Crocheted Necklace from Trellis Ribbon


Items needed:

1 crochet hook, size: N, M, or P  (I didn’t have these sizes, so I used a K and crocheted very loosely)

1 ball (Lion Brand) Trellis Ribbon,  (see  note below) 1 3/4 oz. ball, 50 grams/115 yards (you will be able to get 3-4 necklaces from one ball of ribbon)

There are 3 sizes of necklaces: Small, Medium and Large; chose the size that best fits your neck. (the one in the photo is Large)

The only stitch used will be Chain Stitch

Cut 7 strips of ribbon in the following sizes:

SMALL: (about 12 inches long)  Cut 2 strips-2 yards, plus 4 inches long

Cut 2 strips-1 yard, plus 33 inches long

Cut 3 strips-2 yards long


MEDIUM: (about 14 inches long)  Cut 2 strips-2 yards, plus 22 inches long

Cut 2 strips-2 yards, plus 15 inches long

Cut 3 strips-2 yards, plus 18 inches long


LARGE: (about 16 inches long)    Cut 2 strips-3 yards, plus 4 inches long

Cut 2 strips-2 yards, plus 33 inches long

Cut 3 strips-3 yards long


Measure 12 inches of one strip and begin chaining at that point. Work in chain stitch until you come to within 12 inches of the end; pull ribbon through last chain to finish. Lay this piece aside and work the remaining ribbons in the same manner: start chaining at the 12-inch mark and chain to 12-inches from the end.

When all 7 of the strips have been crocheted, bring them all together, lining up the places where you began to chain stitch. When they are smooth, tie the ribbons together about 2-inches from where you began the chain stitch. Do the same at the other end of your strips; tying a knot about 2-inches from the end of the chain stitch.

Bring the two knots together and then tie the ends together, making your knot as close to the end of the strips as you can and still get them into the knot. You may want to trim the ends if they are uneven. To knot, simply make a loop and pull the ends through the loop and pull tight.

For a different effect, you can twist the 7 strands together before tying the knot at the end.

These necklaces are light-weight, soft and pick up the colors you are wearing.


NOTE: Since originally posting this pattern I have received many emails from various readers saying that they were having trouble locating this “Trellis Ribbon”. I thought I might offer these suggested places where readers have said they were able to buy it:


Just located a site that sells it in many colors ($4.09 per ball):


NOTE: 1/17/2013

Just located another trellis ribbon at MEIJER’S – it is sold under the name “City Life” and is $5.99 per 158 yd. skein. There are several vibrant colors. You could also check out the manufacturer of this by going to:


HobbyLobby, Dollar Tree, WalMart were also suggested. I would highly recommend the site above (creative fiber arts) as they seem to have a very good selection of this yarn.

You could also check on EBay for this.

AUTHOR OF THIS PATTERN UNKNOWN, I received the typed copy of these instructions from a friend at church.

I’m sorry, but I do not have the pattern for earrings made from Trellis Ribbon; several have commented about seeing them, but I neither have the pattern nor have seen it/them.

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  1. I have a similar pattern for this necklace and use
    5 strands of 85 single crochets leaving about 5 inches
    on either end of material to be tied together when
    all are completed. Have given for gifts and everyone
    really likes. Very good design and so easy even for
    a beginneer.

    • If you could share this pattern, I think it is the one I am looking for. I already have the yarn. Thanks Tina….

    • I would appreciate your sharing the pattern using 5 strands. I think it is the pattern I have been looking for, for a long time. Please let me know if you can.

      • I’m sorry, but the only pattern I have using Trellis yarn is the one featured on this blog.

    • I would like this pattern as I saw it at a friends house in zepherhills, Fl and really liked it, she gave me the pattern and I lost it somewhere
      in our move. If you would share I would greatly appreciate it.

      My email is

    • I have found Ladder Ribbon at and it makes beautiful necklaces. The website shows patterns for many different necklaces.

      • has the largest selection and lowest price promise. Plus free patterns!

  2. I purchased one at my hairdresser. Mine has small beads about every inch or so, and it’s beautiful.

    I wanted to make another and could not find a pattern in a store.

    It’s true, you can find anything on the internet.


  3. Thanks for posting your pattern. I have also seen all white, plus pastel colors of the necklaces, but can’t find the ribbon to make them – I’ve looked all over the internet. I’ve tried JoAnn’s, Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart, but no luck. I also heard the necklaces can be made without crocheting, but have never seen those – have you?

    Thanks again.

    • Hi, Eileen!
      This pattern went all around our church, various ladies making ‘their’ version in different colors of the ribbon. I purchased mine at JoAnn’s -it’s usually by the fancy yarns (like the “fun fur” or by the crochet cottons. I’ve seen it at Michael’s also. Perhaps you could call those places and tell them you’re looking for the trellis ribbon? Just a thought. No, I haven’t seen this done without crocheting (but perhaps you ‘could’ do it with finger knitting? I don’t know how to do that but I think there are videos for it on YouTube.)

      • The lion brand website says that the trellis yarn is discontinued.

