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computer-lady.jpgToday is a day of ‘changes’…the first ‘change’ came when I was looking in a mirror, brushing my hair and noticed that my left ear lobe looked dirty. Upon closer inspection I discovered that Nature has a sense of humor: no, my ear lobe wasn’t dirty…it has now acquired about 6-7 freckles or (sigh) ‘age spots’! Is there no justice in the world? AGE SPOTS ON MY EAR LOBES??? How strange! I realize that I’m slowly creeping up on 60 (in about 10 months), but really now…what a strange place for age spots! I could put it off to the fact that I’ve been out in the sun more lately; perhaps one of my medications could be adversely affected by the sun, I AM fair skinned and freckle easily…those excuses work, don’t they? Of course I’ve seen a few beginning to display themselves on the backs of my hands but never thought about ‘other places’. OK, I’ve decided: I’m going to call them FRECKLES!!! Oh well, I hear you: “Get on with your life! There are much bigger things to worry and fret over!” Just thought that was a rather odd discovery…

Today also saw the completion of afghan #7 (6 here, one in Ghana) for The Ghana Project! Let’s see… that would make a total of 210 squares altogether. My dear friend “Momma’s” contributions of her crocheted and knit squares made big inroads on the last two afghans completed. I’ve decided that I’m going to take a brief break from knitting (to let my right index finger and elbow rest) and attempt to complete an embroidery project started about 3 years ago. At one time, while teaching Embroidery to young girls at our homeschool ‘hometeam’, I began this piece to use as an example of using your talents to create your own designs. The piece is three quarters done and consists of a large floral heart with varied flowers and fruits made up of a large variety of embroidery stitches. In the center of the heart I want to write, in script: “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10. It will make a nice wall hanging or pillow, haven’t decided which yet. It needs to be DONE! (It’s been residing behind my recliner dropping hints every once in awhile: “Hey! Remember me? It wouldn’t take too long to just finish me!”…do your half-done crafts ever call to you???) Perhaps after that project is done I might also take a brief foray and finish couch pillow #4’s knitted front: a large red heart. That shouldn’t take more than a day to knit; I have several patterns for hearts, just haven’t settled on ‘THE one’ yet. There are patterns for one large heart, four small hearts, a small heart within a larger heart, a large heart inside a box/frame…too many choices! We’ll see when I get to that point, but for now my knitting hands are resting.

That’s my day, so far…who knows what other ‘surprises’ lie in store for me today!

Enjoy your day and don’t let ‘little brown spots’ get you down!



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Just a quick note to say: middle son passed his road test! I’m so proud of him…it’s been A LOT of practicing, but it payed off. Now, in the next few days we have to go obtain a license plate and insurance for his minivan. (I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned previously that he bought a 1994 Chevy Lumina minivan…it’s been patiently sitting in our driveway awaiting the day he can actually drive it!)



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The Perils of a Driving Instructor

car2.gifHI! The past two days have found me standing in the parking lot of our local super store (Meijers) assisting (or, should I say ‘watching’) my middle son attempt to conquer parallel parking. Monday is his actual test for getting his full drivers license and he’s very worried he might not pass. When, in his frustration, he said to me: “Well then, YOU show me how to do it!” I had to admit that I haven’t parallel parked in probably 40 years and wouldn’t be the best example! You see, in Michigan it’s a ‘required’ on your driving test however there aren’t many places that actually HAVE parallel parking. We also stopped in the Secretary of State’s office today and he asked the lady behind the counter how SHE did on parallel parking. She also admitted that she never uses it and that it’s been many years since she even attempted it. After about 1 1/2 hours in the hot sun ‘watching’ (more like cringing) we gave up for today. It’s not that he doesn’t do it, it’s that if there actually ‘were’ two cars there, he would have ‘kissed’ their bumpers multiple times. Monday isn’t that far away…we’ll see how it goes. OH! I also called the testing company to see if we could actually practice on THEIR site and they said, by state law NO, no one is allowed to practice at the test sites (strange, huh!). (sigh)

Not much else going on around here; I’m expecting youngest son to ask to go to the beach today as it’s around 77 degrees out, full sun and a very nice ‘beach’ day. We’ll see…I’m still trying to cool off from standing in the hot sun yelling “STOP!” (or, trying very hard NOT to yell or show with my body language that he wasn’t exactly doing what he was supposed to!)

