he was NO help at all (b) ended up with the very same extension/person a good 3 or more times (their recordings are hooked into a LOOP!) (c) the very last person I talked to was SO SNOTTY I ended up hanging up and bawling – hard! I got NO WHERE! The last (snotty woman) yelled at me that she was with Child Protective Services and how did I get HER? (I HAVE NO IDEA – the recording kept saying “If you know your parties extension, Press 1, if not, press 0” – everytime I hit O it took me back to the original recording! UGH! I was so upset, all I could think was: “If THAT WOMAN is with Child Protective Services – LORD HELP anyone who gets HER and needs help; maybe their child is being removed from the home or they are being abused!” I cannot BELIEVE what a mess that was! AND – (speaking for myself) I’m NO DUMMY when it comes to talking on or using phones! I spent 16 YEARS with the phone company! UGH! Today my son said perhaps we could ‘attempt’ to plod through the form ON LINE, so that’s what we did. Not saying that was ‘easy’ in any way – equally frustrating, but we finally got the 32 page form completed and submitted.

Want to know the really ‘fun’ part? NO ONE would tell him anything as to who was his case worker! I ended up, today, locating a piece of paper with a name & number on it so we called it: answering machine basically saying that the worker’s cases had all been transferred – please call the main number.” I’m guessing that worker QUIT – I know I WOULD, if I had to work for that kind of insanity! (I will say, one nice lady DID let us know that he no longer HAD insurance; apparently it had expired LAST YEAR! We said we didn’t get a letter or any sort of notification from them. She said: “You ‘should’ have received a letter, but that’s not always the case so you’ll have to re-apply”. So basically there are LOTS of people out there who’s insurance expired and they have NO IDEA until they go to try to USE it! Is that ABSURD or what? That is ONE very SAD state of affairs for our lovely federally funded ‘insurance for people who can’t afford it’ program!

So much for my frustrations yesterday – at least we finally got the form submitted…and now we wait.



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  1. Such a waste of everyone’s time and money on beurocracy. So many need help and we waste money on red tape.

  2. So frustrating. ESP when you are trying to get help for your son. Our govt medical plans ie; Medicaid are a huge maze of red tape . Why can’t we help our citizen with the basic needs of life.

  3. Our sickcare system is in a state of disrepair, it’s best to use home remedies or seek out a holistic physician. Perhaps the goal is to stay so healthy that we would never see a doctor in the first place. 🙂

  4. Sometimes I think they put you through this mess so you will just give up and hang up.

  5. Who was the genius that replaced humans with machines??

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