      • (I already wrote to ‘taterbugstots’ privately, but thought I might also include this here for those who read the ‘comments’ section) I’ve tried to include the following information on both areas of my blog where the crocheted necklace made out of Trellis Ribbon yarn appear – I was recently given information on a site which carries this with great prices and a good variety of colors, check them out!
        Hope this helps!

    • Lion brand has a new ribbon called Incredible. This might work as well. Also look for sources for silk ribbon. I have used this for embroidery on book covers, as well as for crochet. I bought Trellis ribbon from Michael’s when it was being discontinued. I bought 10 balls of each color. Hope this helps.

    • try the cotton exchange in wilmington they have a yarn shop there wilmington,n.c.

      jane yager 331 nutt st wilmington n.c. 28401 phone#is 910-8514494 or 8434503760 cell she has the best collection i know of and she sends mail orders

    • I just purchased some for 2.95 a ball @

  4. Hi – we found the trellis ribbon at the Dollar Tree
    store, after looking everywhere first! It came in
    many colors! Hope you find it in your town.

    Thanks for publishing the directions! Carol

  5. We’ve stopped at many, many Dollar Tree stores…only found one ball! Must be a seasonal thing?

    Haven’t tried the pattern yet…but now I have the better size hook — and will. Thanks for the pattern.

    • Sorry, Rose! I found the trellis ribbon at JoAnn Fabrics (I believe Michael’s also carries it). If all else fails, you could try and order on line??? Just a thought.

  6. Found some close by at a $ store! About 5 different colors. Now to get on with the crocheting! One caveat however: young dogs like to pick up a ball (out of the bag) and run with it — leaving a ribbon trail all over!!

  7. I’m in Canada and saw this made last week. I have tried every store that sells any kind of yarn and could not find it. It can be ordered online from Lion Brand directly $6.99. Too expensive for shipping to Canada.I did find yarn similar but wider at $10.00 it works well

  8. Thanks for the pattern. A friend gave me a necklace a few months ago and I’ve been searching for the pattern. Off to buy some trellis yarn.

  9. I also came late to the crocheted necklace. Trellis yarn is being sold on ebay. But I found at Hobby Lobby, Yarn Bee brand yarn called Topkapi. It has the ladder-step yarn with eyelash yarn running through the middle. After I cut my lengths of yarn, I carefully pull out the eyelash yarn because it is not attached to the ladder-step.
    Look at the different color of yarn before you buy, though. There was a variagated brown whose yarn seemed narrower. I have tried the red, red varigated, gold and purple colors. Beautiful necklaces.

    • Thanks for te info, I will check out Hobby Lobby. We have one here. I will follow you instructions about pulling out the eyelash yarn. Perhaps this company ias replacing the discontinued one.

      Thanks again.

  10. I found out that this yarn has been discontinued. However, after much research, it seems as though a lot of sellers have purchased a lot of it after they found this out. Do some searching on ebay and also “” has it for sale. Not to expensive. The orginal cost from Lion Brand ran around $4.00 per roll. You can find it for that or less on ebay as they are all in competition now with one another and are selling by 3 to 6 at a time. Hope this helps. If you need any more info let me know via my email Thanks for the instructions pattern. I am going to crochet some for present, however I am going to place beads at different intervals on the chain. Thanks again and God Bless

    • I just got the pattern for the necklace and am looking to buy the ribbon but not having much luck yet. Being in Canada it is hard to find. I wondered what type of beads you used and how you put them on the necklace. Would appreciate any info you can give a beginner.

      • If you check my pattern – I did NOT use beads.

  11. I did a search on Ebay for ladder yarn and then filtered by price and lowest postage. They have several brands and lots of colors. Often they will group your purchases together for one shipping. Just read the shipping details.

    • Thanks for the great idea – hopefully many will take your advice!

  12. I bought the Trellis Yarn off of Amazson from Pricebully. Haven’t made the necklace yet. Hope I have the right patten. Thanks

  13. I have just discovered this necklace which was given to me by a friend. She had two.. one was croched in the middle and the other had no crochet. I found this yarn at Big Lots which is a dollor type store for $1. per ball. I see someone mentioned earings to match.. would love to have the pattern. Thank you

  14. Took my Mom looking for this yarn last week. Neither Jo-Anns, Hobby-Lobby or Michaels had any. Was told that Lion Brand has discontinued this yarn. Was able to find several balls of a yarn made in Italy called KARNAK. It is apparently very similar to the yarn called for in this pattern. It was in a small speciality shop in Jackson, Michigan called the Dropped Stitch. Hope this is helpful

    • Thank you for your help; I know it’s difficult to locate this trellis ribbon any more.

      • Ebay has lots of it for sale. Search for trellis yarn or ladder yarn.

      • Hello–my name is Jan and I have found the trellis ribbon yarn on Seacrafters–they are out of Florida–a little expensive but worth it–that’s the only place I have found it–I ordered some more of it yesterday and they have already sent it out.

  15. This is all so new to me and I sure appreciate all the info and comments. Wow, are they so helpful to me. When you are adding beads do you just push them through the yarn to where you are crocheting. This probably sounds dumb but I do need some help. Thanks for any info you provide.

    • Does anyone have hints or instructions on how to add beads?

