The Gift that almost wasn’t – and still might not be!

For Christmas my oldest son decided that the perfect gift for me would be a remote car starter (YES! GREAT idea!) He paid for the deal, made the appointment to take my car in – that was yesterday. Husband drove my car, arrived on time, waited 45 minutes before being told they didn’t have the part, can he come back tomorrow? (that would be today – Thurs.) Husband drove to place again; 1 hour later he drove home with the part installed so he called me to come out so he could ‘explain how it works’! Made sense so we sat in my car while he demonstrated then I did it, maybe twice. He noticed that my car radio was showing the wrong time (he had re-set it when he drove it home). Tried the starter again – noticed the dash board display lights were flashing – strange! Next time he tried it – total BLANK – no car running/no lights/ no NOTHING! Car was DEAD! He called the place & they suggested he wait a few minutes & try it again…VERY LONG STORY shorter – man called the manufacturer (who said they never heard of that happening before!). They suggested he disconnect the battery & reconnect (which is called a ‘hard-start’) so husband did…car started right up. Shut it off, tried using remote starter – crazy lights/dead car…again. This went on for a good 20 minutes; finally husband called the place and said he will start it up THE REGULAR WAY & attempt to drive it to the install place (which is maybe 7 minutes away). They said it might be that particular unit so they will put in a new one…..SO THE CRAZY SAGA CONTINUES! Sure hope we finally have a car with remote start but husband & I agreed – if it doesn’t work – YANK THAT SUCKER OUT & GIVE MY SON BACK HIS MONEY . . . it ain’t worth all the trouble! UGH!


a very frustrated Pammie


Husband managed to get the car started &
back to the shop – turns out it was a small
pin that popped out when they plugged the
unit in. They ran it/tested, etc. for an hour –
it works just fine NOW! YAY!

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