Ah, the life of a Mom…



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It’s Christmas in July! (at least at my house…)

blue knitting basketYesterday found me visiting a friend who helped play “Santa” to my Ghana Project. I suppose I should explain that a little better: we ran into each other a few weeks ago at a party and I filled her in on the project. She asked if I could use some yarn…you KNOW my answer to that: “Of Course! I can ALWAYS use more yarn!” (little did I know!) To make a long story short, she ‘gifted’ me with about a year’s worth of yarn – three large garbage bags full! I was in Yarn Heaven! I’ve never been one to be greedy, being raised to “Take some and leave some”, so to be faced with tons of yarn and given the directive: “Take all you want!” really put my ‘greed ethics’ in high gear! At first it was very difficult for me to do this, but as I sort of got into the task it became easier. She has access to lots more and told me that if, in the future, I should discover than I’m needing a particular color, just ‘give her a call and come on over’! Now if that isn’t a miracle, I don’t know what is! The Lord knows our every need and fills them in His time. This gift was totally overwhelming to me and later, while sitting and going through it, I was still amazed at the Lord’s (and my friend’s) generosity. There’s every color in the rainbow and then some! Gorgeous, rich colors; muted soft colors; wonderful variegated skeins…all just waiting to be put to a good use. I knit two squares yesterday and set into more today, as is my habit these days.

This morning found me going through one of ‘those’ days where no matter how hard I tried, each thing I picked up to knit (whether complicated or simple pattern) went wrong. I must have tried and rejected a good 6-7 skeins/patterns before finally giving up for awhile. Part of my nature is that I’m stubborn (or, determined, to put it more delicately!) and don’t like to admit defeat. It all started when I ‘found/discovered’ a knitted square that I had done a few weeks ago. It’s a fairly simple pattern but do you think I can find the directions on how to make it? I searched everywhere and finally attacked my knitting books and the internet. It seems the pattern is something close to a “Mock Cable Twist” pattern, or something to that effect. That’s great, you say…you found the pattern! Yes…and no. I found A pattern, but it’s not THE pattern and I tried (see above statement) many times to make this newly found pattern mimic the one I had already knit, but to no avail. Earlier today I set out on another ‘quest’ in our upstairs to see if I could find my old knitting book (circa 1940’s) from which I had originally learned to knit, hoping that IT might hold the secret of the ages! Alas, it did not…however, I DID discover that I had another 7 knitting books from the ’70’s that I once acquired and then totally forgot about! I was elated; one of them has at least 100 patterns AND one that looks very close to the one I’m looking for. (Part of my problem is-I don’t know how to “Twist” stitches, using MY type of knitting.) OH! I also discovered that I don’t knit Continental, but GERMAN method (the difference being the placement of the yarn when using the needles.) Now at least I know my task to conquer…seeing if I actually CAN knit this pattern! (Drives me NUTS!!!)

Anyway, that’s been my last few days, mostly dealing with knitting…it’s peaks and it’s valleys; the good and the bad but I still love it.

OH! Almost forgot! Yesterday also found me finishing afghan #5 for The Ghana Project…a LARGE part due to the fact that my dear friend “Momma” sent me so many of her crocheted squares! I’ve already thanked her, but it never hurts to extend the THANKS again…THANKS, “Momma”! Between her 16 and my 14 squares, another very colorful and diverse afghan is added to the pile and I find that quite exciting! I’ve also heard from several other people who have voiced their willingness to help; I’m getting that “time to check the Post Office Box” feeling, hoping for new squares to add to the efforts.

Thank you for all of you-for the willingness to help, your support, and your friendship in reading here.

Have a wonderful day/afternoon/evening!



PS: Wanted to add this Bible verse, as it says what I’m feeling: Luke 6:38

“Give and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down and shaken together and running over, shall men give unto your bosom. For with the same measure that you mete withal, it shall be measured to you, again.” The Lord knows our hearts and needs.

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Just a quick note…

grammy-knitting.jpgFor anyone interested in a few more simple knitting stitches/patterns, I just added about five more to “The Ghana Project” site under “Knitting Stitches” at the top of the page. Who knew that this project would turn me into a knitting stitches and yarn junkie!? I find myself looking in all sorts of knitting books, pamphlets, magazines for more simple knitted stitches (the fewer rows, the better!) and constantly looking for ‘interesting’ yarn (as if I need MORE!). Anyway, just had a few minutes to drop by here and pass on that information.

Hope you’re having a great day!



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The Life of a Pampered Lady!