      • I have made a couple of these and had them as prizes at my sister’s bridal shower– huge hit! They were the first prizes chosen. My students also tell me they love them when I wear them to work. When I add beads (most mine have some beads now, it seems) I just slide the beads on every couple of inches. Pretty easy. You can play with how many beads you want, how far apart you want them, etc. Also, I started adding pendants to the necklaces. Very fun to make!

  16. I found a website called Creative Fiber Arts that is carrying the trellis-ladder yarn and they have over 60 colors. The web address is
    Hope that helps 🙂

  17. what is the difference between the Trellis ribbon yarn and the Incredible ribbon yarn for crocheting a necklace? I found both at lion brand web site. I had a necklace with a magnetic clasp and it came apart and I lost the necklace. My sister crochets professionally and is going to crochet a necklace and earrings for me and suggested I look at the Incredible as well as the Trellis. Thanks

    • Actually, I’m not sure – I’ve never heard of Incredible ribbon yarn before! Our local Lion Brand site discontinued the Trellis ribbon yarn and from comments left here, it seems it’s very hard to locate. If you check the post under the actual pattern, I left a site that carries the Trellis yarn. How nice to have a sister that professionally crochets!

    • Betty,
      I have just learned about the necklace and would love to have the pattern for the earrings if your sister doesn’t mind sharing it with me.
      Vickie…Gilbert S.C.

      • Vickie,
        Did you ever get the directions for the earrings? Would you share? Thanks. Bobbie

    • Trellis is a ladder effect with different colour fibers whereas Incredible is a flat multicoloured variegated ribbon very similar to the ribbon used in hemming skirts and pants. You will get two different results from both of these products.

  18. I just found this site- hope it helps. They have the pattern and some great prices!!

    God Bless- and keep on knitting and crocheting!

    • How do you print the pattern that is on here? I do not see anyplace to click on print…………..

      • You would do a ‘copy & paste’ to another medium, like a blank email, or to Publisher or WORD programs

  19. Thanks for the pattern! I was given several rolls of Trellis after I wore my necklace to work. She provided a pattern, but it was written in “crochet-ese”, and it’s been years since I’ve picked up a crochet hook! I appreciate the instructions.

  20. Hi! This looks so fun and easy! I want to teach my nieces to crochet and, boy, this looks like a great project to start them on! 🙂 One girl goes to college in the fall; she could make them for friends, etc., and maybe get a few dollars to spend at school. I would LOVE to know how to make the matching earrings as they are the main thing I do in jewelry, but not with fiber as yet. Likewise, if I find an earring pattern, I will try to post it here. Thanks for your help. I had fun reading all of your posts! 🙂 XOXOXO

    Michelle in Bethlehem, Pa. Snow here!

  21. Bernat’s Matrix ladder yarn is often easily found. I also got many of the Matrix for a dollar each. I think the LB Trellis is softer and more colorful, but the Matrix is not bad and to each her own! 🙂 I am sleepy and forget if this was mentioned, but you can look at They have many kinds of yarn, including ladder yarn and instructions on how to make three different kinds of necklaces on their site! 🙂 I am wondering what everyone is using to fasten or clasp the necklaces. I make inexpensive jewelry with wire, so I can use a ready-made type of clasp or I can easily fashion a clasp with just a bit of wire. What are the rest of you doing to fasten your necklaces? Also, is anyone making matching braclets? And has anyone found earring instructions? I have two teenage nieces that I would really like to WOW! with a set of this easy-to-make and feminine jewelry. I will send what I find and thank you to all of you for your help. Is it possible to show things you have made so as to inspire the rest of us? 🙂

    Thanks again!

    Michelle in Bethlehem, Pa. Snow melting! 😦

    • Wondering how you make a clasp with a bit of wire? Thanks.

  22. I happened to find the trellis ribbon in a tiny yarn shop in Linz, Austria, while traveling. I just bought it because I thought it was pretty and could use it to make light knitted summer scarves. Then a friend traveling with us said she used the ribbon to make necklaces, and later gave me the pattern. Serendipity strikes again. What fun.
    My question: does anyone know how to add beads or pearls as one is crocheting? Thanks. Vee

    • String beads onto yarn before starting, when you get to a place where you want the bead, slid it on and make a sc to keep it in place, continue crocheting and repeat each time you want a bead.

  23. Thanks so much for the trellis yarn necklace pattern. Please advise if you have posted pattern for the earrings and how I can find it. Thanks again.


  24. Hello! I also crochet the necklaces and sell them at craft fairs. I have a pattern on my website for the necklace, bracelet, and earrings for $3 each. You can also purchase the yarn on my site too.

  25. Hi,
    was wondering if anyone knows or has directions on how to attach a clasp at the end of the trellis necklace. it really finishes it off nicely.

  26. Oh, please let me know if anyone has an answer to your query about finishing trellis necklace with a clasp! I have gotten “stuck” making these beautiful items because I wasn’t satisfied with any “finishings” I came up with. Good luck in finding the information – I’ve got my fingers crossed.


  27. Please let me know very soon how I can purchase the
    pattern for your earrings and bracelet for $3.00
    Phone number if possible or your e-mail address.
    Thanks Janelle

  28. please send information to me on my area in Jim Thorpe Pa. I can find information on how to make ,an any store that sells material. thanks

  29. I have put beads on my necklaces. Using a sewing needle with a larger eye, thread the ribbon and slide the beads, as many as I think I will need. After a set number of chain stitches, I pull up a bead and crochet around it. I had trouble with some beads with smaller holes. With those, I followed the above strategy using jewely pliers to pull the needle through.
    I hope that helps.
    I have only about 4 balls of this ribbon.

  30. I’m a beginner with knitting and have just learned to crochet a chain stitch but I am eager to learn how to make the necklace. I would really appreciate it if those of you who have the pattern would email it to me at I saw where someone posted that they used jewelry clasps to close it, if you would send me the instructions I would appreciate it. Thank you everyone for sharing such fun ideas.

    Many blessings to you all!

  31. u can find this at ebay just type in trellis ribbon

  32. Thank you so much for posting the instructions. I didn’t realize I was late until I tried to find the trellis yarn. No luck here in town (Hancock, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Yarn Expressions) but thankfully on the internet it is plentiful! Can’t wait to get started!!

    • So glad you could find the trellis yarn on line – I went that route, too, when first starting. One store had a little, then they all quit stocking it! So glad there’s sites that carry all the various color variations. Enjoy!

  33. You can find ladder yarn and other types on sale at Smiley’s Yarn, I paid $2.99 a skein. Thank you for posting the directions.

  34. Imake beaded necklaces but this looks like fun and something different I would like to find a pattern for earrings and braclets

  35. These are beautiful.

  36. Thank you for the pattern and ideas, and a big thank you to the lady who told me about this web page at E-Z Knit Fabrics in Colville,WA Ja 5 2011! She had several rolls of this cool ribbon and I asked her how she used it…it opened a whole new world to me. I neglected to get her name. Hope she sees this! Thank you, Thank you!

  37. I have made several necklaces using your pattern and they are a big hit. Now I would like to try one with beads but not sure of how many or how far apart to put the beads. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    • I’m sorry, but I don’t have any experience putting beads on the Trellis Ribbon, but perhaps someone else reading this blog might be able to respond and help you.

  38. HI Anyone have a pattern for a scarf usingcrochet and ladder/trellis yarn? Thanks (Ebay is a good source for yarn)
    reply to

  39. I found some at my local Big Lots and Mighty Dollar in Winston-Salem, and Thomasville, NC. I looked EVERY where for a pattern! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 This is perfect for a busy crafter!

  40. E bay dealers have hundreds of different colors ladder yarn. Several different countries make them. Just type in “ladder yarn” and start shopping. Have fun.

  41. Does anyone know how to add a jewelry clasp to a crocheted yarn necklace??? I’ve searched & searched!

    Thanks in advance

    • There are a couple of different ways you can add a clasp to your end.

      Jump ring method #1: before you tie your knot at the end slip a large jump ring onto the yarn and then tie the yarn. Make sure the knot is super tight. Add a dab of glue (E6000 works great) to the knot to hold it in place. One the glue is dry clip your ends as close as possible. You can then attach any type of clasp you want to the jump rings.

      Jump ring method #2: Tie your knot tight, cut ends close and put a dab of glue to prevent fraying. Sew with needle and thread a jump ring to the end of the knot. Add your favorite clasp to the jump ring.

      Terminator Method: Terminators can be found in jewelry supply stores and online. There are several different types of terminators as well. Some are cone shaped where you would put your knot inside the cone to hide it. There are also several types of crimp terminators where you could crimp the metal over the end of the yarn.

      Many of these methods can also be used to make the earrings! If you do not crochet more than a chain stitch, simply taking 3 or 4 loops, however long you want them to be, and knotting it off (so it looks like a tear drop with the knot at the top) then adding your jump ring or terminator to the top and finishing it off with earring findings.

      Go to and search for findings, terminators, jump rings…to see what they look like and then you can probably find them locally.

      I hope this helps!!

    • Dear Patti – I make my own jewelry and think the open “0” with a straight other side to insert and hold the necklace would work best on this yarn. You could thread the yarn when finished through the little hole in each section then bring the yarn through and maybe whip stick the yarn ends using the same color as where you are stiching. Just a thought. If I think of anything else, I’ll write you. Shirley

  42. Thanks or posting this pattern. I was given a crocheted necklace for Christmas by a friend’s mother who knew I crocheted. She also gave me a skein of the yarn. This is called Ladder yarn by Ice Yarns. She said she purchases all of her yarn on-line.

    • Still haven’t made the necklace yet. Hope to learn soon. Thanks for the web site.

  43. I used Vanna White Glamour Yarn to crochet a scarf – about 8″ x 50″ – I used the trellis/ladder yarn as the fringe on the 2 short sides and 1 long side. Use your favorite crochet pattern – something open & lacey works well. I used 1-1/2 skeins of the Vanna yarn.

    It was a big hit and have sold a bunch of them.

  44. Another great place to find a variety of “trellis” yarns is

    Sharon is in California and offers excellent service and products. I’ve never been disappointed!