Yarn HeartToday begins Day 2 of my “Pampered Lady” experience or, read that as: “The almost 2 days of being totally by myself in our house!” (cat included here). Husband is at work, middle son is visiting his girlfriend in preparation for them going to the opening day of the new Harry Potter movie, and youngest son is at camp for another 2 days! WooHoo! I actually treated myself to a prolonged visit to TWO (yes, Two!) JoAnn Fabric stores today and spent a good amount of time just perusing their yarns and knitting books; can’t say that I’ve had that luxury in a very long time. There were books to look through, notes to be taken on stitches not seen before and deciding just which item to apply the 40% off coupon to (ended up choosing a large skein of bright yellow yarn). Along with my yarn viewings I even stopped and gawked at the various beads in the beading section. I ended up choosing several types of crystal beads and some small black jet beads with intentions of making a bracelet; the pattern for said bracelet has been rolling around in my brain for months now. Finally I have the beads (I think) that I’ve been looking for. Awhile back a friend at church wore a very nice bracelet her daughter had picked up in Mexico which got me to thinking that if I were to make a bracelet, what would it look like? If all comes out as I’m planning, this one should go nicely with almost any outfit, being it only contains two ‘colors’: clear crystal and black jet. So much for my ventures into ‘the wild side of crafting!”

Haven’t exactly planned out the rest of this afternoon yet; theres a huge pile of colored pencils to be sharpened for my special needs group which meets tonight (we’re talking a good 50-60 pencils), the ‘star patterned’ pillow cover to be sewn on (No, I haven’t done it yet…procrastination can be a good thing, can’t it???), several pieces of mail to address and I’m sure, figuring out what’s for dinner at some point, but for now…I’m content to just feel like a Queen or Lady in her palace of peaceful quiet. I’m kind of thinking of perhaps making some iced coffee (been craving cappuccino coffee, but didn’t take the time to stop to get some at the Meijers gas station. (doesn’t that sound kind of tacky getting fancy coffees at a GAS STATION? Either way, they make a good, tasty and CHEAP cup of froth! just a hint for anyone interested!).

I’ll close for now and go back to ‘playing pampered Lady’;



PS: Was thinking if it were Thurs/Fri/Sat., you’d be finding me hunting down garage sales! Oh well…ya make the best of each day, right?

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Thoughts on a Hot Summer’s Day

sunglasses-sun.gifThought I’d drop by for a few; hope all of you are staying cool (it’s around 93 degrees outside with about 60% humidity, so it’s HOT!). Today is one of those crazy “do a lot” days – first thing this morning (that would be 4 a.m.) I got up to help youngest son finish packing for his one-week trip to West Virginia with our church’s youth group. We left the house at 5 a.m. and the group left church at 6. A little later on (8:20 a.m.) found me driving middle son to work. 9:30 a.m. found me babysitting my 1 year old grandson for the day (until around 3 p.m.). Operating on only 4 1/2 hours sleep is not recommended for anyone over the ripe old age of 40 (just taking a random stab at a younger age) –¬† believe me, at 59 my body is not responding well to lack of sleep. I even stopped at our local gas station (Meijers) for their cappuccino to help jump-start my brain!

What’s new around here? Not much¬† EXCEPT I received my very first ‘donation package’ of knitted and crocheted squares for the Ghana Project from my very dear friend Mary (aka Momma) . She sent a total of 15 (WOW!) squares in all sorts of wonderful colors. That, of course, prompted a phone call to tell her I’ve never see ‘camouflage’ colored yarn before! (She sent one square in that color/shade). I’m ‘trying’ to take a little break from knitting the squares, but somehow my fingers just keep begging to be kept busy! I attempted to embark on knitting that ‘heart’ square mentioned in an earlier entry, the one that’s to be sewn onto the new couch pillows. After knitting about 8 rows, I discovered the creator of the pattern had made a mistake which required me to rip out several rows. This ripping out and re-doing was in the middle of grandson’s deciding it was time to PLAY! So much for my knitting, we played! I’ve never quite realized just how much of a ‘buffer’ my middle son is when I/we babysit! When I need to do something in the kitchen, he takes the baby and keeps him company…today it was “JUST ME”! (believe me, I’m beat!) When my oldest son came to drop off the baby he was amazed that (for once) it was JUST ME in the house; a rarity, for sure!

I’ve tried to mentally set up a few things I’d like to do for the week now that it’s just middle son & I and he’ll be working. Tomorrow is a trip to the library to return books and see if they have a new author’s book and maybe even a trip to JoAnn Fabrics to peruse the yarns (NOT that I need more!!!). Last weekend we attended a large party and I ran into a friend I haven’t seen for awhile. I mentioned the Ghana project and she asked if I could use more yarn (OF COURSE! I don’t know too many crafters who would/could turn down a question like that!) It appears that her work has a large quantity and she would be willing to donate some to my cause/project; now I just have to figure out when to go pick it up! (Told you I’ve become a ‘yarn junkie’…that was something I never would have thought would happen, even just 6 months ago or so – insert grin here).

Anyway, not wanting to totally exhaust your eyeballs, I’ll close for now. Keep yourselves cool and remember to enjoy your time!



PS: Ran into this quote in my ‘stash’ of good sayings and wanted to share:

“It’s never too late to become what you might have been” George Elliott

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Just Wanted to Say…


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