  45. Just looked at LionBrand yard website – trellis no longer available…..

  46. Trellis is no longer available, however e-bay always has some for sale and sites like has similar. Also yarn stores. Look for it under as “railroad” or “ladder” yarn.
    I tied ends, then sewed my ends together to join, but in addition, wrapped the neck area with a strand for a smooth lay on the neck.This finish is only for over the head.

  47. I’ve look all over for Trellis yarn also. Today I stopped in at the JoAnn store. They were just putting it out for the first time. (They didn’t have it before I’ve checked many times). The sales lady said it was a hot item now. They are selling it for $9.99. OUCH. You bet I am going to use a coupon on it.

  48. Thank you for the Pattern, I just found in my stash this ribbon, Oh what a great way to use up some stash of yarn, I can’t wait to start making one right away. Your website is so refreshing love it, Keep up the great work.

  49. I haven’t read all 74 comments but, how do you attach the trellis necklace to the clasps?

    • Dear Marcia;
      I’m sorry but I don’t have that information – the original pattern I posted required you to leave the ends of the crocheted trellis yarn long enough to tie them together in a knot. Quite a few of the people who have posted comments have ‘added’ things to the original – like “How do I crochet earrings to match?” (I don’t know!), “How do I crochet a matching bracelet?” (same answer). Sorry if this isn’t helpful, but I only posted the original pattern.

  50. I saw a woman with one and just loved it. I tried for a couple of years to find a pattern on line but didn ‘t know what type of yarn it was. Yesterday I was fooling around on the computer and tried again and your blog came up. I was so excited. I will be making many of these for my friends.

    I also love your receipes listed. I am going to try a few.

    What state are you located in?

  51. I love reading through your site.I do have a earring pattern that I send out with ladder yarn orders. I also sell the ladder yarns at my website.

  52. Do you happen to have a pattern for making a scarf with the ribbon

  53. I just received my shipment of 60 skeins of trellis ribbon from Ice Yarns in Turkey. They ship in batches, but the yarn is beautiful and it is a fraction of the cost that it is here in the US. The web site is I received mine within 4 days.
    Thanks for your patterns. My group is crocheting necklaces as a fundraiser for the kids of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Keep up the good work.
    Flo Nodine

  54. I just saw these necklaces at a craft house in Oneida, KY and bought one for $3.50 with the intention of “figuring out” how it was made. Then I saw some at the Kentucky Artisan Center, Berea, KY priced for $12.50 or $12.95 (I forget which). Went on line to find materials and directions. Most list it as ladder yarn not ribbon. This was the only site that gave me any indication of what size crochet hook to use (BIG THANK YOU for that). I ordered the Ice yarn from Sharon’s Yarns on Thursday and it came in today (Saturday) from CA to KY another (BIG THANK YOU to Sharon). I just made my first necklace – took about 45 minutes – using ideas from the patterns and from the one I bought. Since I hadn’t seen these before, guess what my ladies are getting for Christmas gifts this year…l

  55. Here’s the pattern I use for making ladder/trellis necklaces.
    Cut 7 strands of yarn that are 10 feet each.
    Measure in 12 inches (approximately 21 rungs on the smaller yarn)
    Do a slip stitch and single crochet using an H size hook.
    Leave the same amount of distance at the opposite end.
    Match up the first stitch on all 7 strands. Tie together about 1-2 inches from first stitch.
    Thread first 7 strands through a bead with a 4mm opening. Using a wire pull the other strands through.
    Tie all 14 strands together about 1-2 inches from the end. Trim to even out.
    The purpose of the bead is so the necklace can be lengthened or shortened. The knot at the end keeps the bead from slipping off.

    Another great place to find ladder/trellis yarn is:

    Very reasonably priced. Great customer service, large variety.


    • Jan – would you help me understand what lengths to cut the 6/7 strands of yarn. In the pattern I got from the web it states” cut 2 strips – 3 yards plus 4″ long – that equals = 40″. Is that correct. Rather an odd way of describing to cut it 40″ long??? Then cut 2 strips – 2 yards, plus 33″ – which equals = 105″. Lastly 3 strips 3 yards = 108″. Seems rather long to me???

      • HI;
        This pattern was given to me from a lady in our church- I did not write it, I only followed what was written. I know it might sound a bit strange, but if you follow the directions, it should come out the same as the one I made in the photo.

  56. Just finished up a 2-day craft fair. Did very well with trellis necklaces and bracelets. Many of older ladies liked the idea of the adjustable pony bead to make necklace larger or smaller. Besides easy to get on over head, they liked the pony bead slider due to difficulty with clasps and not so nimble fingers. I agree.

  57. Thank you so much. Our church group is looking for a fund raiser and I think this will be great. I just saw these necklaces for the first time last week. Thanks so much for the patteren and info.

  58. Pammie, you sure have been a help to me – haven’t tried the necklace but am waiting for the yarn. Found a nice place to order from your e-mail friends. Bought a necklace at a craft fair and will give it a try. Again thanks for all your help and patterns, Pat

  59. How much are these necklaces selling for at fairs? I heard one person who was selling plain ones for $5 and ones with charms etc for $10. I am doing my first fair this weekend and I am not sure how much to charge.

    Answer to the above questions. If I am not using a sliding pony bead I also use satin ribbon that can be tied in the back. For clasps I make one long chain and knot it together then overlap till its the length and thickness I want it. While holding it, it will look like a circle. I place a jump ring around all the strands on the top and bottom of the circle. I then use another jump ring to attach the clasp! Not sure if that made sense.

  60. Is there a way to add a clasp to these?

  61. If you look on my website in the CUSTOMER GALLERY. The crafters have expained how to finish the necklaces.
    re: Leanne orr

  62. Thank you for the pattern. I found another on line which is also easy. Leave a 10 to 12 inch tail, then chain 90 chains, add another12 inches and slip the last chain through the tail. Continue in the samemanner leaving a 10 12 inch tail, make 80chains , then 70,60,50,40. Always starting with a new piece of ribbon. Line up the pieces so that the longest strand is on the bottom and the shortest is on the top.Make sure that topsof the chains are even. Tie all strands together on one side then do the same on the other. I just made a large knot on one side and a loop on the other,but the jump ring sounds like a good idea.

    • That sounds easier to just start crocheting 12 inches from the end and cut off twelve inches longer, than cutting all the pieces before! Thanks for this information!

  63. Hi, I love your necklace, what color is it called?

    • This was the old Lion Brand Trellis ribbon – color #304 – named “Rainbow”

  64. Just started making these before Christmas, made many as gifts and then sold about a dozen. Creative Fiber Arts yarn is very nice and had 2 different orders shipped to me within 2 days for each order. Also, could order as many balls of ladder yarn that you wanted for $1.99 shipping. Happy crocheting, Love these necklaces!

  65. I am looking for a tutorial for making crocheted necklace from
    trellis ribbon. I started it but does not look right.

  66. I started the necklace from trellis ribbon but it did not
    look right. Is there a tutorial that can show me how do
    it right

  67. need to know where to find this thrillis ladder yarn,,

  68. The best selecton I have found with the best prices on ladder yarn is at just like Grammie Pammie recommends.
    They are a great company. I have tried a few others but nobody compares to Creative Fiber Arts. Thank you Pammie for recommending them. Very good advise.

  69. I would like instructions on how to finish off these necklaces with a clasp or something nice looking instead of a pony bead. Anybody have any ideas? I would love to see or hear about them.

  70. I, too, wanted a more “polished” way of finishing these necklaces. What I came up with is called a C-Crimp Ending, found in beading supply sites or stores. You insert your ends into this clamp style finding, use a dab of glue and clamp it shut with pliars. On the other end of this finding, you attach a jump ring and whatever type of fastener you wish. I especially like the magnetic closures. Good luck.

    • Great idea! I have previously used pony beads to secure the ends. I like your idea better. “Off to the bead store”

  71. Thank you for answering. I will give it a try. Thanks again.

  72. Is there a tutorial on how to do it step by step thanks so much

  73. That would be great!!!!

  74. I would love this pattern too! I am a beginner and new to crocheting and this sounds like fun. Thank you!

  75. I just bought 4 balls of this yarn, it is called “ladder yarn” which might be the reason some say they don’t have it. I ordered it from Annie’s Attic, on-line Code
    #805098 silver, and Code #805634 variegated. It is called
    Plymouth Yarn Eros II, silver, and the variegated #3001. Love it and it makes so many wonderful things ! Good for unusual gifts. My daughter is getting married this Aug. and I plan to use it around party favors.

  76. On January 26, 2012 at 8:33 am Charlotte Hall said:

    I, too, wanted a more “polished” way of finishing these necklaces. What I came up with is called a C-Crimp Ending, found in beading supply sites or stores. You insert your ends into this clamp style finding, use a dab of glue and clamp it shut with pliars. On the other end of this finding, you attach a jump ring and whatever type of fastener you wish. I especially like the magnetic closures. Good luck.

  77. Very awesome and exacty what I was looking for THANK YOU!

  78. do yu have instructions for trellis yarn bracelet?

  79. Estoy encantada con sus proyectos aunque no se el ingles me guio con las imagenes. Muchas gracias. Atentamente una amiga VENEZOLANA que esta de visita en este pais maravilloso bye

  80. can’t wait to try this

  81. Would you please email me the pattern for this necklace and if you have a another pattern for a single necklace because I couldn’t print all of it. Thanks Dianne

  82. I am very new at this. I own a Hair Salon and want to sell these! Where can I get the 5 strand pattern and the earrings pattern? I’d appreciate any info you have.

  83. Useful info. Lucky me I discovered your site accidentally, and I am shocked why this coincidence didn’t happened earlier! I bookmarked it.

  84. Hello Woow this is awsome ,, I would like to try & make Thank you

  85. Thanks for all the advise that everyone has given here about were to buy the yarn but grammiepammie has it right on were to buy it. Be sure to check all the suggestion out before you buy. I wish I had. I have looked into all of them now and tired a few of them and this is what I found and what my experience was.

    I found that smileys just has a few colors and they are not $2.99 per ball but $3.99 per ball with $12.95 shipping. That is just an outragously high amount for shipping so what are you really paying per ball after you pay that kind of shipping? Their shipping is $12.95 even if you just want a few balls. Forget that!!!

    So I went to and bought some of the Ice brand that some of you were mentioning but the quality was substandard and the spacing between the blocks are much further apart then your standard ladder yarn and the service was slow in receiving the yarn and then after the wait, it was just not the right type of ladder yarn for making necklaces. I was so very disappointed. It did not give the bead look that making necklaces out of ladder yarn is suppose to do. A total waste of time and money. Never again!!!

    So on to like grammiepammie suggested. I should have figured since this is her necklace pattern and her blog that she knew what she was talking about when she recommend them in the first place. Go with her recommendation. It would have saved me a lot of time and expense had I just went there in the first place. They truly do have the best selection and the best prices I could find anywhere and I looked everywhere that everyone here sugggested, including eBay. Creative Fiber Arts will be my “go to” place for ladder yarn from here on out. The Best, hands down!!!

    Great blog GrammiePammie. I really enjoyed it and you did your research very well on were to buy the yarn. Thank you so much!!!

    God Bless
    Carol W.

  86. Will the trellis ladder yarn that is 1 1/4″ spaced work for the crocheted necklaces? Thanks, Brenda

    • Sorry, but I really don’t know – I’ve only used the one mentioned in the blog entry

  87. Here in Cincinnati I could not find the yarn at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Ordered mine from ebay. Think I just put in trellis yarn – lots of vendors at varying prices. So easy to make, lightweight and beautiful. Gonna try making with beads.

  88. Somewhere on this site there is to be a bracelet pattern made w/trellis yarn. Love the necklace pattern but I cannot find the bracelet pattern. Can someone help? Much APPRECIATED!

    • IF there is a bracelet pattern, I did not post it – it would be found somewhere in the comments section, from other comments

  89. I wear my necklace , black with the deep pastels (which I bought at a craft show) practically everyday. It goes with everything I have, and there hasn’t been a day I’ve worn it that I don’t get numerous comments & compliments. I wear it everytime I substitute teach- the kids love it! I’m a knitter, sewer, crafter, etc. & am determined to make my own necklaces in all different colors. Have been searching for days for the pattern & now have finally found it. Thanks so much!!

  90. thank you please send me the pattern for the earrings

    • I’m sorry, Marian – but I don’t have a pattern for earrings, just the crocheted necklace.

  91. You will find a video on how to make the earrings here on youtube.. Also her webite has printable instructions.

    E-how has a different type w/instructions as well. I found that on Hope it helps. I prefer the dangle earrings and have even placed a few small beads on a few of the ends for a little “pop”
    Good Luck!

  92. Thanks for the suggestion of getting ladder trellis yarn from Creative Fiber Arts. I just ordered 5 balls (don’t remember the brand name)for a total cost of $25.00 – this included shipping which was $2.89. Can you believe that shipping cost? Good deal! I know now these necklaces have been around for at least 4 years but I am just now coming across them. Can’t wait to make some.

  93. Anyone know about a coupon code for Creative Fiber Arts? Thanks!

  94. Hi, I just purchased my trellis ribbon at Sharon’s Yarns, Ramona,CA. I was very pleased, with my order arriving in four days & shipping only $4.95 for any amount of yarn. The trellis yarn was only $1.99 each & the same quality of some $6.50 that I purchased at a yarn shop. Dec. 17th, 2012.

    • is the largest and lowest priced ladder yarn store in the world. We have a great sale going on now too and we will never be undersold. We have around 400 choices. Don’t hesitate to call us if you need help finding something 254 519 7864

  95. I have made and sold many of these. Have had request for a bracelet, is there a pattern on here; if not does anyone know where to find pattern? Thanks so much for the necklace pattern pam!!!

    • You’re welcome for the pattern but I don’t have a pattern for a bracelet (or earrings – many have asked about them, also).

  96. now that it is 2013 are there any stores such as joanns going to start selling the yarn again? sl vt

    • I have no idea BUT you could try going on JoAnn’s site ( and writing to them- just a thought.

  97. If you want the lions brand of trellis yarn, you should go to tier website to see if they have started to make it again. I usually get mine off ebay. Ice also has some nice colors and is still being made.

  98. […] […]

  99. would like to have a copy of the pattern for my aunt in fl. they don’t have anything like this there & would like to make them for their church craft show. I tried to print or forward this on to her put couldn’t do either. thank you

    • I’ve tried twice now to send the pattern via your email address provided – both times it bounced.

  100. Would you please email me the pattern for the trellis Ladder Yarn necklace? Want to make one so bad. I sure would appreciate! Thank you for your time.


    • How did you get to this blog site WITHOUT seeing the pattern? It’s written right below the photo of the necklace. Try going on the page again, please.

  101. Hi, Would you happen to have a video of how to make the trellis necklace?

    • No, I’m sorry – I don’t. You could possibly google Crocheted Necklace or Trellis Yarn necklace on YouTube.

    • No, I’m sorry, I don’t. Perhaps you could go on YouTube and see if there might be one there.

  102. What’s Happening i’m new to this, I stumbled upon this I have discovered
    It absolutely helpful and it has aided me out loads. I am hoping to contribute & help other users like its aided me.
    Good job.

  103. I’m trying to make a necklace. Do you chain stitch as you would regular yarn or do you insert the crochet hook into each hole of the yarn itself?

    • Pretend the trellis ‘yarn’ is regular yarn – you just make a chain with the yarn (ignore the holes in the trellis ‘yarn’). Basically you’re just making various lengths of trellis-yarn chains and then tying them all together. Hope this helps. Here’s a video I found on YouTube that sort of gives you an idea of how it’s done:

      • Awww you shared our video. Thank you! That is my voice in that video 🙂 Visit our website for a great sale right now too!

  104. Looking forward to viewing the quilts!

  105. I love this necklace l wold like to how to make one I can’t the ribbon find

    • Here, and we even have free patterns for the necklaces!

  106. Have you seen or done any bracelets in the ladder ribbon? I have seen pendants on the necklace, but have heard of putting charms, etc on. Have you seen or done that?

  107. This is Mandy with Right now for 3 days only we are having a huge sale on ladder and scarf yarn. We have the lowest prices guaranteed!

  108. Attention owner of this blog. I was informed today that a new customer of ours found us from your blog ( and I would like to talk to you about a special offer for you. Please call us at 254 519 7864 and ask for Mandy. Thank you!

  109. If anyone is having trouble finding the ladder yarn, try They have a very large selection on the ladder yarns and many colors to choose from. They are also on facebook and ravelry. If you would like to call the phone number is 734-782-2015.. check it out

  110. I may have missed it, but I didn’t see any mention of a pony bead at the neckline in order to adjust the length of the necklace. After each side is knotted at the ends of the crocheted sections, all the ends are pulled through the pony bead. Then another knot goes above the bead & the ends trimmed. There are many YouTube videos showing this. Good luck!

    • The reason you did not see a pony bead mentioned is because that is NOT the pattern I have posted. Perhaps other versions of said necklace do have them, but this is not that pattern. Sorry

  111. If anyone is still interested in finding ladder yarn …
    I bought some at our Walmart today
    Feb. 19 2014
    For less than $3.00
    I’ve been looking for it for a long time

  112. Can you email me How to start the chain please?? I have the ladder yearn and hook.

    • Here is a video of a lady creating the Trellis yarn necklace. Hope this helps!

  113. Thanks very helpful.

  114. […] Crocheted Necklace from Trellis Ribbon | Pammie's Place […]

  115. […] Crocheted Necklace from Trellis Ribbon | Pammie’s Place – Our local Lion Brand site discontinued the Trellis ribbon yarn and from comments left here, … Thanks so much for the trellis yarn necklace pattern…. […]

  116. […] Crocheted Necklace from Trellis Ribbon | Pammie’s Place – Items needed: 1 crochet hook, size: N, M, or P (I didn’t have these sizes, so I used a K and crocheted very loosely) 1 ball (Lion Brand) Trellis Ribbon, (see note …… […]

  117. […] Crocheted Necklace from Trellis Ribbon | Pammie’s Place – Items needed: 1 crochet hook, size: N, M, or P (I didn’t have these sizes, so I used a K and crocheted very loosely) 1 ball (Lion Brand) Trellis Ribbon, (see note …… […]

  118. […] Crocheted Necklace from Trellis Ribbon | Pammie’s Place – Items needed: 1 crochet hook, size: N, M, or P (I didn’t have these sizes, so I used a K and crocheted very loosely) 1 ball (Lion Brand) Trellis Ribbon, (see note …… […]

  119. I have ordered the trellis yarn from Julia’s Craft at:
    I have made several of these necklaces in the large size which fits nicely on an adult.

  120. […] Crocheted Necklace from Trellis Ribbon […]

  121. I am located in NJ and I have a lot of this trellis yarn that I purchased in bulk for myself. Sadly my work schedule changed and I do not have the time to use it. I am willing to sell it for 4.00 a ball and ship it if you re-emburse to me the shipping fee. If interested please send an email to me and place the word YARN in the reference, I will send you a list of the colors. my email is

  122. Hi, I still have a lot of this yarn available. Send to me a email. And I will send you a picture of the colors I still have , as well as the brands. I have bernat matrix,whimsey from Italy, collection kitty also from Italy, shades od red, blue, black, bronze, gold tones, multi color. Send email to


  123. Hello,
    I cannot make these necklaces. I have thread left if interested.


  124. wow so nice, Question:
    What “end cap” or how to Close the yarn (6 Strands) with out Tie a Knot..? Maybe with some kind of part..? gold silver, black white..etc.. ,
    Like they close the end of a Broom.. with a CAP, so my wife does not have to tie that big knot..?
    Some ladder yarn with long spaces between each Ladder do NOT LINE UP RIGHT>>?? Mini yarn does as the space between each ladder is shorter.
    Maybe some necklace or Bracelet supply..

  125. […] Crocheted Necklace from Trellis Ribbon | Pammie’s Place – The URI to TrackBack this entry is: RSS feed for comments on this post. […]

  126. I purchased ribbon yarn for 50 cents a roll at a resale shop. Good luck

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